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'Star Wars' at E3: Your first look at 'Kinect Star Wars' -- EXCLUSIVE

Star Wars fans, prepare to connect with The Force in a kinectic way. On Monday, Microsoft Studios and LucasArts will formally announce the first Star Wars video game for Kinect, Microsoft’s hands-free, your-body-is-the-controller playing experience for the Xbox 360. Simply called Kinect Star Wars, the game is intended for all ages and will hit stores this winter. Microsoft will preview the game this at E3 (aka the Electronic Entertainment Expo), the video game industry’s annual confab at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Check out the trailer for  a peek at the game and the gameplay:  READ FULL STORY

New 'Child of Eden' trailer: The most strangely beautiful, and profoundly trippy, video game ever?

Have you ever enjoyed a hallucinogen-fueled siesta in front of an HD screensaver at a day spa? Then you might know what watching the new Child of Eden trailer is like: an ethereal romp through space teeming with lasers and flying neon whales, the upcoming Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 game seems to combine elements of an aerial shooter with a psychedelic return-to-the-womb. And it’s expected to support Kinect and PlayStation Move, which would require physical motion on your part. Completely doable, as long as the trippy graphics and tranquilizing music don’t leave you wide-eyed and drooling, that is. READ FULL STORY

Will Nintendo unveil the 'Wii 2' at E3 in June?

Gamers and Nintendo fans across the globe are squeeing with giddiness over a crop of rumors that have exploded onto the scene in the last week: Multiple gaming news outlets have reported that Nintendo will reveal its successor to the motion-sensing money-maker, Wii, at E3 this June.


'Uncharted' exclusive: Your first look at 2011's must-play videogame 'Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception'

Uncharted-3-game-artImage Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment AmericaIf Indiana Jones or Robert Langdon is your definition of treasure-hunting action-adventure, then either you watch too many movies or read too many books — or you haven’t met Nathan Drake, the hero at the center the blockbuster videogame franchise Uncharted, exclusive to the PlayStation 3 platform. Last year, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves garnered widespread critical acclaim, bagged bunches of major videogame industry awards, and sold over 3.8 million copies worldwide. Hollywood’s a fan: A feature film from Columbia Pictures — adapted by helmer David O. Russell (Three Kings), produced by former Marvel Studios honcho Avi Arad and rumored to be starring Mark Wahlberg, the headliner of Russell’s forthcoming Oscar-baiting drama flick The Fighter – should be shooting just as the next game in the series, entitled Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, hits stores late next year. EW recently visited the Santa Monica, California offices of Uncharted’s developer, Naughty Dog, for a sneak peek at the sequel, and we returned wishing “late next year” was right damn now.

Here’s what we can tell you: READ FULL STORY

Best of E3: 'Rage' leads the Game Critics Awards nominations

rageImage Credit: Bethesda SoftworksSo what was all the rage at this year’s E3 videogaming convention? Well, the answer is apparently Rage (pictured), the post-apocalyptic first-person shooter from famed developer id Software (Doom, Quake). Rage received five nominations — more than any other game — when the Game Critics Awards announced its Best of E3 2010 nominees Tuesday morning. Along with Rage, the Best of Show category consisted of the motion-sensing dance game Dance Central, the action-adventure game Disney’s Epic Mickey, the puzzler Portal 2, and Nintendo’s upcoming 3-D-without-the-glasses handheld system, the Nintendo 3DS.

The nominations were chosen by an independent group of 31 media outlets, including Entertainment Weekly. We’re personally disappointed that Limbo, an eerily gorgeous indie platformer for the Xbox 360, didn’t receive any nods — but it was only one tiny game in a sea of hundreds, so it could have easily been overlooked. Winners will be announced on July 6, but until then, check out EW.com’s gallery featuring our picks for the 21 best games at E3 this year.

Gamers, did your favorite E3 title get recognized by the Game Critics Awards? What was the biggest snub? And what upcoming games are you craving to play the most?

Nintendo announces the 3DS: Get ready for 3-D gaming without 3-D glasses

E3-nintendo-DS3_240.jpg  Image Credit: Jonathan Alcorn/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesIf the folks at Nintendo were worried about Microsoft’s Kinect stealing its innovation thunder at this year’s E3, it was game over for those concerns yesterday after the venerable videogame company debuted the 3DS, a handheld gaming device that features a 3.5 inch 3-D screen that works without 3-D glasses. Just look at the screen with your plain old eyes, and a multi-dimensional Mario brightly smiles back at you. The 3DS case looks basically like the current Nintendo DS handheld device (including a second, 2-D touch screen), with a new analog controller, motion sensitivity, and two external cameras that let you take 3-D photos. I got to use a 3DS for all of 90 seconds after the show, and even though the demo was just a series of screens featuring classic Nintendo characters, I’m fairly certain I briefly achieved Nirvana while holding it.

