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Peyton and Eli Manning score with DirecTV rap -- VIDEO


This is the last moment in your life that you don’t know what F.O.Y.P. stands for. Once you see Peyton and Eli Manning’s new commercial for DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket Max, the F.O.Y.P. rap will be stuck in your head whether you like it or not. From a music standpoint, that’s a nuisance — like a pool-water-in-your-ear-level nuisance — but the Brothers Manning, who’ve both hosted Saturday Night Live, throw themselves into the boy-band roles. It’s not just the spray tan and atrocious wigs, folks — it’s the attitude.  Watch them rap about the best place to watch football. READ FULL STORY

Pro football in Hollywood: Why America's favorite sport is constantly flagged in the theaters

When the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants kick off the 2012 National Football League season tonight, so begins another epic roller-coaster adventure towards the Super Bowl. Sometimes, football seems like the closest thing America has to a national religion, and some of sports’ greatest and most dramatic moments unfolded on the gridiron, while tens of millions of fans watched on television. No wonder such memorable plays are tagged with nicknames like the Immaculate Reception, the Hail Mary, and the Music City Miracle.

It’s the ultimate team sport, and the game is often breathtaking in its complexity and its brutality. But while its popularity is indisputable and its supremacy as a television draw unrivaled, Hollywood and the NFL have never really clicked. READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' recap: Eli Manning plays dumb, Rihanna plays dirty, Sacha Baron Cohen and Martin Scorsese play along

I know close to nothing about sports (except when I throw a balled-up piece of paper into the trashcan and know that it’s customary to shout “Kobe!” while doing so). But one of the few things I do know is the name Eli Manning. After all, here’s an athlete who has managed one of the rarest of feats in pop culture: being so high-profile in the zeitgeist that not only does an athletics layman like myself know his name, but he gets to step onto the Grand Central set and host Saturday Night Live.

So how did the Giants quarterback do as a primetime player? READ FULL STORY

Eli Manning hosts tonight's 'Saturday Night Live': Talk about it here!

In a conference call earlier this week, Lorne Michaels told reporters that he thinks athletes generally make good SNL hosts because they’re used to performing live and having to cope with the unexpected. Unfortunately, actual results haven’t always supported this claim. For every surprisingly good Peyton Manning or Charles Barkley, there’s a stiff, uncomfortable Wayne Gretsky or Nancy Kerrigan — and if we’re really being honest, the list of athletes who have fumbled on Saturday Night Live is a lot longer than the list of those who have scored touchdowns. (Get ready for a lot of sports metaphors tonight, folks.)

Will Eli Manning follow in his brother’s pretty impressive footsteps — or will he become the next Michael Phelps, i.e. the January Jones of sports figure SNL hosts? As of now, I’m cautiously optimistic about his chances.  READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' promos: Eli Manning is Team Wiig

Eli Manning, who hosts this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, is the rare celeb-jock who should be larger than life but somehow still has the aura of your local paper boy. The Super Bowl hero has been in New York now for eight years, but he still has the unassuming sheen of someone who arrived in Manhattan by bus. That said, he just might be a comic genius of the Will Ferrell mold — judging by these new promos. I’m kidding… Or am I? READ FULL STORY

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