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'Cougar Town': They're just drinking in the park now

On this week’s Cougar Town, titled “Feel a Whole Lot Better,” Andy gifted former corporate attorney/now stay-at-Jules’ home mom Ellie with a nanny for their son Stan. No way, they have a son? This was a HUGE relief for Ellie, even though sometimes we don’t even see him. I always find myself struggling to remember if those two really have a child and then chalking that confusion up to the booze I need to get me through this show. Anyway, Laurie tortured Ellie for pretending to suddenly have a job as Commissioner of Red Wine for the Cougar Town Parks Department, but later Laurie confessed to Ellie that Ellie is her hero. Take a longer look at photo to your right and this should come as no surprise. READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town' recap: Jules and Grayson 'Sail Away' on the waves of love in the Red Wine Sea

This morning, Mandi blazed into my office all “OMG Cougar Town, big moment!” I hadn’t seen it yet, so I quickly pressed play and the whole time I was convinced the “big moment” she’d referred to would end up being the revelation that Laurie was pregnant. She’s allergic to birth control pills and latex, after all. Plus, her whole drama-hungry story line was kind of begging for that twist. I even prematurely wrote the following mediocre headline for this item: ‘Cougar Town': Laurie gets her drama. BUT NO. It was just Julesy and Graysony indulging in their first kiss. Ho, hum. I know I should have pictured them actually doin’ it, but I prefer this moment, at the “far end” of his teasing lean-back as Jules attempted to take the plunge. He even accompanied the lean-back with a short spurt of air. Impressive! “Wow!” she burbled. It could have been all the wine. “It’s just like a mimosa except it has wine instead of champagne, and no orange juice!” READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town' recap: Goose attack!

On last night’s Cougar Town, Andy (Ian Gomez) finally found a physical attribute he shares with his son, Stan, and all he needed to do was watch his wife change the baby’s diaper. The goose attack at the petting zoo — or, if you’re Bobby, the buffet — was all for naught! Let’s hope baby Stan’s future lover doesn’t punish him for cheating by making him move his own “elephant trunk” genitalia with garden shears while she or he watches. READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town': Laughter is everything, man

Damn you, Sheryl Crow! “Everything Man,” the song from the guest star’s jam session with Grayson at the end of last night’s episode with the same title, is stuck in my head — particularly one of Crow’s solo lines, “Pleeeeeease beeee miiiiiiiiiine…” Eh. A bit desperado for my taste. Two great parts about that final scene: Travis capturing his mom Jules for another unstaged photo op (she looks hot when she’s depressed) and Laurie offering her frank and dreamy-eyed review of Grayson and Sarah’s duet: ”Wow. She is way, way better than you.” Oh, Laurie.

Busy Philipps has become my Personal Jesus — her reaction shots of disgust/condescension/cluelessness (a lofty mix) are the main reasons I watch Cougar Town on Wednesdays instead of on Saturday afternoons along with my favorite television shows about models. Like Jules and Grayson’s relationship, Laurie and Ellie’s bond has always been fraught with a certain strain of friendsion, but sometimes they share a moment — like the one pictured — in which their spirits mesh together in a cackling blob of silliness, indulgence, and total bitch. Here, they were ganging up on Travis because sweet teenage delusion has him believing he and girlfriend Kylie will stay together after going to separate colleges. Both actresses were truly cracking up for about five seconds. I love when that happens because I loooooove to laugh, like Mary Poppins’ Uncle AlbertREAD FULL STORY

'Cougar Town': Now That's What I Call a Single Glass of Red Wine!

Cougar TownI’ve started deliberately drinking red wine whenever I watch Cougar Town. It’s become like any cooking show: You need to indulge in whatever’s on-screen or the Agony and the Envy will reduce you to a bitter, craving mess. I realized last night that I’ve been pouring my wine incorrectly this whole time. And I need to remember to take the first sip hands-free, but I should be using my hands while driving a car. Thank you, Cougar Town, for teaching me how to live more fabulously. As Jules said in last night’s episode, “Turn This Car Around,” Bite me! I can still change! Bitches be loco. Which life lessons have you sipped hands-free from Cougar Town? A few more full-boded, fruity revelations with slight hints of oak after the jump… READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town' recap: Counting on Andy

In this week’s Andy-centric episode of Cougar Town, the man with a churro hole for a mouth (according to his wife) got his very own motorcycle! Grayson, Jules, and Laurie, to your right, are reacting to his head-to-toe leather biker getup, which was almost as hot as his boxers-only policy while wearing a Snuggie. Everyone wore Snuggies, by the way, for a group meeting at the beginning of the show. They really did seem like a cult, and I loved how the women each wore a different shade (violet for Jules, pink for Ellie, cheetah print for Laurie, of course) while the men all had to wear the standard royal blue. I’m pretty sure Jules called them “Fluffies” at one point instead of Snuggies or Slankets. A good name for their cult, by the way, might be Morning Intruders.

