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A 'Time Traveler's Wife' TV series: Now, where have we seen this before?

According to The Wrap, Friends creator Marta Kaufman is developing a TV version of Audrey Niffenegger‘s best-selling 2003 novel The Time Traveler’s Wife — the movie adaptation of which opened last weekend to $19.2 million — for ABC. You know, the ongoing travails of a man unstuck in time while the woman he loves is fraught with both issues of abandonment and fear for her husband’s safety is an interesting idea of a weekly drama. So interesting, someone already did it. It was called Journeyman and NBC canceled it in 2007, before it ever made it to a full season.

There are, as they say, no new ideas under the sun. And, to be fair, the novel was written years before Journeyman hit the airwaves. But this concept has been tested on American television audiences and they found it wanting. Sure, there’s more than one way to skin a chronologically untethered cat. And perhaps the name-value of Time Traveler’s Wife will make Kaufman’s take more palatable. Time will tell.

Would you tune in for ABC’s The Time Traveler’s Wife? Did you watch, and love, NBC’s Journeyman? Or do you prefer your time travel to come with Deloreans and/or killer robots?

These 'Naked Girls' want you to be more excited for 'Guitar Hero 5'

A new YouTube video called “Naked Girls Get Interrupted” features fairly-safe-for-work black bars strategically placed over the bodies of four female models and one guy named Music Steve, who apparently smells like teen spirit. The song titles that flash over the black bars appear on the list of confirmed tracks for the upcoming Guitar Hero 5, out Sept. 1. Effective viral marketing campaign, huh?


Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow vs. Rachel Nichols' Scarlett: Oh, it's so on!

Scarlett-vs-scarlet_l More than one thought galloped across my mind when I saw our exclusive photos of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in Iron Man 2. In an effort to keep this a SFW post, here are the ones fit for polite company:

1.I’m very curious to see if Scarlett tries a Russian accent, as the character is — in the comics, anyway — an Eastern bloc operative named Natasha Romanoff.

2. Red is a very, very good color for her.

3.I wouldn’t have thought it, but we’ve got a battle of the comic-booky redheads brewing, with Rachel Nichols appearing as Scarlett in August’s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. And ScarJo has come out swinging.

So,I put it to you, PopWatchers, if you’ve gotta choose between knockout actresses with red manes, black leather cat suits, and big guns, who’s your pick?

'Bruno': Who actually wants to be Sacha Baron Cohen's real-life inspiration?

Reading the headlines this morning, I learned there's currently a debate raging in Austria over which man inspired Sacha Baron Cohen's flamboyant fashion journalist Bruno: Entertainer Alfons Haider or fashion journalist Adi Weiss. Of course, we don't know if either of these men encouraged Cohen to sport a mohawk way back in 2003, when he first debuted the character on Da Ali G Show, but I think the more important question is: Why would anyone want to be the real-life BrĂ¼no? Both Haider and Weiss appear to be flattered by the comparison, whether or not they believe they truly are the inspiration. I can only imagine that's because they haven't seen the film yet. For those of us who have been privy to a screening, we know that Cohen's character is dim-witted and shallow, to say the least, however hilarious and fashionable he might be. 

Not that this sort of debate is anything new. We saw the same thing back in 2006, when a Turkish man demanded Cohen acknowledge him as the inspiration for the anti-Semitic, misogynistic Borat. So, nonetheless, I have no choice but to ask: Vassup with these fellas, PopWatchers? Would you like to be compared to Cohen's outlandish characters? And do you even care who Cohen's real-life inspiration was (really, I don't)?  

'So You Think You Can Dance' finalist and 'Growing Pains' nanny were separated at birth

Julie-McCullough-Caitlin-Kinney_l And then I guess the one who's still super young in 2009 got frozen somewhere along the way. We don't need to talk specifics. The point is, Caitlin Kinney and Julie McCullough look exactly alike. Thanks to TV Watch reader kaf — who was backed up by Christina, Melanie, JP, and Lola — for coming up with this incredibly apt comparison. You have saved me and countless other innocent viewers from having to tear out our non-feathered, non-'80s hair while trying to figure out why Princess Body Wave looked so damn familiar. Watch out, Caitlin! You don't want Kirk Cameron to decide you're not wholesome enough to fit into the family! Don't do anything sexually suggestive! On a DANCE SHOW.

