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Kimmel's 'Twilight' special contains this situation

the-situation-as-edward-cullenImage Credit: Mitch Haddad/ABC/AP ImagesABC has released this pic of Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino re-imagining Robert Pattinson’s role in Twilight. It could be one of Jimmy’s fantasies translated into an actual photo shoot, but officially it is part of next week’s Jimmy Kimmel Live: Twilight Saga: Total Eclipse of the Heart special, airing Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET.

Let us know how off-putting it is to see Edward Cullen with severe abs, IN A TANNING COFFIN, in the comments below; feel free to just say “this much!” as if triumphantly holding up a fish you just caught near the shore. Or do you want Edward to have lumpy abs? I barely care about Edward and I vehemently don’t want him to have abs, especially abs that look like George Michael’s bodysuit from the “Living Classics” Pageant in Arrested Development. But that’s me.

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Lunchtime Poll: Another puzzle for you

orangeImage Credit: Jeff Daly; Everett CollectionTalk about True Beauty! Carson Kressley is posing a serious challenge to Jersey Shore “star” Snooki for the title of Best Loompalike (and I haven’t even watched this week’s Real Housewives yet).

I can’t believe the Wonka factory keeps letting its custodial staff sneak out to appear on reality television. They have serious work to do!

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Lunchtime Poll: The bra is a deadly weapon

The fact that Katy Perry doesn’t approve of Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” video is rather rich and creamy coming from someone who shoots whipped cream out of her bra at the end of the teaser for her own “California Gurls” video. Blasphemy and sexualit√© are certainly different things, but the concept of bra-as-weapon is something these divas share. They must fight to the death in a Lunchtime Poll!

Guns might seem more deadly, but milk has claimed a lot of lives, too. By July 2010, 80 percent of all Americans aware of Katy Perry will become lactose intolerant. I just made that up! But this is definitely true: You can’t trip on bullets if they’re never fired. Really turn all of this over in your head and swish it up a bit in your mouth before placing your vote.

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Dessert Poll: Who wore it better?

I already did a Lunchtime Poll today, but that’s no reason to avoid pitting two really excited-looking EW writers against each other in a Black Plaid Shirt Battle for the ages. Here are Michael Ausiello and Adam Markovitz inadvertently imitating the creepy twins from The Shining.

Now, don’t rush to vote for that Smurf-obsessed freak on the left just because he’s the one you know. Take a good, long look at the individual plaids. Does one seem more connected with his look than the other? Does posture matter? What about pockets? Think about it really hard and then do what’s right.

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Read this if you don't know who 'Rain' is, or if you do

Remember when Rain won the MTV Movie Award for Biggest Badass Star and everyone was like “Who is Rain?” No? Well, you were smart to be watching Breaking Bad instead. Here’s the deal with Rain. He’s a Korean pop sensation with whom Stephen Colbert feuded in 2008 because both were up for the top spot in the Time 100. Stephen challenged Rain’s reign with his spoof video, “He’s Singin’ in Korean.” Then Rain actually showed up at The Colbert Report to look his “old nemesis” in the eye, and Rain and Stephen had a proper dance-off. Smoke machines, empty studio, tight red jeans on a respected newsman, a struggle to the near-death for Dance Dance Revolution domination, the works. This time he was DANCING in Korean! Please do relive it after the jump. The takeaway from all of this is that 1) Stephen Colbert is hot; 2) Trivia: Rain played Taejo Togokahn in Speed Racer; 3) This is why every time it rains, I look to the sky, shake my fist, and yell “Raaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnn!” Nerd. READ FULL STORY

Rihanna goes red, wants to be on top

rihannaImage Credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty ImagesBask in the flaming bowl of fire that is Rihanna’s new hairdo! It is my esteemed journalistic opinion that she was obviously singing the old America’s Next Top Model theme song in this photo (taken during the Rock in Rio music festival in Spain) because she’s giving serious Tyra-showing-the-models-how-it’s-done-before-panel face here. It’s time to make it hot, and by that I mean it’s time to fondle your own Madonna-esque cone bra and look alive. [StyleWatch]

Something tells me that if Rihanna got this during the makeover episode of any given Cycle, she’d insist on completing the transformation into Moe from The Three Stooges via menswear and some light surg. And then she’d demand a new makeover for tomorrow, gently smize-ing the Bankable one into submission.

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Lunchtime Poll: Are mermaids real?

20/20 did this crazy “Superhumans” episode last night, featuring a guy who walks around the North Pole in just shorts, a true Marathon Man, a mathematical genius who can “feel numbers,” a Bird Man, and a Spider Man. And then there were these mermaids. Linden Wolbert and her hero, Hannah Fraser (the one who was “caught” by fishermen in 2009’s The Cove) have turned their love of breath-holding and deep-sea swimming into real, often Hollywood-related careers. What fascinated me was that the segment treated them as if both women were mermaids. When they met face-to-face for the first time along the shore, it was so jarring that they actually had legs. I really wanted to believe that there were mermaids, and that these were just two of them CAUGHT ON TAPE by ABC cameras.

Linden and Hannah’s conversation helped snap me out of my underwater fantasies, though. “Did you make your tail? I can’t wait to see it,” said Hannah. “I can’t wait to see yours, too,” gushed Linden. They then clasped hands and jogged away from the rushing tide. “The ocean’s going to claim us!” Hannah teased as they both dissolved into giggles. And yet…after watching this part a few times, I still held a tiny bit of wonder. Maybe they really were mermaids and this banter was all an act. The ocean really would claim them again, because that’s where they live. They’re not meant to be part of our world. They have to go back, Jack.

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Sacha Baron Cohen or Liam Gallagher?

guess-whoImage Credit: Chris Ashford/Camera Press/Retna Ltd.Or, as Christian would say, “Is it James Dean or Jason Priestley?”


Oscar winner Christoph Waltz joins 'Three Musketeers'

Christoph-WaltzImage Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosLast week, upon confirming the news that Bourne Identity director Doug Liman would helm a new adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas 17th century novel, PopWatch wondered about your desire for a fresh set of Three Musketeers.

Well, Liman’s musketeers will have to duel with another trio. According to a story in today’s Hollywood Reporter, director Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil) has been busy rounding out his cast of swashbucklers, fair maidens, and villains. Logan Lerman (star of the cumbersomely titled Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief) will play hopeful Musketeer D’Artagnan, and Anderson’s wife Milla Jovovich will don a corset as Milady de Winter. Most tantalizingly, Anderson has lured Inglourious Basterds Oscar winner Christoph Waltz into the role of the Musketeers’ chief antagonist Cardinal Richelieu. En garde, Liman! Both productions are slated to begin this fall.

What sayeth you, PopWatchers? Will the dueling projects go head-to-head, or will one inevitably balk? Does the idea of Waltz in power shift your allegiance in Anderson’s direction, or will you remain loyal to Liman’s vision? As we wait, here’s a little morsel of Waltz at his ridiculous best. READ FULL STORY

Lunchtime Poll: Hot Topics or Hot Topic?

During yesterday’s View, I had trouble focusing on Barbara Walters’ heart surgery announcement because I was obsessing over the totally ’80s “Hot Topics” logo glowing above the ladies. It’s almost impossible to vote “in favor of” either option in today’s Lunchtime Poll — that would imply one of them has any merit whatsoever and has “won.” So I’ve infused it with an overwhelming sense of negativity instead. Have a good one!

Followup poll after the jump!  READ FULL STORY

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