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Gwyneth Paltrow sings in 'Country Strong' trailer: Will you see it?

This summer, Gwyneth Paltrow premiered the title song for her new film Country Strong (and spoke to EW about the story behind it), but now you can watch the trailer for the film, which centers on a once-famous country star who attempts to reclaim her career after an alcohol-fueled downward spiral. The film also stars Tim McGraw as her husband/manager and Leighton Meester as an up-and-comer who starts to steal the spotlight from Paltrow’s character, Kelly.

As you’ll see from the reel, it has elements of Joaquin Phoenix’s boozy portrayal of Johnny Cash in Walk the Line and what looks like another solid performance from The Blind Side star McGraw. But while watching the trailer, I couldn’t help but make a connection between Paltrow and Lurleen Lumpkin from The Simpsons, thanks to the actress’ blond beehive-style hairdo. Check out the trailer: READ FULL STORY

End of summer playlist: What's on it?

Billy-CurringtonIt’s the last unofficial weekend of summer, which is perfect timing for country artist Billy Currington, who’ll tour with Carrie Underwood this fall, to have released an electronic press kit for his upcoming fourth album Enjoy Yourself (out Sept. 21). Watch it below. At 4:11, he’s asked to name five ways that he enjoys himself, and we love that the first thing that comes to his mind is “Climb coconut trees for a coconut.” This is the man, after all, who phoned us from the Dry Tortugas last year to take The EW Pop Culture Personality Test. (Hearing the wind hitting his cell phone made us jealous.)

As I’m tooling around in a Jeep Wrangler (my 63-year-old mother’s) with the top off this weekend, I’ll have a couple of Currington tracks in rotation, including “That’s How Country Boys Roll” and “Pretty Good at Drinkin’ Beer.” What’s on your end of summer playlist?


Fox plans fan-voted country music awards show

Taylor-SwiftImage Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty ImagesLife just got harder for those of you who can’t tell the different between the CMAs (Country Music Association Awards) and the ACMs (Academy of Country Music Awards): Fox has created the ACAs — the American Country Awards. The first annual two-hour telecast will air live from Las Vegas on Dec. 6, and be executive produced by Bob Bain, who mans the Teen Choice Awards for the network. Fans will determine the winners, as they do for the CMT Music Awards, which honor country music videos.

Is there enough room on the dial for a fourth country awards show? The Hollywood Reporter has a handy ratings chart going back to 2006 that shows that the most recent CMAs and CMT Awards were the most-watched in that timeframe. This year’s ACMs were second to 2009, but the chart doesn’t show that last year’s broadcast was the most-watched since 1998, and that it had been up against repeats. So the audience will be there, if the talent plays. Country artists are all about their fans, so Fox can guilt them into it, if need be. The bigger question is: Do we actually need a fan-voted country music awards show on Fox? I’ve yet to forgive the Teen Choice Awards for putting a hot tub on stage that one year — sort of inappropriate — and I wonder how far Fox will push the envelope to make a splash. We do not need to see Taylor Swift have a wardrobe malfunction during one of her patented mid-song costume changes or while dangling from the ceiling Pink-style. (I’m guessing she’s thought about it because her hair would look amazing…) Among the categories Fox anticipates: Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Touring Artist of the Year, Single of the Year, and Music Video by a Breakthrough Artist. Nothing exactly groundbreaking, considering the ACMs already let the fans choose Entertainer of the Year and Top New Artist. Will you tune in? Poll below. READ FULL STORY

'Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta': Oh my gawd, y'all. I'm excited

yes-to-dress-atlantaOne of my favorite reality shows (and your runner-up in EW’s Guilty Pleasures Reality TV Showdown) is headed south! And the show’s new installment, Say Yes to The Dress: Atlanta, which premieres tonight, is going to be a downright hoot.

