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Who's really behind all those cat videos? 'Funny or Die' reveals all -- EXCLUSIVE


What do all your favorite feline clips — The Great Catzby, The Catrix, even Cannes Palm D’or winner Meowcolm X — have in common?

Well, though each one looks like a low-fi short that simply captures kitties being kitties, these ace time-wasters actually share one visionary director: Shula Von Hollow, the Orson Welles of cat videos.

You’ll find Shula’s story — her slow rise to the top, her first meeting with muse/cat Javier, how she lost everything when a certain keyboard-playing furball emerged — in this special Funny or Die video, released to coincide with the second annual Internet Cat Video Festival. (We know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t every day Internet Cat Festival day?” Incredibly enough, the answer is technically “no.”)


'The Onion's Pulitzer campaign shifts into semi-celebrity overdrive

Tom Hanks didn’t start The Onion‘s campaign to win a Pulitzer Prize, but the grassroots movement has really taken off since the Oscar-winner chastised the Pulitzer committee for making him angry. Today, author Neil Gaiman is the latest to join Hanks, Ricky Gervais, Pulitzer-winning writer Dave Barry, Paul Reiser, a cat, and an army of advocates at Americans for Fairness in Awarding Journalism Prizes. “We here at AFAJP (pronounced Affahjjp) are dedicating our lives to exposing the Pulitzer committee’s despicable bigotry against the Onion and making sure that America’s finest news source receives the prize it so richly deserves,” said the organization’s president Stephen Forbeck, in a video. “Americans from all walks of life are standing up and telling the Pulitzer committee to stop the ignorance, stop the bias, and stop the neglect.” Watch some of the latest video pleas after the jump: READ FULL STORY

'My Cat From Hell' debuts on Animal Planet: Who knew cats were this bonkers?

Last night Animal Planet premiered My Cat From Hell, where clawed little demons are transformed into cuddly fuzzballs. Is your cat scaring company? Keeping you up all night? Then this show may be for you.

Enter Jackson Galaxy (what a name!), a tattooed rocker by night and cat behaviorist by day. He looks more like a bounty hunter than a cat tamer. But he kindly gets the job done. First to be saved from the terror of their cat was couple Hannah and Johnny. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been in any relationship,” Hannah says of her year with her boyfriend. “He could be the one.” There’s a major issue, though: Hannah’s black cat, Bear, hates Johnny. Love triangle! READ FULL STORY

Antoine Dodson snags a reality show. What other viral video stars should get a series?

Hide yo’ kids from the TV set, PopWatchers. The reports are true: An Antoine Dodson reality show is currently in the works. According to “leading international entertainment content and distribution business” Entertainment One — which confirms to EW that it is developing a pilot starring Dodson — “The show tracks Antoine, the oldest of six siblings, using the money he is making from his hit song on iTunes and his best-selling Halloween costume to make a fresh start for the Dodson clan on the West Coast. With a potential new record deal in the works and money coming in from a variety of avenues, the show tracks how a news story sparked a new life for him and his family.”

Naturally, this news got me thinking about other viral video stars who I would watch on the small screen. And, for your ease, TV producers, I’ve even gone through the trouble of developing the plot and title for you. Let’s do this, LeroyREAD FULL STORY

Animal Planet's 'Must Love Cats': I must love this series

cat-tv-show-animalImage Credit: Diane Collins and Jordan Hollender/Getty ImagesI can haz defibrillator? Because I just had a heart attack reading Animal Planet’s press release for Must Love Cats, an upcoming six-part series debuting Feb. 12 that “travels coast-to-coast to find America’s feistiest felines and cat fanatics.” According to the press release, “Songwriting and cat-loving host John Fulton embarks on a road trip across America to spend time with, and write songs about, the country’s most talented tabbies, quirkiest kittens, enthusiastic cat owners, and experts.” Okay, two things: 1) Homigod, you best believe I’m channeling my inner cat lady and hoarding this series on my DVR. Also, 2) Yes, you read that right: Fulton writes songs… about cats. (Everything reminds us of Friends!) In fact, those songs are called “kitty-ditties.” I fully expect to see this man on an upcoming episode of Intervention. Or in my living room, where we will craft a tiny guitar for my tiny cat. I can’t decide which.

