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There Should Be A Sequel: 'Dredd'


Maybe Dredd was never going to be successful. It was based on a comic book beloved by a certain slice of the global population (British people) and mostly unknown to everyone else. I say “mostly” because if you say the words “Judge Dredd” in polite company, everyone thinks of the terrible 1995 Sylvester Stallone movie, a film that has somehow become the go-to example of Everything Stallone Did Wrong After Cliffhanger. The new Dredd had a curious pedigree: Written by Alex Garland, who has worked on some great films; directed by Pete Travis, who hasn’t. At one point, rumors circulated that Travis has been fired in post-production; the filmmakers released a statement claiming that they had “an unorthodox collaboration,” which is usually behind-the-scenes code for “We Hate Each Other.” The film co-starred Olivia Thirlby, best known for for various teen-movie roles; by comparison, imagine if they cast Molly Ringwald in Cobra. The movie was released in the late-September death slot. They opted to append a “3D” to the title, at the exact moment when even teenagers decided they were finished with 3D. It’s an R-Rated action movie, at a cultural moment when most people get their R-Rated action fix from TV shows. Also, the star of the movie wears a helmet for essentially the entire movie. This isn’t The Hobbit, is what I’m getting at. READ FULL STORY

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