Even before you watch a single clip, I can guarantee two things: 1) The customers are going to say things like ”downright hoot,” and 2) By the end of the show, you’ll be infected by the southern twang and have no choice but to adopt it by the rest of the evening. The scary thing? You’ll like it.

That aside, here are five reasons I’ll be tuning in tonight: READ FULL STORY

Sandra Bullock opts for guitar over wardrobe malfunction at Nashville Rising

Sandra Bullock made a surprise appearance at Tuesday’s Nashville Rising: A Benefit Concert for Flood Recovery. When her Blind Side co-star Tim McGraw and his wife, Faith Hill, invited her to introduce Faith, she thought she’d come and do some funny bits, have a wardrobe malfunction. But after hearing how generous the community had been when it came time to take care of one another, she wanted to give them something more: a song. She strapped on a guitar, asked the audience to be quiet, and launched into “Smoke on the Water.” Watch the clip below. (Yes, this is a comedy bit, and Bullock’s streak of charming public appearances at a time when most celebrities would be asking for complete privacy continues to keep fans firmly in her corner.)

P.S. If you were wondering, Miley Cyrus, who was among the artists delivering real performances, did tame her wardrobe for the event. She wore pants.


Guess the artist from the track list!

guess-the-artist-bannerImage Credit: Image Source/Getty ImagesNew game, PopWatchers: Guess the artist from this list of tracks from his/her/their upcoming album. We’ve hidden the name of the new single so there’s no cheating. Still, this one’s pretty obvious, right? Answer after the jump.

1. “Brown Chicken Brown Cow”
2. “Hold My Beer”
3. “Cowboy’s Back in Town”
5. “Hell, I Can Do That”
6. “A Little Bit of Missing You”
7. “Still Love You”
8. “Don’t Mind If I Don’t”
9. “Ala-Freakin-Bama”
10. “Break Her Fall”
11. “Whoop A Man’s Ass” READ FULL STORY

Margaret Cho reveals the true story behind the 'country murder ballad' on her upcoming album

margaret-choImage Credit: Rahav Segev/Getty ImagesOn Aug. 24, Margaret Cho will release a comedy music album, Cho Dependent, featuring collaborations with the likes of Fiona Apple, Ani DiFranco, Patty Griffin, and Ben Lee. “It’s funny songwriting, but it’s not song parody,” Cho told us recently while sitting down with EW and her Drop Dead Diva costar Brooke Elliott. Then, she launched into the story behind her favorite track on the album, “I’m Sorry,” co-written by Andrew Bird.

MARGARET CHO: I fell in love with a guy who worked on All-American Girl, which was my first TV show, and he didn’t like me back at all. He didn’t like me back. And it broke my heart. I was early 20s, really in love with him. I was in love with him for 17 years, and I never Googled him, because I didn’t want to know what had happened. In my mind, I thought I’m sure he’s married and livin’ in a white house with a wife and kid, this fantastic life that I had imagined for him. So I never Googled him, and then finally, 17 years later, I turned 40, and I thought I should Google him and just see. [Laughs] ‘Cause he might get divorced or something. You never know, in their 40s, people switch partners. So I Googled him, and this thing came up on Wikipedia, and it said his name, and it said American screenwriter, producer, worked on All-American Girl with Margaret Cho, and in 2007, was arrested for murdering his wife. He bludgeoned her to death and stuffed her body in the attic for a month until it had partially mummified. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': Rascal Flatts, Shakira, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas and...Lady Gaga? (On the scene for Top 6 results)

Idol-Diaz-SeacrestImage Credit: Michael Becker/Fox/PictureGroupThis is gonna be kinda weird, dear readers. Not Rascal Flatt’s Gary LaVox trying to dance with Shakira weird, or Shakira trying to quote Roosevelt and/or Casey Kasem weird. But, well, there’s not all that much to tell you about the on-the-scene action during last night’s live American Idol results show. As you may have gathered, a good half of the evening was pre-taped, and the judges and contestants were nowhere to be seen when the cameras weren’t broadcasting live.

