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Dave Chappelle wants to play an Olivia Pope love interest on 'Scandal'

Comedian Dave Chappelle disappeared for a little while, but now he’s back—and he wants to make up for his absence by being on all your favorite shows.

“For one year, I want to do this thing where I guest-star on as many television shows as I possibly can,” Chappelle told GQ in its December issue. “I’d be a zombie in The Walking Dead. A corpse on CSI. I’d be the first black guy to f–k Olivia Pope on Scandal.” (For the record, Olivia Pope’s boyfriend season-two boyfriend, Edison Davis, was black.)

Dave Chappelle claims he's just 'seven years late for work' on 'Chappelle's Show'

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just decided to stop showing up to work? Dave Chappelle has. And in 2005, he did — walking away from his hit Comedy Central series Chappelle’s Show midway through its third season.

The reclusive comedian explained his reasoning in an interview with David Letterman on Late Night Tuesday. “Technically, I never quit. I’m seven years late for work,” he joked. Work briefly continued in his absence, however, as the network aired three episodes from the show’s incomplete third season in 2006 before calling it quits.


Dave Chappelle responds to last week's hecklers, vows to 'never' return to Hartford

Dave Chappelle really doesn’t like Hartford, Connecticut.

The comedian — back for a handful of gigs after exiting his wildly popular Comedy Central show more than seven years ago — refused to put up with an unruly crowd in the New England town last week, walking offstage when the hecklers wouldn’t calm down. Well, he was back onstage Tuesday night in Chicago, and he had a lot to say about the ill-fated gig, starting out by telling the crowd: “You’re so much better than Hartford!”

“I will never go back,” he vowed in a four-minute audio clip uploaded to YouTube. “I won’t even go to Hartford for f—ing gas.”

He took his distaste for Hartford even further, joking, “I don’t want anything bad to happen to the United States, but if North Korea drops a nuclear bomb on this country, I swear to God, I hope it lands in Hartford, Connecticut. That crowd was evil. An arena full of suburban torturers. A room full of white alcoholics.

“I wanted to pull a reverse Kramer and call them all crackers,” he said, referring to Michael Richards’ infamous, N-word-spouting rant back in 2006.

The Chicago crowd clearly enjoyed the Hartford-hating bit — of course, they know what would have happened if they didn’t like it. Check out the NSFW audio below:

Dave Chappelle walks off stage after being heckled -- VIDEO

After eight largely Chappelle-free years, you’d think comedy fans would be eager to hear what the guy had to say in his new standup routine. By EW’s own account, spectators in Austin certainly were: When Dave Chappelle first took the stage at Funny or Die’s Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival, those present gave the comic a standing ovation before he even began his set.

Alas, that was Texas — and this is Connecticut. Last night in Hartford, a noisy, unruly crowd prompted Chappelle to pause his set, ultimately walking off stage to a chorus of boos.

“All right, you guys,” Chappelle said shortly before exiting stage left. “I like some of you, I hate some of you. I forgive some of you, but I don’t forgive all of you.” The shouts got louder. “You guys have totally ruined my chances of running for Congress or something,” Chappelle continued. The noise swelled. Then, with a simple “thank you” and “good night,” Chappelle made his way off stage, to the strains of Kanye West’s “New Slaves.” Watch it all in the video below.


The Welcome Return of Dave Chappelle: On the scene at Funny or Die's Oddball Fest

Just after 10pm last night in Austin, TX., the image of Dave Chappelle, with an American Spirit hanging from his lips, appeared behind a white scrim. When the curtain rose the crowd at the COTA amphitheater gave the man they were so happy to see back on stage where he belongs a standing ovation. After some eight years out of the spotlight, popping up every now and then across the country for a club performance, Chappelle is headlining the 15-city Funny of Die Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Tour. “Hey little fella,” Chappelle said to a 12-year-old he was shocked to see in the front row. “Thanks for taking a break from jerking off and joining the rest of us.”

“I have terrible news for the audience,” he said by way of an opener. “I don’t have any material.” A besotted woman towards the front shouted “I still accept you!” The crowd cheered. We were just glad to have him back after Chappelle abruptly bolted from his Comedy Central show and a $50 million dollar paycheck in 2005, igniting rumors of drugs and crazy town. Last night the audience made sure his homecoming was sweet. READ FULL STORY

Dave Chappelle and Flight of the Conchords to headline Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival

If you’ve been waiting to see Dave Chappelle perform live, you’re in luck! Dave Chappelle and Flight of the Conchords’ Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement will headline The Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival, presented by Funny or Die. The tour, which promises “to destroy your funny bone this summer,” kicks off August 23 in Austin, Texas. For a complete list of dates and cities go to the Oddball website here. Tickets go on sale  Friday, June 21. READ FULL STORY

Is Dave Chappelle going on tour with Chris Rock?

It’s been almost eight years since Dave Chappelle walked away from the third season of Chappelle’s Show. Since then, the funnyman has earned a reputation for being a bit of a recluse, living out of the spotlight in Ohio. Although “reclusive” might be a strong word: Chappelle does occasional comedy shows, usually unpublicized, and even gives interviews when the mood strikes him. It’s probably more accurate to compare Chappelle to Bill Murray, another next-level comedy guy whose life appears to be one big “Do What You Feel” festival. READ FULL STORY

Charlie Sheen says David Chappelle is the reason he got fired from 'Men'

As we await the premiere of Charlie Sheen’s new FX show Anger Management, his new Playboy interview will keep us entertained. The best part of writer Eric Spitznagel’s Q&A, in which the actor dissects his public meltdown at length, is arguably the part where Sheen explains why he really ended up in the hospital the January before he was fired from Two and a Half Men. It wasn’t after he’d spent days partying and doing drugs, as tabloids reported and his employers allegedly believed — it was because he laughed too hard at a Dave Chappelle sketch.

SHEEN: Remember that scene where he’s a blind white supremacist who doesn’t know he’s black? Have you seen it? It’s the funniest thing in the world. He becomes a Klansman, and he’s railing against black people. It’s insanely brilliant.

PLAYBOY: We’re familiar with it. “If anyone’s gonna have sex with my sister, it’s going to be me.”

SHEEN: Right. It’s f—ing hilarious. I’d never seen it, and I laughed myself into a hernia. That is 100 percent true.

PLAYBOY: So forget Chuck Lorre, forget Warner Bros. and CBS. It’s Dave ­Chappelle’s fault that you got fired?

SHEEN: It’s his fault. There you go. Dave Chappelle cost me my job.

Watch the sketch below. It’s possible? READ FULL STORY

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