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After watching ice dancing, does anyone else think 'Avatar On Ice' could be super chill?

With a perfectly cast Meryl Davis as Neyteri, the entire Olympic Ice Dancing community needs to just team up with James Cameron and do an Avatar tour already. Let’s make this happen. You know Maxim Shabalin and Oksana Domnina already have Na’vi costumes as well as somewhat cohesive looks for the “various flora and fauna” endemic to Pandora. It could be problematic when whoever’s playing Jake Sully (ideas? doesn’t have to be Charlie…) wakes up in Reality, but that’s the beauty of taking things On Ice — the potential for drama! Jake Sully On Ice will figure it out. What are those weapons affixed to the ends of his seemingly useless legs? They are BEAUTIFUL SKATES. He is an ICE DANCER. Maybe diminutive man-behind-the-curtain Scott Hamilton could be the Giovanni Ribisi? Time to stop.

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Which is dorkier: Olympic Ice Dancing or 'Dancing With the Stars'?

Before you get all up in sequin-caked arms about how the answer is “Neither!” and each is beautiful and special in its own way, know that I obviously have much love for both Olympic Ice Dancing (read Mandi’s recap) and Dancing With the Stars. Also obvious: Both are ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.

During Friday night’s ice dancing telecast, no less than five people emailed or texted to alert me that NBC was airing what is basically Dancing With the Stars on Ice. They didn’t need to; I was already watching it! I got into a bit of a text war with EW’s Missy Schwartz, whose alert read, “Ice dancing is almost as dorky as DWTS.” Blasphemy! As I used one hand to wield my Slanket around my head as a paso doble cape, I responded with the other: “Uh no I think ice dancing is dorkier, because at least on DWTS they’re in on the joke.” Her reply: “True. But it IS an Olympic sport.”

You decide. Two Russians in “toned-down” aboriginal costumes, or a Mormon doll designer being “wound up” by her professional partner. This is gonna be a close one.

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Image credit: Stockman/Getty Images

Jin is never going to leave the Island

He doesn’t look too thrilled about it. We, on the other hand, couldn’t be happier that Daniel Dae Kim has been cast in CBS’ remake of Hawaii Five-O. He’ll play state police officer Chin Ho Kelly alongside an yet-to-be-cast Detective Steve McGarrett. Maybe the creepy new temple people on Lost can play the people they pull over. Speaking of which…

A close inspection of the Hawaii Five-O opening credits reveals that Hawaii Five-O and Lost are practically the same show already, sharing similar themes of airplanes, fire, binoculars, creepy statues, guns, and attractive people running on the beach. In fact, Lost was probably based on Hawaii Five-O. For irrefutable proof, please see below:

And duh:

Who else should star with Daniel Dae Kim in the Hawaii Five-O remake a.k.a. Lost II?

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War of the Wet: Whose performance was more fluid?

Hmmm. Choosing a side in this arbitrary pitting of singer vs. actor is going to be tough. Pink showered the Grammys swaybots (and hopefully Lady Gaga, who was dressed to complement rain in the audience) with water as she executed a mid-level Cirque du Soleil routine the Québécois are calling “tres mignon.” But in Jon Hamm‘s digital short on Saturday Night Live, the actor and reborn sax maniac emerged from the womb of Kristen Wiig and wailed on that instrument full force, because that’s what Sergio was put on this planet by homeless Fred Armisen to do.

Neither was quite naked — Pink seems to be revealing more skin, but there’s actually a lot of fabric involved there. Jon Hamm is wearing pants, but the sheer surface area of his glistening upper body and the ridiculous element of suspenders somehow makes him equivalent to three completely naked regular people. Does Sergio, who neither sang nor spun, ultimately get the edge for experimenting with different fluids? You decide.

Oh, and if you thought Pink’s performance deserved more than a C+, sound off in our Grammys Performances: We Grade ‘Em! photo gallery.

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Bradley Whitford with a moustache, we have seen into your future...

And you look like Mr. Belvedere.

Whitford and his ‘stache are at the TCA Press Tour promoting Fox’s upcoming cop comedy Code 58, co-starring Colin Hanks and created by Burn Notice‘s Matt Nix. It will preview in May after Idol (that’s so Glee!) but the official premiere date is June 7. Can you handle this truth?

For more TCA coverage that does not draw material from ’80s sitcoms, visit The Ausiello Files. If you must. Probably better to just follow me on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett.

Kate Gosselin has longer fake hair now: RIP, reverse mullet

Kate Gosselin was clearly aiming for the Reese Witherspoon look with her new ‘do (People says it took 20 hours to put in the extensions), but the result is more Catherine O’Hara at the end of For Your Consideration, don’t you think? I am suddenly less okay with my recent decision to stick with bangs.

