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'American Idol': Scotty McCreery covers 'Please Remember Me' for season 11's goodbye song

Reigning American Idol Scotty McCreery never had to suffer an emotional public elimination, but he’s ready to help this year’s contestants through it! He’s recorded season 11’s “goodbye” song, a cover of country ballad “Please Remember Me,” first released by Rodney Crowell in 1995, and made a hit by Tim McGraw in 1999. Watch their videos for the song below. McCreery’s cut will debut on American Idol this Thursday as we watch a montage of the ousted contestant’s time on the show. He’ll perform live on Idol later this season. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: The ballad you're 99.9 percent sure you're the last person to listen to

In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s each confess a ballad we’re 99.9 percent sure we are the last person to have listened to — and see if we’re right. I’ll start, with a quick scroll through my Recently Played list:

Air Supply’s “Chances”: Because I was supposed to see them — for a third time —  on Saturday night but missed the show. I used to have to listen to their entire Greatest Hits 8-track before I would get dressed for elementary school (minus “Sweet Dreams,” because the intro scared me). Everyone knows “Making Love Out of Nothing At All.” But what about this song?
Kenny Rogers’ “I Don’t Need You”: Because it’s a song my late father and I both liked, and it’s my first Valentine’s Day without him.
Conway Twitty’s “(Lost Her Love) On Our Last Date”: Because I’m a sucker for a steel guitar.
O-Town’s “All or Nothing”: I’m choosing this one because I imagine someone else has listened to Backstreet Boys’ “Incomplete” and Hanson’s “I Will Come to You” recently since they’re still together.
Lionel Richie’s “Stuck On You”: Because I’ve been wishing I was in a cabin in Kentucky, and this song came on the radio during my last road trip there, so it makes me feel like I’m on my way.
• Laura Branigan’s “Over You”: I think of it as precursor to Adele’s “Someone Like You.”  READ FULL STORY

Starlets who use Disney movies as pick-me-ups: Why do I find you so fascinating?

Remember last year when Blake Lively admitted, “When I have bad days, I just eat lots of chocolate ice cream and dance to the Lion King soundtrack” to WWD? Well, she has company. Sort of. In the February issue of Los Angeles Confidential, Shailene Woodley, 20-year-old costar of The Descendants, was asked to name the first film that affected her as something more significant than mere entertainment. Her response: “Some movies have made me cry; some movies have made me laugh, but I’ve never thought, Wow — if it weren’t for that movie, I’d be a different person. Except Pocahontas. It’s true! If you listen to the lyrics they actually have incredibly valuable lessons for human beings to learn, and whenever I need a pick-me-up I just watch Pocahontas.”  READ FULL STORY

'Once Upon a Time' I found this 'Lost' candy bar

There have been plenty of Lost crossover hints, thought nuggets, time travel mindf—ery, etc. offered up on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. But the Apollo chocolate bar hanging out near a hatch on last night’s episode really SPOKE TO ME. It’s candy, it’s a hidden gem, and I could have sworn the last Apollo had spent the summer melting in a mail/garbage/Dharma peanut butter landfill in the least-accessible corner of Doc Jensen’s office.

Candy for breakfast, anyone?

Also did anyone else really, really want Des and his lava lamp to be making their own kind of music down in that Storybrooke hatch? And he’d promise to little Henry, “I’ll see you in another life, brutha,” and we’d all piss ourselves trying to predict which nefarious beast or chiseled horseback hero Henry Ian Cusick should portray in the show’s alternate universe, Fairy Tale? He has to be down there somewhere.

Come on, Desmond, press the button. EXECUTE my fantasy!

Read more: ‘Once Upon a Time’ recap: Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

Oak Ridge Boys celebrate 30th anniversary of 'Elvira': 'It was the kind of song that everybody was singing'

My earliest memory is when I was six-years-old, standing beside my nine-year-old sister in the kitchen of my grandparents’ farmhouse, both of us holding brooms and singing the Oak Ridge Boys’ hit “Elvira” into the handles. I know I’m not alone. Most of my friends now in their mid-to-late thirties have a similar memory of belting out Joe Bonsall’s boozy verses and imitating bass Richard Sterban’s infamous “Giddy up, oom papa oom papa mow mow” chorus. The song went viral — or “Elviral,” as one of Bonsall’s friends says — in 1981, at a time when there was no Twitter, no Facebook, no YouTube. There was just country radio, and then pop radio, which helped it sell well over 2 million 45s.

