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Drew Goddard, director of 'Sinister Six': An introduction

So Drew Goddard is probably going to direct the Sinister Six movie, which is probably going to be released after Amazing Spider-Man 3, and which will probably star a lot of Spider-Man villains, at least one of whom will be less of a “villain” than an antihero who serves as the audience surrogate. (My money’s on Black Cat, but there’s always Sandman, the go-to not-really-evil villain for decades now.) Goddard was already announced as a member of Sony’s spin-off think thank, but if the news is not surprising, it’s still a bit unusual. Goddard’s sole directorial credit pre-Six was 2012’s The Cabin in the Woods, the incredible meta-horror comedy that did exactly as well at the box office as most meta-horror comedies tend to do. READ FULL STORY

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