But back to Andy’s hog. Andy missed his freedom. “I never have any time for just me,” whined Andy as he drank coffee while not working or being with his family. After Andy and Ellie got into a more significant fight than usual, he threatened to stay away for a few days until Jules snapped some sense into him and roared him back to a ludicrous dance recital for Andy and Ellie’s 1-year-old (who was conceived on Jules’ kitchen island). Meanwhile, Grayson threatened violence against new nerd-neighbor Tom if he tried anything with Jules, then resorted to the old passive-aggressive “boot down the chimney” technique instead. Bobby reluctantly took Travis on a manly fishing trip, where they disagreed over the general worth and humor value of ducks.

Gay trap tally: Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings,” fuchsia, charades, Indigo Girls’ “Closer to Fine,” and that conservative blonde girl who’s always getting into fights on The View. READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town' recap: 'What Are You Doin' In My Life,' Beverly D'Angelo?

Perfect casting: Beverly D’Angelo as Busy Philipps’ bad mom. The Sheila character called to mind Jan Hooks as Jane Krakowski’s only-out-for-herself mom on 30 Rock, though I’m not sure Jenna’s mom would have known “exactly the right place to punch a person to make them throw up.” After all the familial drama (“mom dram”? can we make that happen?), Philipp’s Laurie, who wants to be a grownup so bad, will finally move into her own condo (with a co-sign from Jules). Meanwhile, Barb and Travis had a big Norma Desmond subplot — Travis’ reaction upon seeing Barb after her ghastly facelift that “hurt like a thousand sons of bitches” reminded me of when Maeby found that blood-sucking creature Lucille on Arrested Development. By the way, do not miss Tanner’s hilarious interview with Carolyn Hennesy, the genius behind super-cougar Barb — she describes the character as “Sue Ann Nivens meets Karen from Will & Grace with a touch of Cloris Leachman thrown in.” She also did the voice of Bambi’s dead mother. Read it. My fave five lines from last night’s episode are after the jump. What were yours? READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town': Meet Carolyn Hennesy, the genius behind super-cougar Barb

cougar-town-hennesyImage Credit: Karen Neal/ABCAs we here at EW have been saying since ABC’s Cougar Town premiered last fall, the show’s super-cougar Barb is one of the funniest new characters on television this season. Granted, she only shows up for maybe a minute every other episode—if we’re lucky. (And you’re in luck, she’ll appear, however briefly, in tonight’s new episode!) But regardless of her slim screen time, we thought it high time that we figure out exactly who is behind the hilarious one-liners and over-the-top cougaring Barb puts out there.

Turns out, it’s none other than the genius Carolyn Hennesy, an actress revered and loved for her role as bitchtastic mob attorney Diane Miller on ABC’s daytime soap General Hospital. So we rang Hennesy up. And shocker! Carolyn is a freakin’ hilarious delight in real life, too. Here we spent a little time chatting with her about the reaction she’s gotten to Barb, her penchant for playing cougar-rific roles, a smattering of her other important roles (including Boob Jobs & Jesus!), and her secret to making a mean meatloaf.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: In the office here at EW, we’re all obsessed with Barb, even though she’s only literally on screen for about 30 seconds every other episode.
There has been almost no negative response to Barb.

So there has been some?
I know—it shocked me, too! And I thought this person obviously had a desperately bad childhood and is need of some serious therapy. Someone called me “aggressively unfunny,” and I went, “Aggressively unfunny? Really, like a disease?”

That person clearly doesn’t know what funny is.
Does not know what funny is, exactly! I believe it was in response to Tim Stack’s column on EW.com. Someone wrote I was “aggressively unfunny,” and I thought, well, this person needs some ice cream or something. Or a colonic. READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town' recap: Merry Valentine's Day to the sad girl in the silly sweater

On last night’s Cougar Town, Jules, the lady you kind of hate because she brags about not having spent a Valentine’s Day alone since she was 11, couldn’t handle being single for the Hallmark holiday even though she is SO. HAPPY. TO BE SINGLE! in general. If you peered really hard through a few layers of sarcasm and button-downs, you could tell that her paper buddy Grayson seemed pretty bummed out about being alone, too. So the way he Santa-pimped out Ellie’s house as a surprise to Jules — complete with wacky inflatable car sale guy! — was even sweeter. I think the genuine moment they shared — “Thanks for doing this.” “No problem.” — hints more strongly at a possible relationship than any to date. READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town' recap: You even pick up balls sexy

On last night’s Cougar Town, the boys went on a bender, Travis and Laurie continued to flirt over granola bars in Dale’s closet, and Ellie reprimanded Jules for being selfish. I thought she was the selfish one. Can they just agree they’re both selfish? Not before a chase scene! Courteney Cox is fast. I doubt anyone believes Ellie was ahead of Jules the whole time even with an assist from a street-strewn garbage can, but that probably made it funnier. A hot tennis instructor whose button nose Jules wanted to put on a string and wear around her neck provided even more physical comedy fodder than usual in “All the Wrong Reasons.”

My absolute favorite moment of the tennis situation was when Jules ripped off her track pants in slow motion as if she were an NBA (No Boys Allowed) star, but the orgasmic sound effects accompanying her tennis swings were a close second. “Did you really just say ‘Oh, God’? asked Ellie before exiting in a huff, Jon Hamm-in-30 Rock-style. Should Jules have backed off Ellie’s fake boyfriend? My 5 top lines other than the brilliant “Takeback so I don’t spiral!” are after the jump. READ FULL STORY

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