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Michael Jackson's twin made of 3,000-year-old limestone

michael-jacksonImage Credit: Splash/The Field MuseumTwo things that surprise me about this 3,000-year-old statue, which has been on display at the Chicago Field Museum since 1988: 1) Only recently have museum-goers begun to realize its uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson, and 2) We didn’t spot the late King of Pop on a grilled cheese sandwich first. [Best Week Ever]

So how long before folks start discovering how much Easter Island’s statues look like a certain sexy beast from Twilight?

'Glee': Britney Spears jazzed to find out dolphins are just gay sharks

“All my GLEEKERS in the crowd, Grab a partner take it down.” –@britneyspears

Now that this Brit-on-Brit shot (Heather Morris vs. Britney Spears…”Glee Against The Music”?) is circling the Twitpic Ocean like a hungry gay shark, we are about a billion times more excited for Glee‘s Britney episode. Even though we can’t count.

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'Louie' recap: There will be bald

LouieImage Credit: FXAs usual, the entirety of last night’s Louie (FX, Tuesdays at 11 p.m. ET) could best be characterized by PopWatch category Horrifying But Hypnotic. You know I usually like trashy reality TV to do the important nightly job of reminding me how awful it is that we are all even alive, but Louie consistently does this in a more…realistic way. Most of us would have trouble relating to the hardships of being an “international supermodel” who can’t score a date in the dark, but when it comes to eating pizza and hating yourself — come on, we’ve all been there. I might even visit there again tonight.

Sorry if this is bumming you out. I’m just trying to get you into the mood of the show! Anyway, a line delivered to Louie by his date (Amy Landecker), stood out to me as one of the saddest truths ever. After Louie rolled over and died in the face of violent threats from an angry teen in a doughnut shop, his date admitted that while she’d enjoyed his company until that point, his un-manly behavior had suddenly turned her off. “My mind is telling me that you’re a great guy, but my chemistry is telling me that you’re a loser.” READ FULL STORY

Snooky the Cat vs. Snooki the Brat(z)

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s application to trademark her nickname for “printed matter, mainly books” was rejected by government officials. Turns out a children’s book called Adventures of Snooky obtained the trademark in 2004. Snooky is a cat who fell off a boat into the ocean and makes some great new friends underwater. The Jersey Shore kids might shrivel up and die if they ever actually set one toe in a natural body of water, but the MTV series is strikingly similar to Adventures of Snooky in that if you try to explain the plot to another human, he or she will definitely assume you are tripping on ‘shrooms.

When I first clicked on this story, I was hoping it involved Snooky the Cat approaching Snooki the Brat in real life and having a heated argument about who’s who. They are the same height so this would work. But I guess life is not a storybook, and lawyers are inevitable. Good luck, Snooks! [The Smoking Gun]

Battle of the ballads of JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater

Last night, Jimmy Fallon sang “The Ballad of Steven Slater.” And it was pretty good. Except I’d already heard a different song called “The Ballad of Steven Slater,” and that one is mas macho. Or something. Take a listen (contains salty language): READ FULL STORY

Lunchtime Poll: Wish Bear vs. The Situation

situation-wish-bearImage Credit: Sorrentino: Mejia/Asadoria /Splash News Oh, yes. This is Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s hair right now. He’s a star he’s a star he’s a star, just like Dirk Diggler.

Wish Bear, legit star of Care Bears: Big Wish Movie and other important films, is so puzzled. Who is that taller bear with insufficient fur, trying to cop his signature logo and hue? Silly Wish Bear. It’s The Situation. “S-I-T-U-A-T-I-O-N”; just ask the pizza guy on last night’s ‘Jersey Shore’. The More You Know…. [Dlisted]

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Yesterday’s Lunchtime Poll: When I hear ‘Skarsgard,’ I think of….

