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E3 2011: Inside Nintendo's booth! 'Zelda,' 'Kirby,' and a slew of 3DS games

For the Mario and Zelda fans in the crowd, we have our hands-on impressions of some of Nintendo’s hottest upcoming titles, straight from its bustling, flashing headquarters on the showroom floor of the Electronic Entertainment Expo is Los Angeles. Alhough the games demoed for the newly-revealed Wii U were just promos to show off the system’s capabilities, Nintendo displayed lots of promising software for the 3DS and original Wii. Chances are, at least one of these games will pique your interest, whether your bag is more pink puff balls with feet or more drawling, rotund space hares. READ FULL STORY

E3 2011: 'Batman: Arkham City,' 'Bioshock Infinite,' and other adventures from Day 2

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, is a convention you have to attend in order to learn how to attend it. Like a day spent at Disneyland, there’s simply too much to see and play at the gaming showcase, and any attempt to stuff one’s schedule to the brim would be ill-advised from a physical, mental, and sanitary standpoint.

Instead, E3 beckons you to roam its vast halls and appreciate its full-throttle extravagance. Where else are you going to witness Hulk Hogan signing autographs, Verne Troyer zooming by on a scooter, an orchestra playing music from Lord of the Rings, the most friendly looking dragon ever, and whatever the heck these guys are? Perhaps Comic-Con, which outshines E3 in terms of star power and do-it-yourself costuming. But E3 reigns when it comes to geektacular eye candy and eardrum-awakening loudness. (My colleague Adam Vary’s 10-step process for recreating E3 at home gets it just right.) Plus, as far as I’m aware, Comic-Con hasn’t been endorsed by Jesus, so there’s that. READ FULL STORY

E3 2011: Role-playing game round-up!

Magic spells. Character development. Mayhap a duel with a malevolent knight, possibly a love triangle or two, customization up the yin-yang, and sometimes hair spiky enough to dent a car door. Role-playing video games have been my life-long genre of choice, so I spent a bit of my Wednesday sniffing out some choice RPGs at E3 in the Los Angeles Convention Center. Many RPGs lurk on the showroom floor: Ruin, for Sony’s upcoming portable, for example, or the much-anticipated Mass Effect 3, which will use RPG elements. But here are a few highlights that especially raised our Interest and Excitement stats six or seven points each: READ FULL STORY

E3 2011: Hot girls! Cool games! VERY LOUD TRAILERS! Our impressions of day one!

If you’ve never been to the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, i.e. E3, but have always wanted to go, here are 10 steps for how to recreate the experience, which started for realsies on Tuesday in the Los Angeles Convention Center and lasts until tomorrow:

1. Start playing your favorite videogame on your big-screen TV, at full volume.
2. Borrow your best friend’s big-screen TV and Blu-ray player, put that directly next to your TV, and put on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, at full volume.
3. Borrow your neighbor’s big-screen TV and Blu-ray player, put that on the other side of your TV, and put on the first 15 minutes of Saving Private Ryan on a constant loop, at full volume.  READ FULL STORY

E3 2011: Nintendo unveils new console! But will it recapture hardcore gamers?

Just as the internet rumor mill predicted a couple of months ago, Japanese gaming giant Nintendo revealed its follow-up to the remarkably successful Wii home console Tuesday morning at their E3 conference at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. Its name? Wii U. Let the pronoun wordplay marinate in your mind for a sec. Yeah, I’m not sure if I like the name either. But it’s the Big N’s way of building off a console that’s attracted millions of people who were traditionally apathetic toward video games, like septuagenarian school principals. Wii titles top the list of best-selling games of all time, and the system’s Grandma-accessible, motion-sensing gameplay has left Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 kissing Mario’s brown, Goomba-bopping clogs, at least in terms of sales numbers. So, what went down at Nintendo’s presser, and what did we learn about their new hardware? READ FULL STORY

Nintendo Wii U: We've played the successor to the Wii!

Today, Nintendo finally revealed the successor to its blockbuster home console system the Wii, the curiously titled Wii U. The console itself looks like a slightly tweaked version of the shiny white brick Wii users know so well; the only obvious upgrade was its ability to provide a true high-definition picture, something Nintendo fans have been clamoring for since the Wii first hit shelves in 2006. The real innovation, however, is the Wii U controller (pictured), which features a 6.2 inch HD touchscreen, microphone, gyroscope, accelerometer, front-facing camera, two analog controllers, and more buttons than than a Black Eyed Peas costume.

Although the company had no firm release date other than “next year,” and no price point to speak of, EW was offered a sneak peek at what to expect from the system. As has been the case with new Nintendo gadgets over the last five years, the experience was long on smiles and charm — and lingering questions as well.  READ FULL STORY

E3 2011: EA and Ubisoft tease 'Mass Effect 3,' 'Rayman Origins,' and more


Monday’s EA and Ubisoft press conferences were like velvety sheets of prosciutto and water buffalo mozzarella in the panino that is E3: Day One. Nestled between two hearty slices of Microsoft and Sony-infused ciabatta, this deliciously cured and vital content from two of the industry’s biggest developer-publishers focused on some of their most solid franchises, ranging from first-person shooters to a cartoony, limbless mascot. Read more about four of EA and Ubisoft’s marquis titles that caught our attention and ran with it like a Red Bull-fueled Rabbid: READ FULL STORY

Sony unveils PlayStation Vita at E3 (and apologizes about that pesky network outage)

Jack Tretton, the president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, wasted no time addressing what he called the “elephant in the room” — the PlayStation Network’s month-long outage after a hacker breached the service and gained access to personal information for 77 million accounts. “You are the lifeblood of the company,” Tretton told the 6,000 folks in attendance at Sony’s E3 press conference, held Monday evening in the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. “I want to apologize personally and on behalf of the company for causing any anxiety.” Tretton also joked about the public-relations nightmare, noting that the media cherish scandals like the PSN outage. “To all of our esteemed members of the press, I say, ‘You’re welcome,’” Tretton quipped. READ FULL STORY

'Gears of War 3,' 'Halo 4,' and Kinect, Kinect, Kinect: Highlights from Microsoft's Xbox 360 E3 press briefing

Years from now — probably decades, possibly centuries — humanity will likely look back upon the early years of this decade with regard to fully immersive holographic entertainment (i.e. the Holodeck) as we today look back upon the first Victrolas or the ENIAC with regard to the iPod and iPad.

That was the thought that kept running through my head during Microsoft’s Xbox 360 press conference at the Galen Center near downtown Los Angeles that unofficially inaugurated the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo (a.k.a. E3), which kicks into full gear tomorrow through Thursday, June 9. While the event provided more glimpses at highly anticipated games like Gears of War 3, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 — an a tantalizing first look at Halo 4 – it was pretty much entirely about the Kinect, the voice-and-motion controlled gizmo that first arrived for the Xbox 360 last year.  READ FULL STORY

E3: Five Reasons We're Excited (including the new Wii)

The Electronic Entertainment Expo — aka E3, aka Videogame Woodstock, aka Geek-Mecca-That-Is-Not-ComicCon — doesn’t officially kick off until tomorrow, but the fun starts today in Los Angeles, with Microsoft and Sony both slated to hold press events (EW’s Adam Vary is currently live-tweeting from Microsoft’s press extravaganza.). E3 is always full of fun surprises, but here are the five things we’re most excited about. READ FULL STORY

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