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David Blaine is neither real nor magic

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It just seems very obvious to me that David Blaine is some sort of wizard or alien, sent here from an entirely different realm to infatuate us with magic so as to slow down the process of science. READ FULL STORY

Breaking Bad-gic: David Blaine pulls a card trick on Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul -- VIDEO

The One Who Knocks and his protege cooked blue magic on-screen, but when it came to real magic, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul got stumped.

Magician/real-life wizard David Blaine posted a video from his upcoming 90-minute special David Blaine: Real or Magic, in which he pulls a card trick on Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

Blaine first asks Paul to shuffle a deck — “Come on, Aaron, with a good shuffle, you can do it,” Cranston says, encouraging Paul in a way that’s eerily similar to what his drug kingpin counterpart once did — and Paul obeys, shuffling and turning the cards face down to spread them across the table. READ FULL STORY

David Blaine gets electrified, but where are the sparks?

Image credit: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

Less than seven hours remain until the completion of magician David Blaine’s most electrifying feat.

Blaine has been balancing on a tiny, elevated platform surrounded by one million volts of electricity for the last three days. (This is the longest the illusionist has ever stayed awake during a stunt.) Power is generated by the public who use Ultrabook devices to control the direction and intensity of the light and sound emitted by Tesla coils.

With the exception of a few shocking moments of beauty and awe where Blaine was surrounded by a cloud of blue streaks of electricity, his stunt has yet to deliver any great wows. “Electrified” seems like more of a glorified corporate sponsorship with Ultrabook than a Blaine-worthy feat. READ FULL STORY

David Blaine to go electric -- Look back on his most memorable stunts

David Blaine has announced his next stunt and this one’s literally shocking.

The illusionist held a press conference on Tuesday to describe the challenge, which is called “Electrified: One Million Volts Always On.” Starting on Friday, Blaine will spend three days and three nights conducting a million volts of current channeled by Tesla coils in a stunt worthy of Jason Statham’s Crank character. (Hey studios, I’m thinking Crank 3: Tesla Ignition.) The illusion will take place on New York’s Pier 54, where spectators will be allowed to participate by writing messages to Blaine, manipulating the current around him and generally helping him stay awake. Here’s hoping David Bowie puts in an appearance.

“I don’t know how I could ever top this,” Blaine said. “This is an overly-ambitious idea, and I’m literally shocked that it came together. This is one of the craziest things that I ever dreamed up, and I don’t know how I could go beyond it.”

In honor of Friday’s stunt, we’ve put together a list of his most memorable feats thus far. Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

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