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Weather Channel's Eric Fisher journals his on-the-scene coverage of Hurricane Sandy


As coverage continues of the devastation left in Hurricane Sandy’s wake, we asked Weather Channel field reporter Eric Fisher, who began the storm in Rhode Island and then made his way to New York City, to describe his experience.  

By Eric Fisher

I was at my desk on Oct. 15 when I called over a co-worker to ogle my computer screen. It’s not what you think; we were looking at computer models. And this one in particular caught our eye. It predicted a huge storm, riding up the East Coast with all manner of weather attached to it, set to arrive near Halloween. “Probably will never happen, but that’s interesting,” was the refrain from both of us.

Fast forward to Oct. 29 and an unprecedented storm, named Sandy, was re-writing record books in the Northeast. Water flowing into places that had never seen it before, snow so deep and heavy that rooftops were collapsing, massive waves sinking boats on the Great Lakes, and coastlines changed forever.

How does one prepare for such an event? Very carefully.

We all know that when it comes to the weather, there is no 100 percent, and there is no zero percent. We live in a world of chance, where just about anything is possible given enough time to play out the scenarios. So relaying this disturbing forecast in the days leading up to Sandy’s arrival was a fine dance between what could happen and what will happen.

When the calendar reached Monday, Oct. 22, the tone began to change at the Weather Channel. Tropical updates from Carl Parker and Dr. Greg Postel became more foreboding as Sandy was born and churned through the Caribbean. Conversations led by Senior Meteorologist Stu Ostro in our Global Forecast Center were attended by a large crowd. At this point we knew that a major event was brewing. It was time to pack my (extensive) gear, book flights and hotel rooms for my crew and me, and get ready to head into Sandy’s path. READ FULL STORY

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