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Al Pacino as Phil Spector: Bring on the crazy hair!

Keeping in line with actors-playing-real-life-creeps-in-an-attempt-to-creep-us-out, Al Pacino will be starring as infamous music icon Phil Spector for an upcoming HBO biopic about the convicted murderer. On Monday, Pacino, who disappeared into his role as the late Jack Kevorkian in the Golden Globe-winning You Don’t Know Jack, was spotted out filming the yet-to-be-titled movie, completely decked out in Spector-eqsue garb. While Pacino certainly has the crazy eyes down (no aviator sunglasses can hide the crazy eyes), we’re still anxiously awaiting when they get to Spector’s full-blown crazy hair/crazy person phase. Bonus incentive for the makeup crew: Pacino may not even require a wig!

Still, this is all somehow less disturbing than Pacino playing himself and falling for Adam Sandler in drag in the trailer for the comedy Jack and Jill. Go figure.

What do you think of Al Pacino as Phil Spector, PopWatchers? Are you sufficiently creeped out? Or will you need to see the crazy hair to decide?

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Know your Fanning: Dakota or Elle?

Elle Fanning got her start in the movie business playing younger versions of her sister, Dakota, in films like I Am Sam and Taken, so it’s at least understandable that some people mistake one for the other. Like Kyle Chandler, for instance, who mistakenly told Men’s Journal in a cover story your wife will treasure that his co-star in Super 8 is Dakota Fanning. Though Dakota (far left) is four years older than Elle (near left), they’re both tall and blond, and since movies live forever, it can be baffling to tell one from the other on screen unless you’ve already read the credits. READ FULL STORY

Breaking: Chord Overstreet gets haircut, now looks like Finn Hudson

Tired of living his Macaulay Culkin-meets-Bieber phase, Chord Overstreet (seen here at KIIS Wango Tango) got a new ‘do that channels someone closer to home: McKinley High’s own Finn Hudson. (Or any generic One Tree Hill character.) Wow, Sam, first you start dating Finn’s ex-girlfriend, and now you get his haircut? Can we expect to see a Single White Female episode of Glee in the future?

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'Bridesmaids' features a great drunk performance from Kristen Wiig, but what actor plays boozy best?

“I’m ready to paaaar-tyyyyyyy!” By now you’ve probably seen the hilarious trailer for Bridesmaids and the moment in which “Maid of Dis-honor” Kristen Wiig, in an attempt to calm her nerves on an airplane, gets completely sauced in the process. As far as all-time drunk performances in a comedy go, this one ranks right up there with Dudley Moore in Arthur and Ari Graynor in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

While, unfortunately, you’ll still have to wait one more day to see said scene in the top-notch comedy in theaters, there’s another drunk moment to hold you over until then. Tonight’s episode of Parks and Recreation provides one of the funniest moments of the season — if not, the series — when Tom (Aziz Ansari) gets the gang hammered on his new alcoholic concoction “Snake Juice.” READ FULL STORY

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson: Are they the new Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton?

Admit it: You’re not entirely sure which one starred in The Pacifier. But no shame! It’s easy to confuse Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson — both are beefy, in body and at the box office. Both have starred in action franchises and cuddly family flicks. And both are starring in this weekend’s Fast Five. But how can that happen?! I’m not completely convinced that they’re not the same person. Come on, have we ever seen them in the same room together? Oh wait, we have? Okay, so they might be two entirely different human beings, but if nothing else, Johnson’s sneaky facial hair just proves that he’s bizarro Vin. But let’s see if you can tell them apart based on their career choices. Without cheating, see if you could name which one of the two actors starred in the following movies (Beware: I’ll sic the Scorpion King on anyone tempted to head to IMDb right now… ): READ FULL STORY

Why should Lindsay Lohan play Victoria Gotti? Just look at this picture.

Honestly, this picture should just be Lindsay Lohan’s audition tape for Gotti: Three Generations. After all, there’s a lot riding on the actress nabbing the role of Victoria Gotti in the film, starring John Travolta as John Gotti, Sr.: It could just be Lohan’s first post-rehab (and, let’s face it, post-2006) success. (As mentioned at Tuesday’s press conference for the film, Lohan is currently in talks for the role.)

While it’s hard imagining Lohan as Deep Throat‘s Linda Lovelace (a role she lost) or the late Valley of the Dolls actress Sharon Tate (a role that she’s in talks for), Victoria Gotti actually seems like a good fit for Lohan. READ FULL STORY

Justin Bieber has a female doppelganger (who hasn't learned about his new haircut)


Image Credit: Greetsia Tent/WireImage

Everyone has a celebrity doppelgänger. (According to one of those celebrity face recognition websites I visited one year ago, mine is somehow Alfred Molina. I'd write the site to say that was inaccurate and depressing, but it's hard to type with my
four mechanical arms getting in the way.) But singer Dani Shay has a celebrity long-lost twin. I mean, she has to. Just look at how much she resembles tween sensation Justin Bieber. The (dearly departed) hair, the eyes, the full Bieber lips... A) Am I going to get arrested for writing the last part of that sentence, and B) Have you ever seen such an uncanny likeness? She looks more like Bieber than Bieber's wax figure looks like Bieber! Check Shay out covering "Love the Way You Lie" after the jump, and wonder if this is just Bieber method acting for an upcoming iCarly episode. [Gawker]


Cam Gigandet slowly completing transformation into 'Buffy' vampire Spike

Oh, come now, Twilight vampire Cam Gigandet. Did we time portal back to 1997? (I wish. I need a reason to break out my butterfly clips again.) Or are you auditioning for the Buffy reboot?

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Animatronic Kim Kardashian in 'Super C-U-T-E' Old Navy commercial becomes most prominent menace in blogger's life

I am certain she wants to kill me.

No surrender. We must find the lab that harvested this exquisite robot…and exploit it! Who’s with me? READ FULL STORY

'Water for Elephants' poster convincing me it's actually 'Moulin Rouge'

In my mind, Water for Elephants is really just a sequel to Moulin Rouge. But only because I’m looking at their very similar posters side-by-side. (See an even more similar-looking poster here.) Bright lights! Female Oscar winners! Getting cozy with accented romantics! Also: Water for Elephant‘s poster features (fittingly, of course) an elephant. (“Elephant Love Medley,” guys!) And the tagline: “Life is the most spectacular show on Earth.” (“Spectacular, spectacular,” guys!) All that’s missing is a Narcoleptic Argentinian. Hey, I only speak the truth.

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