Speaking of movies, “Come and get’cher popcorn!” Wow, deep thoughts today.

What do we think of Katey G’s new hair style? Anyone already missing the iconic reverse mullet? 

Image credit: Witherspoon: David Gabber/PR Photos

Lil' Kim vs. Pink: Battle of the Sparkly Pasties!

lil-kim-pink-mtv_lPart of getting the respect you deserve at the VMAs involves the careful planning of which type and shape of sequined sheath you’ll want to glue to a small section of your bare left boob. So: Who barely wore it better? As my mother used to say to me and my feuding sister: “Girls. It is not a competition.” But let’s vote anyway! Damn, this is a tough one….

Lil’ Kim Pros: Did it first; excellent purple wig; Diana Ross (!!!) followed through on nation’s basest desire and reached out to swat her boob at the podium. Cons: full-on patterned jumpsuit = blatant eff-you to fashion; subject’s recent association with Dancing With the Stars. (Ha!)

Pink Pros: Zesty diamond-patterned pant leg; mind-blowing mid-performance trapeze routine. Cons: Zen-like composure post-mind-blowing circus feats could foster self-loathing in less-fit voters; in other words: everyone.

Can double acts ever separate successfully?

Today, Variety reported that Tia and Tamera Mowry will be starring in Double Wedding, a new Lifetime movie about twins who court the same person. It’s casting that makes sense, but I found myself a bit surprised upon the news. After all, isn’t this the same Sister, Sister act that separated when Tamera joined Lifetime series Strong Medicine, and Tia joined the cast of former CW series The Game?

Way back when the C-dubs announced that Tia would star in the network’s sports-centric sitcom, I was optimistic that both actresses might have actually successfully split from their ever-present other halves. And why shouldn’t they have had the opportunity to go solo? They were both beautiful, talented actresses who could easily hold their own without their mirror image beside them. Unfortunately, however, both series only lasted so long, and with today’s news, I fear the Mowry sisters will have to rely on their old act (“We’re twins!”) to secure work in Hollywood.

Naturally, this begs the question: Can double acts ever separate successfully? It’s been done for duos that don’t boast any relation to one another (think: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney, etc.), but when you throw in blood, that’s when things get sticky. Sure, Donny and Marie Osmond have managed to pull it off — if you count hosting QVC and getting down on Dancing With the Stars “pulling it off” — but who can look at Mary-Kate Olsen without thinking of Ashley? And does this mean that The Suite Life of Zack & Cody stars Dylan and Cole Sprouse are screwed before they even get the chance to prove themselves?

What do you think, PopWatchers? Can double acts — particularly twins — ever break apart from their other half? And do you, like me, wish the Mowry sisters would get the solo respect from the industry that they deserve?

Double Vision: Julianna Margulies and Famke Janssen

Good-Wife-Famke-Janssen_lI’d assumed it was only the early-morning, refusing-to-wear-glasses-yet version of myself who momentarily got super psyched to “see” that Famke Janssen has a new show on CBS this fall. But no! My colleagues Michael Slezak and Missy Schwartz just admitted to experiencing similar double takes of the poster for ‘The Good Wife’ that’s popped up all over the city lately, while wearing their glasses. And now I am wearing my glasses and it sure wasn’t just a dream! Aw, we’d love it if Famke could be a series regular in the September-premiering courtroom drama — CBS should consider an out-of-nowhere Single White Female plot line should ratings suffer right away.

What you want to get out of this post is that Julianna Margulies and Famke Janssen look alike, and that everyone who works at EW is a four-eyed delusional weirdo, two “trends” which have been evident for quite some time. It’s summer; you shouldn’t have to work for it, you know?

Read more: Michael Ausiello’s press tour diary from ‘The Good Wife”s panel

Photo Credit: Famke Janssen/Retna Ltd.

Is anyone's life better than Guy Fieri's?

guy_fieri_lookalikeFirst of all, pictured is some potentially useful proof that if the Food Network ever misplaces ‘Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives’ host Guy Fieri, it has a spare in Alma Mendez, the owner of La Texanita in Santa Rosa, Calif. Whew! Though I’d just like to go on the record as saying I’d be more than happy to change up my own look for the chance to trade lives with the Guy. Starting in present day, of course. The “road-tripping around the U.S. to consume as much locally beloved deep-fried goodness as possible” part, not the “learning to cook well enough to win a reality show” part, because that would take forever and I am so busy. According to my own standards and priorities, the answer to the question in the headline is NO. Guy Fieri is on TV, eats everything, and no one tells him to lose weight. Name someone who has it better. READ FULL STORY

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