However, after the show was over and the 19 Entertainment logo had chirped, none other than Lady Gaga invaded the Idoldome, and, shockingly, she decided to put on an insanely elaborate spectacle involving a 20 foot (or so) working fountain and a half-dozen (or so) half-naked male dancers. Of course, you at home won’t get to see her performance until it airs during an upcoming results show, so my descriptions of it may not exactly make a whole heap of sense — and Lady Gaga already enjoys tango dancing on the far edge of basic visual comprehension anyway. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': Shania Twain sways, hugs, chats, and claps on the scene of Top 6 performance night

Idol-Shania-TwainImage Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FoxAs I walked through the CBS Television City parking lot to the Idoldome last night, I passed two massive black steel abstract trees, and a pair of park benches with backs that looked like giant bloody razor blades. “Ah, country week on American Idol,” chirped my snark demon, Smirkelstilskin. “It always takes me back to that glorious winter of 1986, when I headlined a West Berlin production of Waiting for Godot.” (I’ll get back to the trees and benches, promise.) After I got to my seat, Smirkel then caught sight of season 6 runner-up Blake Lewis hobnobbing with one of the sway pits, sporting a frosted emo haircut that made it clear he’d gone to his barber with a worn-out copy of Us Weekly, pointed to a picture of Kate Gosselin, and said “I wanna look like this — but just the front part.”

With that, Smirkel was sated indeed, and curled back into his roly-poly shell. Which is just as well, really, since the rest of the evening proved decidedly uneventful. It all skipped by with barely a hitch, but there’s still plenty of behind-the-scenery to chew on regardless. So if you’ll skip with me over the jump, I’ll give you the full breakdown of what got Shania Twain swaying in her seat, whether Casey James really cares if he wins, and how Kara managed to stumble into yet another compromising double-entendre after the show. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': The Top 6 tackle Shania Twain tunes. How'd they do?

American-Idol-Top-6Image Credit: Michael Becker/Fox;Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Image When it comes to American Idol, Shania Twain can seemingly do no wrong! Season 9’s most delightful guest judge returned to Fox’s ratings mammoth tonight in the form of mentor/songbook subject, and for the first time since season 8’s delectable Rat Pack Week, not a single contestant stunk up the joint. Can I get a yee-haw and a what-what? Okay, sorry…I won’t attempt to get in touch with my barely existent country roots again. But the good news is, the competition that’s sounded depressingly like “Crystal, Lee, & a Bunch of Half-Interested Also-Rans” may be turning into something of a horse race. Not to mention, if Ken Warwick & Co. get smart and try to reboot the Idol judges’ panel for season 10, they’ve already got a guaranteed winner in Ms. Twain. (Who else sees the value in hiring one Shania for the price of an Ellen and three Randys?)

And now for the bad news: As Ellen pointed out, Wednesday’s results show telecast is going to be a tough one, because it’s not like 97 percent of viewers are going to hear the name of the person whose journey came to an end, shrug their shoulders, and say, “Eh. I’d had it with that Andrew Garcia dood anyway.” If I had to guess, I think this week’s bottom three will consist of High School Student Aaron Kelly, Michael “Big Mike” Lynche, and either Casey James or maybe a MamaSox shocker (because too much backtalk makes speed-dialers’ fingers freeze).

But I leave that for y’all to discuss in the comments, because I’ve got a gargantuan-length TV Watch recap to write — update: It’s now liiiive, so check it out! – which will post tomorrow a.m. on EW.com. Until then, check me out on iTunes check out the latest episode of Idolatry (after the jump), share your prediction of who’s getting the (cowboy) boot on Wednesday, and do sign up to follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak! (Related: Idol’s 13 Awkward Mentor Moments; Allison Iraheta turns 18: Let’s make her album turn platinum; ‘American Idol’ announces tour dates: Will you see them in concert?)

Tonight’s Set List READ FULL STORY

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