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'Downton Abbey': Will the lords and ladies become movie stars?

Tonight, as the plush velvet curtain draws to a close on the latest season of Downton Abbey, it’s worth taking a look ahead to what comes next for the Crawley clan. I’m not talking about whether Lady Mary will finally give the green light to one of her tweedy, stammering suitors. Or if Edith will be able to keep her secret, scarlet-letter shame under wraps in Switzerland amongst all the chocolate shops and cuckoo clocks. Or if the increasingly dim and blowhard-y Earl of Grantham will gamble away his wife’s fortune at the card table. I mean what comes next career-wise for the stars of the show.

It’s a question that’s particularly timely since we’re all currently being pummeled by trailers for Non-Stop showing Lady Mary herself (Michelle Dockery) dressed as a flight attendant watching Liam Neeson crack skulls at 30,000 feet.


Dan Stevens says he apologizes on the street to 'Downton Abbey' fans -- VIDEO

After a bad breakup, it’s often best not to see the other person for awhile. It can be hard when they are moving on with a new girlfriend (or the movie Summer in February), and you’re still pining after them via re-watching old Downton Abbey episodes.

It’s best to take a break, which is likely what most fans did with Dan Stevens after his character Cousin Matthew (SPOILER ALERT!) broke our collective hearts and up and died in an automobile accident at the end of the last season of Downton. 2013 was spent mostly Stevens-free, but it’s a new year, which means tensions have thawed and now you might be ready to hear what he has to say.

And what he has to say, by way of the Today show Thursday morning, is that he’s sorry he hurt you. He never meant to! “I spend a lot of my time apologizing,” Stevens said about his interactions with people on the street. “[It happens] almost every day.”

“It was a tough decision,” Stevens continued of his choice to depart. “But like a lot of tough decisions, they’re kind of exciting to make at the same time. But I’m thrilled to be here and it’s been quite a year since we left.”

Hear that? It’s the “I hope we can still be friends” speech. Watch the interview below:

'Downton Abbey': Missing Mary and Matthew? Watch actors together in old TV movie -- VIDEO


Missing Matthew on last night’s Downton Abbey premiere?

The fourth season of the British drama premiered in the U.S. last night, and while the show was touting a fresh start (read EW’s recap), I’m sure I’m not the only one who was enjoying the new drama as well as really longing for a few of my now-gone fictional faves.

With that said, here’s a little Internet present for you all. It’s not the joyful post-baby Mary/Matthew reunion of your dreams (that’s what fanfiction is for), but fans can get a little fix of the actors together watching this old British television movie of The Turn of the Screw, starring Michelle Dockery as the young governess, and a brunette Dan Stevens as her psychiatrist.

Set in London in 1921 (Sound familiar?), the film was released pre-Downton, but the duo’s chemistry is already fully on display, even if this time around their characters aren’t romantically involved. He tries to help her! There are issues with her father! If you squint really hard you can convince yourself it’s one Very Special Episode of Downton. Okay, not really, but much of the story does take place at a large estate, so take what you can get.

Fair warning: For those who aren’t familiar with the Henry James tale, it’s quite a bit scarier than your average episode of Downton (proper dinner attire has nothing on possessed kids). The whole movie is a pretty entertaining way to avoid going outside in the freezing weather, but if you just want a few quick Dockery/Stevens scenes check out the first 10 minutes, 50:30, and 60:05.

Watch below: READ FULL STORY

Dan Stevens apologizes for his 'Downton Abbey' ending

It’s been nearly six months since Matthew Crawley met his untimely end on the season finale of Downton Abbey, and because people don’t seem to be getting over it anytime soon (WHYYYYYYY?), actor Dan Stevens is doing a bit of better-late-than-never damage control.

“I am sorry about that!” Stevens told Radio Times magazine in excerpts posted online. “I think what emerged is that it’s an unwritten rule that you’re not supposed to die on British television on Christmas Day, and that, specifically, was not my doing. … I didn’t have any say in the manner in which he went. Ultimately, it was in the hands of Julian [Fellowes] and the producers.”

What is being left unsaid, of course, is that the only reason Fellowes and Co. had to write him off at all was because Stevens decided to leave the show — but at least his death means that fans will only have good memories of Mary and Matthew, as opposed to breaking them up to write Matthew off the show. “It was right that he didn’t run off and have an affair with somebody,” Stevens said. “I don’t think that would have been right for Matthew as a character.” READ FULL STORY

Broadway box office: Scarlett Johansson sells tickets -- but Jessica Chastain has star power, too, post-Globes

January is typically a slow period on Broadway, given the seasonal dip in post-holiday tourism, but shows headlined by Hollywood starlets are bucking the trend this year. In its first full week since its Jan. 17 opening, the Scarlett Johansson-led revival Cat on a Hot Tin Roof clawed in $886,531 for the week ending Jan. 27, according to the Broadway League. That’s a modest 5 percent dip from the show’s premiere week and represents a strong 67 percent of the potential gross for the Richard Rodgers Theatre. Since reviews for Rob Ashford’s production were generally mixed, the popularity of the 28-year-old Avengers star (and improbable doppelganger for a young Christopher Walken) will be a big factor in the revival’s fortunes during its limited run through March 30.

