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'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest': The 5 best moments

“Seacrest, the show must go on.”
-Ryan Seacrest, minutes before midnight in New York, recounting the classic showbiz-ism that Dick Clark used to say to him

To usher in 2013, Ryan Seacrest took the helm on ABC’s New Year’s Eve broadcast. Seacrest was the pre-determined heir, having hosted alongside Clark since 2005. While this was the first New Year’s Rockin’ Eve without Clark, who died in April, the longtime host was everywhere – even in the confetti (seriously, people wrote tributes to Clark that were printed on pieces of the confetti that was dumped on Times Square). Other things happened, sure. Jenny McCarthy lost her voice around 10:15pm. Fergie’s hair transitioned from Veronica Lake to Bamm-Bamm as the evening went on. Seacrest almost got pummeled with the balloons everyone was holding. Carly Rae Jepsen performed in Times Square. Justin Bieber performed in Los Angeles. MC Hammer even showed up out of nowhere. But there was no question: the evening belonged to Dick Clark.

And for that reason, many of the best parts of the broadcast were in the two-hour tribute to Dick Clark, when Jenny McCarthy and Fergie hosted a countdown of the top 30 moments in American Bandstand history, interspersed with live performances, celebrity tributes, and great moments from Rockin’ Eve history.


PopWatch Planner: A Dick Clark tribute, 'Downton Abbey' returns and more

This week, we’ll ring in the new year and three shows will have their third season premieres — including the highly anticipated Downton Abbey. Find out what else is on our PopWatch planner below!


Carson Daly blogs 'The Voice' live shows, week 4: Smooth sailing

The coaches really got it right this time. There was so much shock and awe last week — so much controversy over Jesse Campbell going home as well as RaeLynn and Jordis — that people may have been thinking, What’s going on? But it felt like there weren’t any surprises last night, which is a good thing for the show and has a stabling effect.

In regards to the beginning of the show, with Cee Lo and Christina and everyone laughing… all I can say is that it’s live TV, and it’s unexpected! The coaches all had the giggles, and I tried not to be sucked into that, but you have to just go with it, try to get beyond the moment, and wrangle those coaches in. We all can have a laugh for a second, but you can’t live in that moment, and the difficult part is pulling those coaches out, especially when they’re that giggly.

That aside, I’m proud to be captain of the ship, I really am. I’m so proud of the show, and last night reaffirmed how willingly I would take this show into a street fight with other singing competition shows. We’ve weathered some storms in the past, but I’m proud of our performances, of our level of talent, of our staging — it looked like awards-show caliber, and I am so impressed at what we do in two hours live. It’s just remarkable.


Shirley MacLaine kicks Dick Clark's dogs when they're down

Oh, Ouiser! Recall the movie Steel Magnolias, in which Shirley MacLaine’s shrew of a neighbor waged war against Tom Skerritt’s Drum Eatenton because his party’s firecracker prep was terrifying her anxious dog? Well, let’s just say MacLaine could relate to her character extremely well.

At the premiere of her new film, Bernie, in which she plays a doomed wealthy widow, the Oscar winner was asked about the recent passing of Dick Clark. “Well, now I can walk past his house in Malibu and his dogs won’t attack mine,” she said, as co-star Jack Black winced. “That’s one good thing.” Watch below:


'American Idol': Ryan Seacrest pays tribute to Dick Clark on Wednesday's live show

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest didn’t bound onstage with his usual zest tonight, and took a moment at the beginning of the live performance show to acknowledge the passing of “a television pioneer and a good friend of mine, Dick Clark.”

“Without Dick, a show like this would not exist,” Seacrest said. “He will be missed greatly. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.”

Seacrest then paused, sighed, and tapped his watch impatiently. “I know that he’s in a better place, and he’s saying ‘Hey, let’s get on with the show, okay?” He paused.

“You got it, boss.”

‘American Idol’: Rank Top 7 on ‘Now and Then’ night!

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Carson Daly on Dick Clark: ‘An icon’ lost

A Dick Clark video remembrance from 'American Bandstand' to 'New Year's Rockin' Eve'

As we say goodbye to the host extraordinaire, we thought it fitting to look back on Dick Clark’s life the way we knew him best: on camera. READ FULL STORY

Carson Daly on Dick Clark: ‘We lost an icon today’

For a time, host and radio personality Carson Daly was touted as the next Dick Clark – an impressive comparison, and certainly one grounded in the fact that Daly’s long-running MTV record-request show Total Request Live was modeled closely after Clark’s American Bandstand.

And although New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly competed against Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve for nine years, Clark was both a mentor and friend to Daly. In response to Clark’s passing today at the age of 82, Daly released a statement to EW, in remembrance of the broadcasting legend.

Read the full statement below.

“We lost an icon today. I will always cherish the personal time we had together. I am forever indebted to Dick Clark and his legacy. My heart goes out to his family.”

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Ryan Seacrest, Mario Lopez, and other celebs tweet tributes to the late Dick Clark

Dick Clark died today of a heart attack, but the 82-year-old left a mark on the world of television and pop-culture that will never be forgotten. Millions of Americans of multiple generations grew up watching him on TV, in iconic programming such as American Bandstand, game shows, TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes, and, of course, his New Year’s Eve show. Not surprisingly, the Twitterverse is alive with tributes from those who knew and admired him. We’ve featured a few of the tweets below, and you can check out all of the tributes from Clark’s famous friends on our Storify feed below.

“I am deeply saddened by the loss of my dear friend Dick Clark. He has truly been one of the greatest influences in my life.” — Ryan Seacrest

“Very sad to hear about Dick Clark. What a great life. What a great career. Relevant until the end. He will be missed!” — Joan Rivers

“Dick Clark was eternally young. No matter what culturally phenomenon was happening, he always embraced it. RIP…” — Russell Simmons

“Just heard the news of Dick Clark… It was truly an honor to have worked with him, learn from him and to be able to call him a friend. He was a great man and an even better friend. The word legend is thrown around a lot, but it’s never more appropriate than when used in describing Mr. Clark. He was a real inspiration & influence in my life. I will dearly miss my friend… Rest well DC….” — Mario Lopez

“Back in the 1960’s the pop culture catch-phrase was “Never trust anyone over 30″. Dick Clark was trustworthy all…” — Heart


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