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Microsoft introduces 'Tomb Raider,' 'Halo 4,' 'South Park,' and more at E3

To answer your first question: No, Microsoft did not reveal a new console at their press conference this morning. The briefing — which is the first major event of E3 week — did have plenty of intriguing first looks at some of the biggest games of the next year. In general, though, it felt a little bit like Microsoft was once again attempting to hard sell the XBox as a full-service entertainment device, complete with an in-depth look at a new second-screen system called “SmartGlass” and a tease about a new “XBoxMusic” system which immediately made “Zune” a Trending Topic. Here are the key details from the big event:


'Halo 4' exclusive image: Master Chief's new planet

The last time we saw Halo‘s stern protagonist Master Chief, he was kicking back after a trilogy’s worth of space-fighting with some much deserved cryo-sleep. In November’s Halo 4, he finally wakes up…and finds himself in another fine mess. We’ll have more updates about Halo 4 straight from the floor of E3 soon. But first, to tide you over, EW has obtained an exclusive new image from the game, in which Master Chief finds himself on a new world called Requiem. Click on the picture for a bigger look at this mysterious, cloudy new planet. READ FULL STORY

E3 2012 preview: The Wii U, 'Call of Duty' goes to the future, and the return of Master Chief and Lara Croft

The Electronic Entertainment Expo: The videogame industry’s annual celebration of innovative button-mashing, finely pixelated storytelling, and more sequels, threequels, and prequels than a Hollywood studio chief could dare to conceive. This year’s E3 doesn’t officially begin until tomorrow, when conference-goers flood into the two massive showroom floors in the downtown Los Angeles Convention Center and embrace the flashy gaming pavilions and bone-melting sub-woofers. But the festivities kick off in earnest today, with press presentations by hardcore gaming rivals Microsoft and Sony, as well as showcases by major gaming publishers EA and Ubisoft.

So what are the biggest titles and stories grabbing our attention heading into this year’s E3? EW’s Darren Franich, Adam B. Vary, and John Young break it down:  READ FULL STORY

The Wii U Pro Controller looks very familiar...

This afternoon, Nintendo got a jump on the E3 news cycle by screening a surprise presentation at Nintendo Direct focused on their new system, the Wii U. The video starred Nintendo Global President Satoru Iwata, who promised at the start that he’d be talking about the Wii U “in a more conceptual sense” — meaning there were no revelations about Wii U games. (Although there was a quick shot of a sidescrolling Mario game. About which: Breaking news, Nintendo is making a new Super Mario game!) The video focused on previously-revealed hardware and on Nintendo’s new social system, the “MiiVerse.” But the biggest revelation came when Iwata mentioned that in addition to the tablet-style GamePad, consumers could also play Wii U games using a device Iwata referred to as the “Wii U Pro Controller.” Here is what the Wii U Pro Controller looks like:  READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: 'Game of Thrones' wraps up season 2. Plus: 'Prometheus,' E3, and Bonnaroo

Just when you thought Sunday night TV couldn’t cause more smoke to pour from your overtaxed DVR, tonight’s Game of Thrones season finale will run 10 minutes long, invading into the penultimate episode of Mad Men, all the while competing with the MTV Movie Awards. Next Sunday, the season premiere of True Blood and the season finale of Mad Men run up against the 66th Annual Tony Awards. It’s. Just. Too. Much!

Fortunately, there are six other days in the week, and plenty to occupy your time. There’s dark literary thrillers to devour, alt-y music festivals at the foot of the Smoky Mountains to enjoy, and the giant gaming confab known as E3 to overwhelm the senses. And then Friday, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus bursts into the multiplex, hugging the faces of filmgoers nationwide. Enjoy!


Game of Thrones season finale, HBO, 9 p.m. ET

How will Tyrion handle the return of his father, the true Hand of the King? What will Daenerys do to retrieve her dragons? How will Arya fare upon escaping Harrenhal? READ FULL STORY

'Star Wars 1313' exclusive: Enter the underworld

Earlier today we reported on the newly announced Star Wars 1313, a new game from LucasArts that promises to take gamers into the criminal underworld of the galaxy far far away. In this case, the “criminal underworld” is a literal one: “1313” refers to Level 1313, a subterranean city beneath Coruscant’s glittering spires. EW has obtained an exclusive piece of concept art for the game which takes you right into that underworld. Check out this nifty shot of a portal going down, down, down into Coruscant. Dante-esque, right? (Click on the image for a closer look.) READ FULL STORY

'Star Wars 1313': LucasArts announces 'mature' bounty hunter adventure game

LucasArts announced an intriguing new update to the Star Wars mythos this morning. Star Wars 1313 is a videogame set on Level 1313, a subterranean section of Coruscant that is the home of the criminal underworld — the polar opposite of the glittering skyscrapers on the surface. (So, Space New Jersey.) In a press release, LucasArts said that gamers will play as “a lethal bounty hunter” — which does not quite confirm our own Star Wars expert Christian Blauvelt’s theory that this is a Boba Fett game, but it doesn’t disprove that theory, either. READ FULL STORY

'Hitman: Absolution' trailer: Attack of the homicidal psycho stripper nuns!

I haven’t played a Hitman game in a few years. And I admit that my memory isn’t what it used to be. But I have a very vivid memory of playing Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, and for the life of me, I can’t seem to recall any levels of that game which featured a gang of short-skirted, big-booted, gun-toting bazooka-bazooking nuns. Fortunately for society, the upcoming Hitman: Absolution will finally add this missing ingredient into the Hitman cocktail. Watch the trailer… and don’t forget to say your prayers! READ FULL STORY

Entertainment Geekly: E3 preview! But first: Requiem for 'G.I. Joe Retaliation'

Next week, videogame developers flocks to Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the trade show which has become an essential preview of coming attractions for the industry. On this week’s episode of Entertainment Geekly, Jeff Jensen and I talk about the new games that make us excited and the sequels that make us skeptical.

But first, Jeff and I have to talk about the biggest, most important, and most depressing piece of entertainment news this month: The banishing of G.I. Joe: Re2liation to 2013. Topics covered include the relative nature of cross-generational nostalgia, the possibility that contemporary action movies could learn a lot from silly ’80s beefcake-explosion romps, and some theorizing as to what the failure of John Carter and Battleship will mean for brand-obsessed Hollywood. Heady stuff for a Friday afternoon! READ FULL STORY

New 'Gears of War' game announced


The Gears of War trilogy told the epic tale of manic-depressive beefcake super-soldiers with a knack for hiding behind debris. Last year’s Gears of War 3 ended the genre-defining saga. Or did it? Game Informer has revealed a first look at the next entry in Epic Games’ shooter franchise. There’s not much to go on — we’ll learn more about the game next Monday, at Microsoft’s E3 conference — but for now, check out this cover and start theorizing:


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