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'Doctor Who's How The Dalek Stole Who'smas': An EW holiday mash-up

Nobody wants to see the doctor on Christmas: it usually means you’ve either gone into hot cocoa-induced diabetic shock or have been impaled by an errant candy cane. But having a visit with “the Doctor” has become a venerable Yuletide tradition. In honor of the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special—in which Matt Smith’s beloved Eleventh Doctor will regenerate through the magic of TV acting contracts into his latest incarnation, played by Peter Capaldi—we’ve whipped up a whimsical bit of poesy that combines the work of two of our favorite doctors without medical licenses. So without further ado, and with copious and appropriate apologies to Steven Moffat, Theodor Geisel, and you, the reader, we present…

Doctor Who’s How The Dalek Stole Who’smas

Every Who fan in Whoville liked Who’s-mas a lot
Except for perhaps a certain murderous robot
With spruces and gooses and red-and-green jelly
And a brand-new hour of Doctor Who on the telly
They drink till they’re punchy and they eat till they barf
Put up lights as colorful as Tom Baker’s scarf
And toast to good cheer with a bottle of Malbec
While up in the mountains stewed the crotchety Dalek READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: 'Frozen,' 'Dancing with the Stars' finale, Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, and more

What’s worthy of PopWatching this week? A well-balanced plate of live music, criminal dramas, and holiday cheer. All eyes are on Miley Cyrus as she performs at the AMA’s Sunday night. If she does something crazy, at least it’ll give Grandma something else to talk about at your turkey dinner, instead of asking about your employment and relationship status. Just pass the herbed mashed potatoes already! The next course is a scheming James Spader apéritif, followed by an undoubtedly sequin-garnished DWTS finale, and end with some winter wonderland-themed cinema.

All times listed are Eastern.

Does Senator Ted Cruz know what 'Green Eggs and Ham' is about?

America: Where anything goes in a filibuster.

Last night — as part of Senator Ted Cruz’s filibuster protesting the Affordable Care Act — the Texas Republican read aloud from the Dr. Seuss favorite Green Eggs and Ham.

Of course, as many on Twitter have already pointed out, the point of this kids’ book is that the main character didn’t think he liked something because he hadn’t tried it before, but then he did, and he loved it. No relevant message to Obamacare there!

Cruz also gave Ashton Kutcher and Duck Dynasty a shout-out during his time at the podium. Perhaps the senator is really just looking for a career change and thinks pop culture blogger sounds like fun.

Check out Cruz trying his hand as an audiobook reader below:

What's your favorite Dr. Seuss line?


Once again, a simple and straightforward and transcendent and beautiful book by Dr. Seuss has been turned into a candy-colored 3-D animated movie with celebrity voices and excruciatingly inappropriate merchandising partners. The Lorax might be better than past efforts to translate the author’s vision to the big screen — EW’s Owen Gleiberman rates it a B+ — but really, the best thing that can possibly come of The Lorax is that it will encourage parents everywhere to buy or (gag) download the book that inspired it. It’s difficult to describe the particular magic of Dr. Seuss’ writing. The author, whose real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel, wrote mostly in anapestic tetrameter, a breathless rhythm that made every page feel like a joyful sprint from the classroom to the schoolyard. In honor of the release of The Lorax, here are a few of my personal favorite Seuss quotes. READ FULL STORY

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