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'SNL Weekend Update' Thursdays. What do you want to see tonight? -- VIDEO

Now in primetime…it’s Saturday Night Live!

Tonight, the first of NBC’s two “Weekend Update” Thursday specials airs. Anchor Seth Meyers and other SNL favorites will go head-to-head with Stewart/Colbert and the other late-night comedians for immediate, timely jokes. The sketch show couldn’t have picked a better time to launch its special, given Mitt Romney’s now-infamous “47 percent” comments, Clint Eastwood’s new habit of chatting with an empty chair, the Innocence of Muslims movie, and recent Tim Kaine comments.

NBC released a video asking Meyers what to expect tonight. He teased that Bill Hader and Bobby Moynihan will definitely show up and that there will be a cold open much like regular SNL episodes. Celebrity guest stars seem likely — in one 2008 episode, Bill Murray memorably showed up. One can only hope that after Bill Clinton’s well-received DNC speech, Darrell Hammond’s Clinton may be resurrected.

Watch an interview with Meyers below: READ FULL STORY

Jay Pharaoh's 'SNL' Obama: Is he the Darrell Hammond to Fred Armisen's Phil Hartman?

When one cast member inherits a political impression from another cast member on Saturday Night Live, it’s usually because the first comedian has left the show. Will Ferrell exited SNL long before George W. Bush’s presidency ended, leaving the role to Chris Parnell and Will Forte. Hillary Clinton impersonator Ana Gasteyer left in 2002, allowing Amy Poehler to put her own spin on the character. And in the ’80s, SNL‘s instability meant everyone from Harry Shearer to Charles Rocket to Joe Piscopo got a chance to do a Reagan impression — even if none of them reached iconic status.

So it’s a little unusual that Jay Pharaoh will reportedly start playing Barack Obama on the show this fall — even though SNL‘s old Obama, Fred Armisen, is still a member of the cast. For many viewers, this transition is long overdue; it seemed ludicrous to keep Pharaoh, a skilled mimic, sidelined while the half-Venezuelan Armisen continued to play the African-American president. (Sure, Obama’s biracial as well — but he strongly identifies as an African-American, and Venezuela isn’t exactly Kenya.) Even so, Armisen’s Obama does have his fans — and since he’s been playing the part since 2007, Armisen is also the only Obama SNL viewers have ever known.

But Pharaoh can take heart by looking back to the early ’90s, where there’s some precedent for the Obama Affair.  READ FULL STORY

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