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Donald Glover lays all his insecurities bare, talks leaving 'Community' on Instagram

Hoo boy. Community‘s Donald Glover is really going through something, you guys.

About 19 hours ago, the writer-actor-comedian-rapper — still best known for playing Troy Barnes on NBC’s meta-sitcom — began posting a series of angsty, introspective messages on Instagram. The notes, handwritten on a Marriott Residence Inn pad (tagline: ‘Ideas Worth Saving”), chronicle a host of Glover’s insecurities, some serious (“I’m afraid of the future”), some that seem to be tongue-in-cheek (“I’m afraid that this will feel pretentious”), and some about Tyrese (“I’m scared I’ll be Tyrese”).

Glover followed his catalog of fears with another series of notes that address his upcoming exit from Community – Glover will reportedly appear in just five of the show’s upcoming 13 episodes — as well as his frustration with his record label, Glassnote. Apparently, Glover is hoping to release his next Childish Gambino album in December — but according to him, Glassnote has rejected that idea “’cause it’s not a holiday record and I’m not a big artist.”


New York Comic-Con preview: 'The Walking Dead,' 'SHIELD,' 'Oldboy,' and more

New York Comic-Con looks set to have its biggest year yet, with a slate heavy on popular TV shows and celebrity appearances. Based in Manhattan’s Javits Center, NYCC has grown in importance over the last few years. Although it can’t compete with the San Diego Comic-Con for pure breadth of buzz, NYCC has developed its own distinctive personality in the last few years. (It’s also gotten a big boost from a certain mega-popular zombie show whose Halloween-season start dates match up perfectly with NYCC’s early-October berth.) If you’re going to NYCC, here are the hot-ticket events; if you’re just playing along at home, consider this a possible sneak peek at the next few days of Twitter trending topics. (Note: You can watch some of the cultier/non-Walking Dead events on the NYCC live stream.)

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Saturday, 5:00 PM): The only announced speaker at the panel for ABC’s hit Avengers spinoff is Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb, but this is Marvel, so expect at least one surprise. Since the panel runs an hour and fifteen minutes, that “surprise” might be a full episode of S.H.I.E.L.D. If questioned, expect Loeb to no-comment confirm the possibility of an Agent Carter series. READ FULL STORY

Joel McHale on Dan Harmon's return to 'Community' and his role in Klondike fever -- VIDEO


With all the news surrounding Community lately, what with the reinstatement of Dan Harmon, Harmon’s podcast comments, and Harmon’s subsequent apology for his podcast comments, there’s a lot of intrigue surrounding the upcoming fifth season. Still, when we talked to Joel McHale yesterday, while he was promoting his new Klondike Celebrity Challenge, he seemed incredibly excited and ready to get back to work.

“With Dan Harmon back, it is really the sky’s the limit,” said McHale. “I don’t know what to expect. I mean, I know what to expect with Dan in that I know the scripts are gonna be dynamite and they will be absolutely unique and original, but I really don’t know what they have come up with.”

McHale said he “trusts Dan’s creativity implicitly,” and joked that the gang should start the new season on a space-station and then have to explain how all the characters got there.

And what about Harmon’s recent comments about his unpleasant experience of watching season 4? READ FULL STORY

Dan Harmon apologizes for trashing 'Community' season 4: 'I was not thinking about anyone but myself'

And thus another Harmontroversy draws to a close — at least, until the Community creator ruffles another set of feathers. (In other words: Watch this space.)

In a lengthy post that appeared on his personal Tumblr about five hours ago, Dan Harmon apologized profusely for badmouthing Community‘s fourth season during the most recent edition of his “Harmontown” podcast. The brutally, suicidally honest writer was recorded comparing the experience of watching those 13 episodes to “flipping through Instagram just watching your girlfriend blow everyone” and “being held down and watching your family get raped on a beach.”

The general gist of Harmon’s apologia: He spoke without considering anyone’s feelings but his own. “After five seconds of thinking, I realized, as usual, that other people might be hurt, and that I really need to do this whole ‘saying things and thinking about other people’ cycle in a different order at some point,” Harmon admitted. “I was very much not thinking about anyone but myself while watching that season, which was the crime […] I was just indulging my petty feelings about being left out. It seemed kind of funny at the time because it seemed at the time like I was the only person with feelings.”


Dan Harmon compares watching season 4 of 'Community' to... some terrible stuff

Only one thing could get Dan Harmon to watch the fourth season of Community, the NBC sitcom that was so cruelly ripped away from him last spring: being reinstated as his creation’s executive producer.