Hey, So You Think You Can Dance fans… We've got a little game going on — EW.com's SYTYCD Prediction Challenge. It's just like that American Idol one we had before but with less Slezak and more me. (I know, gross.)  Guess who will be eliminated each week, read about the Top 20, and discuss your picks on our message boards with EW's Adam B. Vary and readers around the country. Go there now.

'Star Trek' stud Chris Pine: A chip off the old, er, tree?

Chrispineroberttrek_l I happened to catch Star Trek‘s Chris Pine on Letterman the other night and during his amiable segment, he mentioned that he comes from a showbiz family: Both of his parents were actors, as was his grandmother — who, apparently, was hot enough to be painted on the fuselage of at least one WWII bomber. In passing, he mentioned that his dad was on CHiPs, and then it clicked: Chris’ dad was Robert Pine, Jon and Ponch’s stalwart sergeant, Joseph Getraer.

If this family is good for nothing else, they turn out men who look damned good in a uniform.

Am I the only one who didn’t know this already?

addCredit(“Robert Pine: Everett Collection”)

Fred Armisen fills in for Joy Behar on 'The View': Who cares? I do!

Time to play Spot the Fake! Fred Armisen capped off Joy Behar’s Month in Review by briefly sitting in for The View cohost during today’s telecast. Can you tell the difference between the SNL cast member and his daytime doppelganger? It’s a toughie, but winners get a free imaginary bottle of Benefiber! Enjoy!

Steve McQueen biopic producers should give Damian Lewis a call

Lewismcqueen_lIf we can all agree that Steve McQueen is the coolest actor in the history of ever, then this just-announced Steve McQueen biopic should be the coolest movie in the history of ever, right? There are a thousand things that can go wrong between now and whenever this movie gets released — bad writing, horrible direction, shooting in Smell-o-vision, etc. — but here’s the one thing they need to do right:

Cast Damian Lewis (far left) as McQueen.

That was the first thing that struck me upon seeing him as Dick Winters in HBO’s Band of Brothers miniseries, how much he looked like the man. And then watching him work the detective beat in Life sealed it. No, he’s not a movie star, he’s just a damned good actor who’d be the spot on choice.

Okay, let’s pretend I’m wrong (which I’m not, but go on)…who would you cast?

'G-Force' vs. 'G-Force': Why the new trailer hurts so bad

Ever bite into a Skittle when you were expecting an M&M? It’s not that what you get is bad, necessarily, but entirely not what you were looking for. That’s how I felt when I clicked on a link for the trailer to a new live-action G-Force movie. I expected a big-budget Bruckheimered version of this:

But what I got was this:

movie trailers and clips

I’m sure that if you’re seven (about the age I was when I found Battle of the Planets on afterschool TV), super-powered guinea pigs fighting robots might tickle your fancy. (Though if it was the long-rumored film adaptation of Grant Morrison’s We3, it’d tickle me all over.) But for adult me, seeing that was like a bad hit of…something you get bad hits off of.

When was the last time you were the victim of the ol’ bait and switch?

'Chuck' and 'Die Hard' share the same universe = Awesome!

So I’m watching last night’s Chuck–just a little while ago, as I’m still recovering from the mid-season finale of Heroes–and, in case you missed it, the episode involves a hostage crisis at the Buy More. And who should be the cop in charge of the scene but Sgt. Al Powell. You know, the portly, twinkie-loving cop from Die Hard. And not an Al Powell-type–they got Reginald VelJohnson to reprise the role.

It’s not quite as cool as when Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury popped up at the end of Iron Man, but cool nonetheless. Man, I just love it when my pop-cultural universes collide.

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