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Mexican novela star Kate del Castillo talks Spanish language revival of 'Vagina Monologues'

Kate del Castillo, a soap opera star with a string of hit telenovelas that have made her a household name in Latin America, might just be the most famous actress you’ve never heard of. READ FULL STORY

'Devious Maids': Five ideas for plot twists this season

When I began covering Lifetime’s new soap Devious Maids last year, I was every bit the open-minded – albeit conflicted – journalist. The internal debate I was having about the show – about five Hispanic maids – went something like: “Well, there’ll finally be a television show with a primarily Latina cast!” Followed by, “But they’re all maids.” A slew of thoughts ensued, all along the lines of “We Latinas are more than maids – we’re doctors, engineers, bankers and more,” and then “maids are people too and that’s how many immigrants earn their start in this country.” READ FULL STORY

How to react to the news that Eva Longoria is Maxim's Woman of the Year

Eva Longoria has been named Maxim‘s Woman of the Year. On the scale of Actual Things, this is somewhere below a Nobel Prize but roughly the equivalent of any Golden Globe with the phrase “Comedy or Musical.” It’s entirely possible that you are a human person who could care less. Maxim as a magazine sort of stands for a very specific something: It’s one of those things about which you are either passively offended or vaguely nostalgic, depending on your perspective and whether you happened to be a teenage boy in the era immediately before the internet turned everyone naked all of the time. READ FULL STORY

Celebs stumble over their words -- for a good cause -- at HFPA luncheon

Acronym mix-ups and stumbles over teleprompter intros were the comic relief of Tuesday’s Hollywood Foreign Press Association luncheon, where a host of bold-faced names from film and TV gathered to accept grants for various arts-related philanthropic organizations.

“If anything’s been made clear to me today, it’s definitely the fact that I don’t think a single actor in Hollywood can read,” Jonah Hill joked while accepting a grant for four Los Angeles film organizations, including American Cinematheque and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Hill — who was one of the few who didn’t stumble over his speech – saved the day after a slew of screw ups from the likes of Dermot Mulroney and Piper Perabo, Olivia Wilde, Julie Delpy, and Demian Bichir — who mispronounced the word Chicano while introducing a grant for various L.A. educational institutions. “How can you screw that up?” the event’s emcee Eva Longoria ribbed. “It’s Chicano Studies! You’re Mexican!”

But it was all in good fun. Longoria was quick to point out that at this event — unlike the famously bacchanalian bash the organization puts on in January each year, the Golden Globes — “Nobody’s drunk, there are typos in the teleprompter!”

Slurred words aside, the event brought together stars from all walks of Hollywood, from Vince Vaughn to Liam Hemsworth to 1950s star Marcia Hunt, at the Beverly Hilton to celebrate some of their favorite causes.

'MasterChef': 'A. Shocking. Elimination.'

Tonight on MasterChef: The last person you’d think gets squeezed out of the top 10 like a spare macaron (look, I finally spelled it correctly, if we’re being all French about it) atop an overstuffed cookie box. Plus: Eva Longoria, the judges in wetsuits, a home cook who has NEVER PREPARED CHICKEN, and a bully ready to rumble. Spoilers ahead! READ FULL STORY

Democratic National Convention, Day 3: 10 lessons learned

CNN’s coverage of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden accepting their nominations at the Democratic National Convention last night (read Ken Tucker’s review of their speeches) taught us 10 things:

1. Some cutaway shots are simply too brief.

“Gentlemen, it’s never been a good bet to bet against the American people.”


Democratic National Convention, day 2: Top 15 faces of people waiting to hear Bill Clinton

There is little doubt that former President Bill Clinton’s speech during Wednesday night’s Democratic National Convention was nothing less than a barn-burner. “Loose and ebullient, sprinkling his text with ad libs, Clinton reminded viewers what a powerful speaker he is, and how his pleasure in speechifying can be contagious,” wrote EW’s Ken Tucker. “Obama has his work cut out for him [Thursday] night to top this.”