For nine straight months, “It was the kind of song that everybody was singing,” Bonsall says 30 years later. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol' boosts Aerosmith's sales. Okay, what have you bought?

AerosmithImage Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.comSales of Aerosmith’s 1994 compilation Big Ones have gone up 260 percent since Steven Tyler made his debut as an American Idol judge last month. The Hollywood Reporter says the band’s other greatest hits collections have seen rises of 137 to 147 percent. There’s also been a spike in downloads of singles such as “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” and “Dream On.”  READ FULL STORY

Happy 70th birthday, Neil Diamond!

Neil-DiamondImage Credit: Theo Wargo/WireImage.comNeil Diamond turns 70 today, and even though the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee seems to have deserted us on Twitter — his last tweet was on New Year’s Eve and linked to funny animal voiceovers — we’re still going to celebrate him. We can’t write “Happy Birthday Neil Diamond!” in the sky like someone did Sunday over the Bel-Air hills, but perhaps we can take a moment to each write a sentence describing our love for the man. I’ll give you a few ideas:

• My key chain is a silver guitar with the words “Neil Diamond World Tour 2008″ on it.
• My favorite mug says “Diamond Girl,” and it’s from 2001.
• I had this semi-hideous floral/lace/sequin shirt I only felt comfortable wearing once — to a Neil Diamond concert.
• After multiple karaoke attempts, I’ve had to accept that “I Am… I Said” is not in my vocal range. READ FULL STORY

What made your best of 2010 list? (That isn't from 2010.)

DrWho2Image Credit: BBCWhen it comes to feasting on pop culture, one can only eat so much. Choices must be made. Some offerings must be ignored, for the sake of sleep and sanity. I spent years yammering to friends about The Wire, and now Mad Men, but the hold-outs just nod politely and wait for the conversation to circle back to Breaking Bad. And this is probably the worst thing for an Entertainment Weekly writer to admit but I’ve never seen an episode of  Lost. (Forgive me, Doc!) At a certain point in a TV show’s or band’s or book’s arc of popularity, those on the outside resign themselves to willful ignorance.

But what a joy it can sometimes be to come late to the party. You know that feeling when you’re talking to a friend and she announces that she’s going to watch, say, the movie You Can Count on Me for the first time? Or that they just stumbled upon the band Mumford & Sons? It’s that tingly feeling of that’s part proprietary and part envious that someone gets to experience that first thrilling slap of discovery.


'Top Chef All-Stars': Hidden Truffles of Episode 3!

Many thanks to the few, the proud, the Top Chef recap-readers who nominated Hidden Truffles this week! After the jump, Anthony Bourdain gets caught removing his eyeglasses (stars: they’re just like us!), a bat torments Tom Colicchio, pedestrians blur into obscurity as PopWatch blogger Padma Lakshmi hails a cab, and more! I’m like a pig in dirt, now more than ever. READ FULL STORY

'Auction Hunters': Finally, a show about storage units

Auction-HuntersImage Credit: SPIKEWe knew it was coming! The Hidden Gem hunter in me is digging the trailer for SPIKE’s Auction Hunters (premiering Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 10 p.m. ET). It’s just two dudes — Allen and Ton (guess which one is Ton) — rummaging through people’s storage units, mining for gems. “There could be buried treasure in any one of these,” promises Ton. My favorite is the green, glowing, radioactive … jar? But I’m a lady. For the more SPIKE-y demographic, there are a lot of guns! And money! Remember when Paris Hilton’s storage unit got auctioned off and they found Valtrex? This is like that, but without the herpes. OR SO WE THINK. (Trailer will auto-play after the break….) READ FULL STORY

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