And now that he has watched it… hoo boy.

Harmon spilled his thoughts during the most recent edition of “Harmontown,” the digressive comedy show-slash-podcast he hosts with Jeff B. Davis each week. At first, his reaction was fairly tame; Harmon said he felt comfortable calling the season “not my cup of tea,” since it was obviously an “impression, and an unflattering one” of Community under his own stewardship. (The episodes in a nutshell, according to Harmon: “DURRRR! I’m Dan Harmon! DURRRR!”)

But after that assessment, Harmon got a little more graphic — comparing sitting through this past season to “flipping through Instagram just watching your girlfriend blow everyone” and seeing a friend “Like” a photo of your ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend on Facebook.


Point/counterpoint: Can Dan Harmon's return save 'Community'?

The good news: Dan Harmon is probably coming back to Community! The bad news, possibly: Dan Harmon is probably coming back to Community. Will this move revive NBC’s crazy college-based show — or could it spell certain doom? Here’s how two EW writers see things.

DARREN FRANICH: I really enjoyed the first three seasons of Community. The show wasn’t perfect by any means, but what I liked about it was the total go-for-broke spirit, the sense that every episode took a concept that could’ve been gimmicky — Law & Order spoof! Spaghetti western! Alternate-universe chaos theory! — and then rapaciously attacked it from every angle

I credit that spirit entirely to Dan Harmon, who is by all accounts an insane person who pours everything of himself into his work and desperately wants to make great television. When Harmon was fired from his post as showrunner, he immediately became a sanctified Great Man Of Television, because everyone loves a martyr.

But martyrs are boring. I was worried that Harmon would spend his post-Community career playing the martyr — which, much as I love him, is basically what Conan O’Brien did post-Tonight Show. Without Harmon, Community was pretty boring too: Even when it was funny, it never felt insane the way that old Community could.


Saul Goodman 'Breaking Bad' spinoff? 6 things we think could make the show work

Last year, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan told EW he was considering a spinoff for the show starring Bob Odenkirk as criminal lawyer Saul Goodman. Now the project seems to be gaining momentum and the prospect is both exciting — more Breaking Bad! — and a little worrisome, when you consider the spotty track record for TV spin-offs not titled Frasier. Might a spin-off stain Breaking Bad‘s Golden Age of Television Award? And if the reports that claim the spin-off would be a comedy are to be believed, would a Saul Goodman laugher diminish the memory of such a notable dark show?

As an avid Breaking Bad fan, I’m a little skeptical. However I do know two things: 1. Bob Odenkirk is an amazing actor who totally inhabits this role. 2. Vince Gilligan deserves to write for television forever.

So here are six things that would make the show essential viewing and a deserving extension of the Breaking Bad universe.

1. Set it a good amount of time in the future and somewhere else: I think everyone would be a lot more comfortable with this spinoff if it remained a spinoff in the loosest of senses. Breaking Bad is hurdling toward a series finale with a huge body count, so emotions might be a little raw if the pilot for Saul’s show picks up right back in Albuquerque three months later. So skip ahead five years and find Saul living it up in Las Vegas (or a suburb of Vegas) as the seediest lawyer in town (and that’s saying something). READ FULL STORY

Best of 2012: The real-world feuds

Here’s a list of 2012’s most memorable ongoing conflicts from the real world. READ FULL STORY

Choose your own 'Community' Halloween adventure

Ever since Community‘s Oct. 19 premiere date was indefinitely postponed, the ratings-plagued cult favorite appears to be languishing in oblivion. But in another attempt to assuage restless fans, the show released the “Community Horror Picture Show,” a choose-your-own-adventure video that lets viewers select different timelines from the series’ first three Halloween episodes. Even though we’ve seen all of this material before, it does prove that the Community team are committed to satisfying their small but rabid following. Take a gander at the video below, run through the numerous storylines, and remember just how zany, intelligent, and strange Community really is.


Chevy Chase talks more smack about 'Community,' quasi-insults Louis CK

these kids, the cast.” So he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

The blunt pronouncements Chase made in an interview with Huffington Post UK this weekend aren’t exactly surprising — he’s long had a reputation for being curmudgeonly and difficult to work with despite the numerous regular and online reputation management agents he’s tried to work with. Still, it’s a little disheartening that he’s still denigrating the show that brought him back into the public consciousness — especially now that a Dan Harmon-less Community will be fighting for its life in a Friday night death slot.


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