But wait! There’s more! READ FULL STORY

'Big Bang Theory' sponsors 'Soft Kitty' upload contest. What kitty would you include in your video? (Would a Tribble count?)

big-bang-soft-kittyImage Credit: Richard Cartwright/CBSYou know, I can’t even get through a round of “Soft Kitty” without imagining this kitteh, or this kitteh, or these kittehs, and thus erupting into a fit of cuteness-inspired shrieks. (It’s even hard to write this post looking at the photo to the left, since my hands are trembling with the thoughts of the adorableness of these felines. Yes, I’m one of those.) So I’m probably not the best person to compete in The Big Bang Theory‘s “Soft Kitty Upload Contest,” which asks fans to submit a video of them singing Sheldon’s favorite soothing tune in order to win a trip to a taping of the CBS sitcom.

Nevertheless, I’d love to see what kind of footage fans would beam onto the Internet. Surely, a Zazzy reference or two is completely and totally necessary to bag the win, but I won’t be impressed until I see Keyboard Cat whip together a version of the tune. Especially because that cat is dearly departed, so it would take some serious science to nab a cameo. (Or one heckuva bazinga.) Click here to submit a video, and, for a reminder of the song, click the jump! READ FULL STORY

Great moments in tiny hats: 'SNL,' 'In Living Color,' Tim and Eric, that kitten...

best-tiny-hatThis week’s SNL premiere featured a sketch about tiny-hat one-upsmanship. It was strange but decent. It was also a little reminiscent of a Tim and Eric sketch from 2007, which also prominently featured tiny hats. Although the first thing I thought of was In Living Color‘s “Men on Film,” the second thing I thought of was, of course, an adorable cat video, because the inside of my brain has been turned to pop culture mush floating in a sea of tequila and bad DVR decisions. Oh no, I’ve said too much.

Who has the greatest tiny hat, PopWatchers? Amy Poehler? Blaine Edwards? Scout Jr. the cat? Chip? Or someone I completely neglected?

Read more:
‘Saturday Night Live’ recap: Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, and Gov. Paterson help Amy Poehler kick off a new season

'Puss In Boots' spin-off details revealed. Why this could be the cat's meow.

puss-in-bootsYes, reviews for Shrek Forever After were a tad lackluster. And sure, most movie spin-offs tend to be a bit, well, disappointing. (See: The Scorpion King, Evan Almighty.) But can I help it if I’m actually excited for Puss In Boots, the Shrek spin-off starring Antonio Banderas’ charmingly cute feline?

I have my reasons. The facts are these (aw, R.I.P. Pushing Daisies), based on DreamWorks’ recently launched website featuring details:

1) Any cat who accessorizes will never not be cute.

2) The film — which comes out November 2011 — co-stars (or is co-voiced by) Salma Hayek as the “street-savvy” Kitty (pictured above), and Zach Galifianakis as Humpty Dumpty, both of whom try to help Puss “steal the famed Goose that lays the Golden Eggs.” And I would see an elementary school production of Cats, as long as it starred Galifianakis. (Actually, how awesome would that be?)

3) I’d rather have a Puss spin-off than a movie about the Nasonex Bee.

4) And…okay, I have nothing else. Just look at this face, and tell me you wouldn’t watch 90 minutes of (SQUEE!) animated cuteness.

How are you feeling about the Puss In Boots spin-off, PopWatchers? Are you actually petting your screen like I am? And, because it’s Monday, here’s a video of a kitten wearing a tiny hat…eating a tiny ice cream cone. (Take that, Speedo!) READ FULL STORY

Ozzy Osbourne's genes being studied by scientists

ozzy_osbourneYesterday, The Early Show reported that rocker Ozzy Osbourne’s genes are being mapped by scientists. Why? Well, because the Black Sabbath rock star has managed to survive 40 years of excessive drug and alcohol abuse and a bike accident that left his neck broken in 2003.

So what will the scientists — based out of a Massachusetts company called Knome — find? We won’t know for another three months, apparently, but I’ve had my theory mapped out for a long time: Ozzy’s, quite simply, a cat in a man suit. How else do you explain his nine-plus lives? And how cute he looks when he comes up to the window, offering his owners a half-eaten bat as a present?

I mean, come on, he even looks like this cat in this picture. (LOLOzzy!) But I’m open to other ideas. Your turn PopWatchers: How has Ozzy survived his 61 years on Earth? And whose genetic make-up would you like to study?

'Marmaduke' trailer: Californiaaaaaa, here Owen Wilson comes. With Fergie!

I’m not sure what’s more horrifying: anything the characters in the Marmaduke trailer do or say, the blatant allusions to The O.C. (remember when Ryan Atwood thought the Cohens’ infinity pool was his toilet?) or the line “Owen Wilson is Marmaduke, George Lopez is Carlos…With Fergie!…and Kiefer Sutherland.” Help. Trailer after the jump. READ FULL STORY

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