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Obama's got 99 problems, but a Mitt ain't one -- NSFW VIDEO

If you thought that video of Barack Obama “singing” “Call Me Maybe” — or, even better, “Never Gonna Give You Up” – was amazing, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet.

A few hours ago, remix artist Diran Lyons posted a new video on YouTube. It strings together various clips of the president, ordering them so it looks like he’s performing a modified version of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” — complete with lyrics like “The year is 2009, and the White House is mine/But the economy’s in full motherf–ing decline.” (It’s unclear where Lyons found audio of Obama swearing, but the audio version of Dreams From My Father is the most likely source.) The video isn’t exactly the most flattering portrait of our president — Obama also “raps” about how he “work[s] for the banks” and “traffic[s] weapons in their drug-cartel war” — but either way, it’s a masterfully crafted supercut.

Watch all the way through for a special guest appearance by MC Mitt Romney himself — and check Lyons’ website if you want all the motherf–ing lyrics.


Obama vs. Romney: Jimmy Kimmel asks who is scarier -- VIDEO

We don’t know yet who will be the next president of the United States, but thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, we have some clue which contender would win a scare-off.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the talk-show host discussed the sales of presidential candidates Halloween masks, pointing out that Barack Obama was clobbering Mitt Romney in costume sales this season. But Kimmel was less impressed by the political significance of Obama large mask advantage, and much more interested in which Halloween mask would scare his security guard Adelina more.

It’s hardly a scientific study, but President Obama seemed to have an edge. Watch the video below: READ FULL STORY

How author Adam Mansbach and Samuel L. Jackson reunited to 'Wake the F-k Up'


Just as early voting for our next president begins today in Iowa, Samuel L. Jackson popped up this morning in an unabashedly partisan campaign video urging lethargic Obama supporters to “Wake the F— Up.” If the tone and rhyming rhythm sound a little familiar, it’s probably because the video resembles Jackson’s narration of Adam Mansbach’s best-selling “children’s book,” Go the F— to Sleep. That’s no surprise since Mansbach himself teamed up with the Jewish Council for Education and Research and co-directors Boaz Yakin (Remember the Titans) and Kitao Sakurai for the video, which stars a concerned young girl who reminds her apathetic family that failing to actively support the president could cost them down the line.

Mansbach, who has two novels coming out in 2013 and a film adaptation of his Sleep best-seller in the works, had never met Jackson in person before, so he was excited to finally shake hands with the man who helped propel his book to the top of the charts last year. “When Sam came to the set about halfway through, there was a sense of almost euphoria because everybody pretty quickly realized, ‘Sh-t, this is really going to be good.'”

The author checked in with Entertainment Weekly to explain how and why he got involved.


Darren Criss, Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris in new NSFW Rock the Vote ad -- VIDEO

“This election, there are a lot of really important decisions being made that affect marginalized groups in big ways,” Jesse Tyler Ferguson declares in a new Rock The Vote ad.

“Thank you, Jesse. Which is why, as an openly straight man, I implore you to think about people like me as you cast your ballot,” Ferguson’s co-star on Modern Family and recent Emmy-winner Eric Stonestreet continues.

What follows is a whole host of celebrities giving you their best reasons to vote on Nov. 6. Kathy Griffin reminds us that everyone at a polling place is over 18, which means they’re legal. Joel McHale votes because he’s not “a motherf***ing communist” and Jane Lynch tells us that casting a ballot is the best decision you can make. A close second? Getting a One Direction tattoo, like Lynch did.

Want to know who’s proud to be an American because of Ryan Gosling (even though he’s Canadian)? Check out the full NSFW ad below: READ FULL STORY

Ann Romney on 'Tonight Show': Mitt 'is a guy that I know cares' -- VIDEO

Making her first late-night talk show appearance, Ann Romney stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any Beyoncé love, but there was plenty of talk about Mitt.

The wife of Gov. Mitt Romney seemed a bit nervous for her big debut, but Leno guided her through her remarks, as she first spoke about the emergency landing her plane had to make last week. Leno asked her about Romney’s odd-seeming comment,”[airplane] windows don’t open. I don’t know why they don’t do that.” The audience laughed, but Mrs. Romney just said that of course he didn’t mean it seriously, and that was just his was of showing that he was worried and he cared.

