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PopWatch Planner: 'Divergent' hits theaters, 'Dancing With the Stars' returns, 'Pretty Little Liars' ends, and more

This week has a little bit of everything, from a big blockbuster hitting theaters to a new album perfect for your party playlist — not to mention a handful of television premieres and finales. For Pretty Little Liars fans, another season is coming to an end, while Drop Dead Diva viewers are gearing up for the show’s last run of episodes. So if you’re seeking a break from all things March Madness, look no further than our planner. You’re welcome.


Crisis, 10 p.m., NBC

In the middle of a field trip, a school bus — one that’s carrying the children of some of the nation’s most powerful people — is taken hostage. How far will they go to save their kids?


'Drop Dead Diva' star Brooke Elliott takes EW's Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


Fans of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva can breathe easy knowing that whatever cliffhanger ends the Nov. 3 season finale will get resolved: Lifetime has renewed the show for a sixth season. To celebrate, watch star Brooke Elliott take our Pop Culture Personality Test in the video below. She can definitely top you when it comes to quoting Scrooged (the movie she’s seen the most times) and Friends (she owns all 10 seasons and watches the show every night before she goes to bed). READ FULL STORY

Summer TV Awards: Your nominations wanted!


Feeling guilty over the amount of time you’ve spent indoors watching TV since May? Here’s your vindication: Our first annual Summer TV Awards. Help us celebrate the good and call out the bad. Copy and paste the list of categories below into a comment and write in your nominations. Come back tomorrow afternoon when the official nominations are announced and the polls open!

UPDATE: The polls are now open! (And thank you for your patience with the comments not always publishing. We’re looking into it.)

And the categories are… READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: Serena Williams on 'Drop Dead Diva,' and more

The planner is heavy on sports this week — and the Olympics don’t even start until July 27. From Serena Williams making an appearance on Drop Dead Diva, to the MLB All-Star Game, fans will be pleased. But don’t worry — there’s something for everyone, even the children. Check out what’s going on this week!


'Drop Dead Diva': We want Jane with this guy!


SPOILER ALERT! On last night’s Drop Dead Diva, Jane met a new judge, played by Lex Medlin, pictured. He appears confident, charming, clever, and capable of delivering a double entendre in a non-sleazy manner. (“Thank you for the plant, by the way… it’s very pretty,” he told Jane, who’d given him a welcome gift/bribe.) When the two of them ended the episode walking arm-and-arm to drinks then dinner, I cheered from my sofa. The tramp-stamped waitress Grayson stopped dating because Jane had convinced him he was leading the girl on was right when she looked at all Jane has done for Grayson and said, “That’s more than a friendship. That’s an investment…. You should tell him how you really feel or move on. You might not be sleeping with him, Jane, but you’re still giving it away.”

The question is, does anyone want Jane and Grayson together at this point? I keep going back to what Fred said last week when Jane asked him if her thinking Grayson could do better than the waitress meant that she thought he could do better than her when she was still Deb: “Well, you’ve changed…. You have higher expectations of yourself, so maybe you have higher expectations for Grayson.” Seeing a man “have fun” with a woman we assume is shallow makes him less attractive — even if he deserves to have some fun after one fiancée died and another left him at the altar. And why was Grayson satisfied with Deb? READ FULL STORY

'Drop Dead Diva' lands Kathy Griffin, Lance Bass, Clay Aiken: Who else needs to guest star in season 3?