Okay, not really, but it is an uncanny experience, looking at a flat screen and seeing depth with just your naked eyes. READ FULL STORY

E3: Sony sets its (3-D) eyes on hardcore gamers

E3-clownImage Credit: David McNew/Getty ImagesThe main message Sony conveyed during its two-hour E3 presentation Tuesday afternoon was this: “Hardcore gamers, we’re here for you.” While Microsoft has spent most of its energy (and money) touting its intuitive motion-detection device, Kinect, and Nintendo has continued to position its Wii and the new 3DS as family-friendly systems, Sony assured hardcore gamers (men in their 20s and 30s who crave ultraviolent shooters and prefer their controllers to include 84 buttons) that they hadn’t been forgotten. In fact, Sony brought out Kevin Butler, the company’s fictitious vice president in its TV ads, to issue a gaming manifesto. “Gaming is having a ridiculously huge TV in a tiny one-bedroom apartment,” Butler proclaimed to the audience, which erupted into laughter and applause. “(Gaming is) staying up till 3 a.m. to earn a trophy that isn’t real. And it’s girls who know that the way to a man’s heart is through a melee attack. I love gaming!”

True, Sony spent a significant chunk of time on its own motion controller, the PlayStation Move (out Sept. 19), which is basically a supercharged Wii Remote. But the tech giant knew what most of the assembled audience truly wanted to see, and it delivered on that front with demos and glimpses of READ FULL STORY

Microsoft Kinect: We tried out the games, and they're fun (for the most part)

KinectImage Credit: Damian Dovarganes/AP ImagesMicrosoft announced Monday that Kinect, its new motion-detection add-on for the Xbox 360 gaming system, would hit stores Nov. 4 with a slate of 15 games. This announcement followed an elaborate presentation on Sunday that portrayed Kinect as nothing less than a significant step forward in human evolution. Okay, but is it any fun? I got to try my hand at several of Kinect’s launch titles, including Kinect Adventures!, Kinect Joy Ride, Kinect Sports, and Your Shape, and yes, Kinect is certainly fun. But at the moment, the device comes off as merely a slightly upgraded version of the Nintendo Wii. There’s huge potential here, but Kinect still needs some tinkering. After the jump, a detailed report of each game: READ FULL STORY

Kinect: Microsoft's answer to the Wii

xbox_360_slimAfter a year of speculation and a blockbuster presentation last night, Microsoft officially revealed (most) of the important details surrounding its motion-control camera — once dubbed Project Natal, now called Kinect — to assembled gaming press and industry today in Los Angeles. The camera system will debut in North America on Nov. 4 with 15 launch titles and will be compatible with all current Xbox 360 consoles. Curiously, Microsoft did not announce a price for the Kinect, although gaming blog Kotaku is reporting that GameStop is charging $149 for Kinect pre-orders. As a kicker, Microsoft also announced that a smaller, slimmer version of the Xbox 360 (in a shiny black case, with a 250 GB hard drive and wifi internet capability built in) will be shipping to stores today for the same $299 price as the old Xbox 360.

But back to Kinect. Is it worth all the hype? Depends on what kind of gamer you are. READ FULL STORY

Microsoft Kinect: New gaming device debuts at E3 with a mind-blowing presentation

x-box-kinectImage Credit: Elisabeth Caren/AP Images One of the perks of this job is being able to go to some major Hollywood awards shows and performances, but attending Microsoft’s unveiling of its new Xbox 360 motion-detection device, called Kinect, was an experience that trumped all the rest. The tech giant hired the French-Canadian circus group Cirque du Soleil to create an all-out extravaganza that’d introduce Kinect (and kick off the annual E3 videogaming convention) with a bang, and boy did they succeed. I think. See, I’m still trying to process the hallucinogenic fever that occurred Sunday night inside L.A.’s Galen Center. I’ll attempt to describe some of the evening below, but I also encourage you to catch the TV broadcast of the show on MTV this Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. (It’ll air again at 9 p.m. on Nick at Nite, mtvU, MTV Hits, and Logo). Now, grab your poncho and let’s begin. No, seriously, you’ll need a poncho for this ride. READ FULL STORY

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