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Jennifer Aniston is Barbra Streisand now

JENNIFER-ANISTON-BARBRA-STREISAND-COVERImage Credit: Mark Seliger for Harper's Bazaar; Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Neal Peters CollectionJennifer Aniston, who co-stars in this month’s The Switch with Jason Bateman and Patrick Wilson, mimicked iconic images of her idol Barbra Streisand for this photo shoot for next month’s Harper’s Bazaar. The inspiration to pay homage to Streisand, whose songs Aniston sings in the shower, came from her longtime “hairstylist and friend.” (Is anyone’s hairstylist not her friend? That would be so sad.)

Jen and Babs have in common because they both love directing and interior decorating. “Also, we are people who have been put in the spotlight, for better or for worse, and you just keep riding, and you keep overcoming, and you just stay true to what you love to do,” said Aniston. SACRILEGE ALERT: Aniston would like to outfit Barbra Streisand in “jeans and a great wedge.”

Is Jen a better Babs than Lindsay was a Marilyn? And is anyone else getting more of a Julie Cooper/Jane in Mad Men vibe than either Barbra Streisand or Jennifer Aniston in the cover shot? There are so many first names in this paragraph I may pass out. Allow me to fan myself with my fingernails.

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Lunchtime Poll: Like looking into the sun

david-hasselhoffImage Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin.comI mean, I know posting a photo of David Hasselhoff posing with this…thing before Comedy Central’s taping of The Roast of David Hasselhoff (here’s a teaser; it airs Aug. 15) is truly, madly, deep-water disturbing. You could probably sue me for visual assault or sexual harassment or even intent to kill for subjecting you to this s—. But, for me, this “likeness” of the Hoff is one of those rare intrigues that rapidly cycles from soul-sucking to fascinating in my mind, like a reheated Wendy’s Baconator after midnight or any of the Real Housewives. Also, the murkiness of the sculpture’s eyes remind me of 102-year-old Claire Fisher in the series finale of Six Feet Under. Yeah, I went there. I said it. I’m better for having looked at this. Dig deep and vote below.

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'What does it mean?' A man's reaction to a double rainbow goes viral.

I’m pretty easily amused by the simple things in life. You know, babies laughing, four-leaf clovers, someone (even me) tripping. The usual stuff. But a video going around the EW offices today just proved that maybe there’s a line of being too easily amused. And I think this guy just crossed it. See, in the video embedded below, what starts as a simple appreciation of a beautiful rainbow that turns into a complete freak-out over a — wait for it — double rainbow. Based on the camera man’s overreaction, you’d think he found the rainbow’s mystical pot of gold!

And thanks to YouTube, his three-minute ode to the double rainbow serves as my afternoon enjoyment, and hopefully yours. Posted earlier this year (how did I miss this?!), it already has more than 4.4 million views, and it’s even spawned a remix. Check out the weird, yet strangely catchy, auto-tune version. You can even download the song on iTunes, which I will won’t be purchasing when I get home. READ FULL STORY

‘Footloose’ remake: Six things Kenny Wormald needs in order to channel fluffy Kevin Bacon from 1980

Footloose-danceImage Credit: Everett CollectionKenny Wormald, who will star in the Footloose remake to be released April 1, 2011, is not a complete unknown, you charlatans! He toured with Justin Timberlake, was featured in MTV’s Dancelife, played a shirtless backup dancer on the third episode of The CW’s Melrose Place, and contributed his ballet and hip-hop techniques as Tommy Anderson in Center Stage 2. As pictured, Kenny has already nearly achieved 1980 Kevin Baconness. If I want to be picky, he is about six degrees away. He needs 1) Fluffier hair; 2) better turnout; 3) slim-fit jeans; 4) slightly pursed lips; 5) haunting lighting scheme; 6) a car. Right now he is like Bacos, but I’m confident he can turn it up and elevate himself to a full strip.

I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly berate myself for being openly obsessed with 2000’s Center Stage but utterly clueless about 2008’s Center Stage: Turn It Up. It practically just came out! I was sitting right here! If the universe fulfills its destiny we might even Turn It Up Higher in 2012! Anyway, take two minutes to familiarize yourself with Kenny Wormald and his knack for the gettin’-to-know-you dance tutorial scene. Off-topic, I kind of love how the last phrase Kenny utters in this clip is “Shoot the s—.” READ FULL STORY

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