Meanwhile, the recent Golden Globe win for Zero Dark Thirty star Jessica Chastain has proven to be a sudden box office bonanza for the actress’ Broadway debut, The HeiressThe drama revival, which opened last November and will end its limited run Feb. 9, grossed $604,765 last week, a nearly 36 percent jump from its total two weeks ago and two-thirds of the potential haul for the venue. (Of course, it probably doesn’t hurt that her costar Dan Stevens is back in the public eye with the return of Downton Abbey on PBS.) READ FULL STORY

How to watch 'Downton' when you know what's going down?

Nick Briggs/PBS

Unless you’ve been in jail with Bates for the past couple of months, you know by now Dan Stevens is not returning to Downton Abbey for a fourth season. If you have been in jail with Bates, well, first of all, good on you, and second all, stop reading because you won’t want to know any more. Those of us with access to any news from any corner of the world have probably read the reasons (“From a personal point of view, I wanted a chance to do other things,” Stevens announced in a statement. “It is a very monopolising job. So there is a strange sense of liberation at the same time as great sadness because I am very, very fond of the show and always will be.”) And heard from Downton creator Julian Fellowes on the fact as well. (“We have always tried to persuade him to stay,” Fellowes told the Daily Telegraph, while also sharing more you shouldn’t read if you don’t like spoilers.  ”He had done fantastically well for the series and his creation of Matthew was terrific. But this is life. Dan felt that this was right thing for him, and the right moment to move on to different areas.”)


'Downton Abbey' star Dan Stevens crowned Britain's best-dressed man by GQ

British GQ has released its annual list of Best Dressed Men in Britain 2013 and the most dapper man of this new year is (drumroll please)… Downton Abbey‘s Dan Stevens. Yes, he of the aquamarine eyes and swoon-worthy sideburns has beat out favorites like David Beckham and Prince William to land at the top of the list.

While we certainly have no qualms with Matthew Crawley being named top dog (he sure looks good in uniform, doesn’t he?), the list — comprising 50 people in all — did contain a number of surprises and, well, outright misfires. Take a look at GQ’s full gallery here, then see if you agree with our objections (and additions) below!

Should 'Downton Abbey' air in the U.S. at the same time as the U.K. broadcast? -- POLL

News of Dan Stevens’ departure from Downton Abbey hit the States 12 days before season 3 of the series hits our airwaves. And while many American news outlets, EW included, stayed away from saying exactly how Stevens exits the show, simply knowing that Matthew won’t return for the fourth season is a enough of a spoiler.


Would you watch 'Downton Abbey' without Matthew Crawley? POLL

Fans on both sides of the pond were overjoyed this weekend with the news that Downton Abbey was renewed for a fourth season on U.K. channel ITV (the third season, save for a Christmas special, just finished airing there, and will air in the U.S. on PBS starting Jan. 6.)

This should be news that makes us jump for joy – or at least show a properly restrained smile during a formal dinner — but I can’t help but be concerned. Dan Stevens, who plays Matthew Crawley, has yet to sign on to return. A report in The U.K.’s Daily Mail says that he’ll exit after the first episode next season to focus on other projects.

If true, this is, to quote the Dowager Countess, a ridiculous idea. I love Downton Abbey, but I mostly love Mary and Matthew. Would Friends be Friends without Ross and Rachel? Can you imagine The Office without Steve Carell? (Well, that actually happened — and that’s the problem.) A show that doesn’t continue to give me moments like when Matthew proposed to Mary in the falling snow is not one I’m interested in watching, despite my love for everyone else in the house. I think the Mary/Matthew dynamic is too big a part of the show to overcome if one of them were to leave. No offense to Laura Carmichael, but I have no desire to watch a show all about Edith. READ FULL STORY

Broadway box office: Jessica Chastain and 'Downton' star Dan Stevens lure fans to 'The Heiress'

Judging by the crowds snapping photos of themselves with giant cast posters outside the Walter Kerr Theatre, the biggest draw to the acclaimed new Broadway revival of The Heiress isn’t Oscar-nominated movie star Jessica Chastain but her British costar Dan Stevens, a.k.a. Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey. The high-powered duo (pictured above with costar David Strathairn, center) certainly seem to be luring fans to the Great White Way. In its first full week of performances since its Nov. 1 opening, their period drama earned an impressive $583,852 for the week ending Nov. 11, according to figures from The Broadway League. That’s 68 percent of the venue’s potential gross, a particularly strong figure for a straight play.

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