Clinton’s oratory had the added effect of blasting away the cobwebs from an evening of speeches from non-professional speakers that ranged from agreeably engaging to stilted and bland — in marked contrast to the DNC’s first night of expertly choreographed and electrically delivered addresses. One need only look over the faces of the convention crowd Tuesday night to get a sense that many attendees were pretty much just waiting for the evening’s headliner to show up already. Forthwith, I give you the top 15 faces of people biding their time for Bill Clinton, rating their state of political lethargy ranging from 1 (fifth season of The West Wing) to 10 (five-hour C-SPAN broadcast about sorghum futures). Enjoy!  READ FULL STORY

Common, Flo Rida, Foo Fighters headline hot DNC parties


As far as celeb attendance goes, the DNC tends to be where it’s at — Hollywood does have a reputation to live up to, after all. But 2012 is not 2008 and while the Dems have certainly attracted a few ounces of star power to the convention, it’s not going to be the first-class lounge/Oscar backstage feeling it was four years ago, when the Cold War Kids opened a Shepard Fairey art exhibit and Google co-hosted a party with Vanity Fair. While the RNC had Clint Eastwood and his now even-more-famous sidekick — the chair —  the DNC boasts parties with Will.i.am, the Roots, the Foo Fighters, and Flo Rida. The left also got an extra day to party – while the speeches start Tuesday, an all-day Labor Day fest Monday provided free entertainment from Janelle Monae and James Taylor for Charlotte residents and convention-goers alike.


Eva Longoria to speak at the DNC; which other stars should get political?

Eva Longoria is no longer a desperate housewife — but she is desperate for Barack Obama to win a second term in office. The actress was an extremely vocal Obama supporter in 2008, and she’s been serving as a co-chair for the president’s reelection campaign since this past February. Now Longoria will show her support on an even bigger platform:  She’s giving a speech at this year’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

The Republican party doesn’t have any similar politically-minded stars speaking at its own convention in Tampa Bay, at least as of now. Still, Longoria’s selection means that future quadrennial assemblies — as well as smaller events throughout the year — could include even more boldfaced names someday. Yeah, yeah, these events are about politics, not Hollywood — but wouldn’t a few more speeches from people like Longoria liven up the proceedings just a bit? They’d be worth it for the resulting Daily Show segments alone!


Sofia Vergara is highest-paid TV actress, followed by Kardashians and Desperate Housewives

Forbes’ recently released list of top-paid movie actresses reflected Kristen Stewart’s secure foothold in modern pop culture. Now the business magazine has unveiled the list of TV actresses who earned the most between May 2011 and May 2012, and seems if you follow the money in TV land, it leads straight to funny gals and reality stars, with some housewives peppered in here and there.

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara tops the list with $19 million. Anyone who’s seen the Colombia native’s ubiquitous Kmart or Cover Girl ads knows that she’s also doing pretty well for herself with all those endorsement deals.

All four stars of Desperate Housewives, which concluded its series on ABC this May, made the list: Eva Longoria, followed by Felicity Huffman, Teri Hatcher, and Marcia Cross.

Reality TV has become even more of a major money-maker over the past year. With a wedding special watched by over 10 million people and continuing ratings success for Keeping Up with the Kardashians following the end of her 72-day-long marriage, reality star Kim Kardashian settled in at No. 2 on the list. Not far behind is her sister, Khloe. Last year they didn’t even make the top 10. Also new to the list this year is Bravo favorite and Skinny Girl entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel.

There are some familiar faces among this group, like Marg Helgenberger, whose 12-year-long run on CSI has kept her on the list for many years. Then there are rising stars like Zooey Deschanel, who has become a new comedy force to be reckoned with on Fox’s New Girl.

Last year’s list was topped with a tie between Eva Longoria and Tina Fey. The actresses come in third and fifth, respectively, this year. Check out the entire list below: READ FULL STORY

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