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David Hasselhoff auctions off 'Baywatch' pinball machine, model of himself

Have you always dreamed of riding a Knight Rider-inspired golf cart, or wasting the night away playing with a Baywatch pinball machine? If so, you’re in luck: David Hasselhoff is selling these items and more in an absurdly weird auction beginning April 11.


Video of David Hasselhoff 'singing' Fresh Prince theme song is everything you want it to be -- VIDEO

“David Hasselhoff singing the Fresh Prince theme song” is a phrase Hump Day dreams were made of.

Vimeo user Matthijs_Vlot has taken the tried-and-true method of YouTuber Baracksdubs and created a video that has the former Baywatch star talking his way through every word of Will Smith’s iconic rap. The cut-together clips feature all of Hasselhoff’s iconic roles, meaning — for the few of you out there that this applies to — your Knight Rider/Fresh Prince cross-over fanfiction just got a go-to visual.

The best part? The video is called Rip-Hoff pt. 1, people. Check it out below, and start crossing your fingers pt. 2 features The Golden Girls.

Throwback Thursday: Remember when David Hasselhoff could fly? -- VIDEO

David Hasselhoff has been many things: A lifeguard, a dude with a really cool talking car, a music star (in Germany), a cheeseburger-lover, and even a highly desired cardboard cutout. But what is it about this man that makes him so popular? Well, we found one video that sums just about everything up.

You see, back when music videos weren’t as fancy as they are today, people were forced to get a little creative. For some, that meant intricate dance routines and outrageous outfits. For Hasselhoff, it meant the chance to fly and clone himself.  We have no idea what his inspiration was for his “Hooked On A Feeling” video, and we don’t care. We’re just so happy it happened.

Check out the music video for “Hooked On A Feeling” below: READ FULL STORY

David Hasselhoff peddles iced 'hoffee' (and channels David Brent?)


David Hasselhoff has a new music video that you’ll want to watch below. The song, “Thirsty for Love,” is an ad for the New England-based convenience store chain Cumberland Farms, which also used the Hoff in a campaign last summer, and its iced coffee. (Make that “Iced Hoffee,” as Ad Age notes.) Is it just us, or does the Hoff’s wardrobe look familiar?


The 4 most ridiculous quotes from David Hasselhoff's latest interview

This story isn’t as random as it may appear. David Hasselhoff does actually have something to promote — a Lifetime Christmas movie opposite Caroline Rhea (Aunt Hilda!) that airs this Saturday — which is why the Associated Press recently interviewed him. But peg or no peg, I welcome any time The Hoff gets a chance to talk about The Hoff, because it leads to gems like these — which I’ve ranked in order of ridiculosity.

4. On his dream TV project: “I’d love to bring back, more than anything, [something] kind of like Murder, She Wrote.”

3. On the characters that appeal to him: “[A] little tongue-and-cheek like Cary Grant, and [I’d like to] play my age but still know that secretly [the character] is livin’ hard, livin’ fast and lovin’ it, because that’s kind of where I’m at in my life.”


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