Romney Cares! could easily have been the theme of the interview. Beyond the airplane comments, Mrs. Romney emphasized how much her husband cares about America — particularly needed in light of Romney’s now-infamous “47 percent comment” caught on video. Asked specifically about the tape, Ann said, “This is  a guy that I know cares. …We care about the 100 percent,” and “There are two things [I know]: He cares, and he’s competent.” READ FULL STORY

Steve Carell urges us to register to vote: 'What's wrong with you?' VIDEO

Steve Carell isn’t mad that you might not vote in November — he’s just disappointed. “You vote because you care, and people should care,” he explains in the following PSA for Our Time, a nonprofit dedicated to getting young Americans to fill out ballots. “You should care. What’s wrong with you? Why don’t you care?”

He’s got a point! After all, as Carell explains, “It’s easy to register to vote” — especially today, as it’s National Voter Registration Day. “There’s no excuse,” he continues in the video. “You don’t have any excuse. If you can get online, you can vote. And if you can’t get online… well, there probably is no helping you at this point.”

The former star of The Office also promises to personally smack anyone who doesn’t vote — but don’t let that goad you into staying home. (Though getting your ears boxed by Michael Scott would make a great story.) Watch his message below, then pass it on… and don’t forget to make sure you’re registered.


President and First Lady visit 'The View,' talk jobs, marriage, and their first kiss

Are you ready for ‘Red, White and View‘?

That was the name of the hour as – for the first time together – the President and First Lady appeared on the morning talk show today as part of the President’s re-election campaign. Barbara Walters led the wide-ranging discussion, telling them that they were going to start easy and ask progressively harder questions as the show continued.


Obama's and Romney's '60 Minutes' interviews were a disaster and a triumph -- or vice versa

If for some reason you hate watching beautiful people give each other golden statues, you may have tuned in to 60 Minutes tonight — which featured separate interviews with both Barack “You Didn’t Build That” Obama and Mitt “The 47 Percent” Romney. If you’re on the president’s side, you probably thought that Obama knocked it out of the park and Romney totally whiffed. If you’re all in for the former governor, you probably thought that Romney scored a touchdown and Obama missed the basket entirely. (That’s a football thing, right?) And if you’re still undecided, you’re probably wondering what oil is, exactly.

Though both candidates were pressed to answer tough questions — “why aren’t you more specific about your policies?” “Are you to blame for failed policies?” “Seriously, what is oil?!” — neither said anything particularly surprising or earth-shaking… meaning that these interviews will do nothing but reinforce any given American’s already-formed opinions on the candidates. Want proof? I got your proof right here:


Sarah Silverman records NSFW PSA about new voter fraud laws -- VIDEO

“Hey black people, old people, poor people and students. Guess what you all have in common?” Sarah Silverman asks in a new, incredibly NSFW PSA.

We can’t print what the answer is here – nor much of anything else from the four-minute clip. Suffice to say, she’s fired up about new voter fraud laws and wants to get people registered to vote. In typical Silverman fashion, there are a lot of R-rated quips in between some great information about what you need to have in order to vote Nov. 6.

Let My People Vote” isn’t Silverman’s first time delving into politics. The outspoken comedian had an “indecent proposal” for a Mitt Romney superdonor, pushed the envelope with some abortion tweets, and held a NAACP fundraiser in Rick Perry’s home state after some of his remarks.

Check out the PSA below to find out why you should get your Nana a gun license ASAP: READ FULL STORY

'SNL Weekend Update' Thursdays. What do you want to see tonight? -- VIDEO

Now in primetime…it’s Saturday Night Live!

Tonight, the first of NBC’s two “Weekend Update” Thursday specials airs. Anchor Seth Meyers and other SNL favorites will go head-to-head with Stewart/Colbert and the other late-night comedians for immediate, timely jokes. The sketch show couldn’t have picked a better time to launch its special, given Mitt Romney’s now-infamous “47 percent” comments, Clint Eastwood’s new habit of chatting with an empty chair, the Innocence of Muslims movie, and recent Tim Kaine comments.

NBC released a video asking Meyers what to expect tonight. He teased that Bill Hader and Bobby Moynihan will definitely show up and that there will be a cold open much like regular SNL episodes. Celebrity guest stars seem likely — in one 2008 episode, Bill Murray memorably showed up. One can only hope that after Bill Clinton’s well-received DNC speech, Darrell Hammond’s Clinton may be resurrected.

Watch an interview with Meyers below: READ FULL STORY

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