Drop Dead Diva‘s third season will, perhaps, have a higher guest count than Fantasy Island. A rep for the Lifetime series, which returns in June, confirms that Kathy Griffin will guest star in episode 8 as Kim’s (Kate Levering) sister. Episode 5, the one inspired by the Mississippi teen who was denied access to her prom because of her sexual orientation, now boasts Wanda Sykes as the judge who hears the case, as well as Lance Bass, who will play a casting director attempting to get Fred (Ben Feldman) into an energy drink commercial, Clay Aiken as a witness in one of Grayson’s (Jackson Hurst) cases about a mail-order bride scam, and former Married with Children star Amanda Bearse as another judge. Previously announced guest stars include: READ FULL STORY

'Drop Dead Diva' creator Josh Berman curates the ultimate marathon

This Friday, Lifetime will air the first four episodes ever of Drop Dead Diva in a mini-marathon from 8 p.m. to midnight ET. If you’ve been wanting to give the show a try, now’s the time. In advance of June’s season 3 premiere, we asked creator Josh Berman to handpick a dozen must-see episodes. Availability below.  READ FULL STORY

'Drop Dead Diva' promo: Yay, summer TV!

Maybe it’s because most of my regular shows are in repeats this month or there’s new scoop about season 4 of True Blood, but I’m starting to look forward to summer TV. Lifetime is, too, with a new promo for Drop Dead Diva‘s third season, which premieres in June. Watch it here. There’s no new footage, it’s just a nice recap of season 2 for those who missed it and a reminder of how much blood Grayson (Jackson Hurst) lost at the end of the season 2 finale for those who were too busy screaming at their TVs to fully notice.  READ FULL STORY

'Drop Dead Diva' renewed (or I would've smacked someone)

drop-dead-divaImage Credit: LifetimeThe season 2 finale of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva had the unfortunate luck of going up against the Emmys last month. Which is why it wasn’t until days later that I finally had a chance to watch it and scream. Jane (Brooke Elliott) was finally ready to tell Grayson (Jackson Hurst) that she was actually his late fiancée Deb in his brilliant lawyer colleague’s body. The woman he compares every other woman to, including the one he’d just broken up with, Vanessa, because he wasn’t ready to move on, was still there. But before she could, Grayson asked Jane to be his best man at his wedding to Vanessa — they’d gotten back together because an earlier chat with Jane made him realize he needed to move forward. Jane left the restaurant upset, Grayson chased after her — AND GOT HIT BY A CAR. Jane knelt by his side and begged her guardian angel Fred (Ben Feldman), who’d warned her that telling Grayson the truth that only Fred and Deb’s best friend Stacy (April Bowlby) knew may not end well, to do something. Grayson looked up at Jane and said… “Deb?” End scene. And SCREAM!

That’s a cliffhanger that needs resolved. Granted, Grayson will probably come to in the season 3 premiere not remembering that he saw Deb in Jane. (It’s called giving us a hint of what we want, then hitting the reset button. I agree with commenters: Grayson needs to acknowledge his love for Jane first, which is what she’d expected him to do when they met that night.) But I’ll be there watching. You?

Jasmine Guy, where you been hiding? Apparently on 'Drop Dead Diva'!

drop-dead-diva-jasmine-guyOn Sunday evenings, after Big Brother and after Mad Men, if I can manage to keep my eyes open, I try to tune into my lady-like indulgence Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime. I’m especially glad I got my Diva on last night because look who popped up with a gavel in the court room: the irrepressible Jasmine Guy! (Cybil Shepherd made a grand appearance, too, but whatevs.) Drop Dead Diva always manages to snag ridiculously delicious, icon-esque guest judges (Rosie O’Donnell! Paula Abdul!), but seeing A Different World star Jasmine just made me smile. Not totally sure why I got so excited (she’s been on Vampire Diaries recently), but I’m just gonna revel in her random pop-up and post about it here on PopWatch. My grin was extra large, too, last night thanks to Jasmine’s somewhat marm-ish hairdo (see: photo here) and her surly attitude on the episode (which you can watch in entirety, if you want). No one messes with Whitley! “Relax, relate, release!” (I’ve always wanted to cite Whitley’s genius line here in a PW post. Mission: accomplished.)

And just to go down memory lane for a moment, do you remember when Jasmine was on EW’s cover back in 1991? Yah, she was! For A Different World, natch. And it’s quite possibly the most amazing moment of reminiscing you’ll experience…today! Enjoy Jasmine’s moment in the EW sun here:


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