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'Revolution' star Elizabeth Mitchell takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


Even as Revolution wraps its first season tonight (NBC, 10 p.m. ET), Elizabeth Mitchell still can’t believe the reception to the show. “Stephen King loves Revolution. Who the heck does that happen to?” she says. “He came as a guest into the editing room, and I couldn’t believe it. I’m a huge fan of his. I’m always amazed at the people who watch what I’m doing.” She hopes he, like other viewers, will enjoy the season finale’s payoff. “I think it’s enormously gratifying,” she says. She starts to say more, then stops herself. We’ll let her off the spoiler hook this time because she was willing to reveal what TV show she thinks should be remade (it involves an island!), who she wrote a fan letter to when she was young, and what her most prized and geekiest pop culture possessions are in our latest EW Pop Culture Personality Test. Watch it below. READ FULL STORY

The Greatest TV Couple of All Time? EW Staff Pick: Sawyer and Juliet

As Kurt and Blaine battle it out with the Doctor and Rose in EW’s Greatest TV Couple of All Time championship, we’re unveiling our favorite couples, who didn’t advance as far as we would have liked. Here’s the case for Sawyer and Juliet of Lost.

I didn’t know I wanted Sawyer and Juliet to be in love until they already were. That’s the thing about Lost: its time-trickery cuts out everything except mystery and revelation, which makes a nameless Island fill with dread and a man like Josh Holloway’s James “Sawyer” Ford into the soul mate of a woman like Elizabeth Mitchell’s Juliet Burke (even if they couldn’t make it past round two in our bracket game). READ FULL STORY

Now that 'V' is canceled, what should Elizabeth Mitchell do next?

Like an adorable child forced by love and honor to shoot the beloved family dog that has gone mad from rabies, ABC has finally canceled V. I can’t say I’m too unhappy about the end of the alien-invasion reboot. The show didn’t really have much going for it, besides a completely insane series finale that hilariously killed half the main cast. More importantly, the show’s demise gives series standout Elizabeth Mitchell the chance to find another job on a different TV show. Mitchell was by far the best thing about V, and it seems like she’d be a great addition to any TV series. But what would you like to see Elizabeth Mitchell do next? READ FULL STORY

'V' hook-up: Can sizzling-hot romance save this show?

VImage Credit: Jack Rowand/ABCWith two episodes left until probable annihilation, it’s becoming clear that V is probably never going to be a good show. Several creative teams have all tried rebooting the show in different directions: in just 20 episodes, V has been an alarmist political parable, a 24-style espionage thriller, a gory creature feature, and now a Leverage-style heist show. None of these sub-shows have been particularly successful. (If there was a golden age, it was the bloody, lizard-happy episodes that kicked off season 2.) But V still has a secret weapon: Elizabeth Mitchell, who can make the phone book sound compellingly morally ambiguous. So even though I thought last night’s episode was mostly a snooze, I have to admit that it featured one of the best scenes the show’s ever done — a head-spinning kiss that instantly sent the show into the stratosphere. READ FULL STORY

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