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'(STILL) Cougar Town' for season 2 premiere

still-cougar-townABC’s Cougar Town returns on Sept. 22 with a half hour that features guest star Jennifer Aniston, an opening scene involving the consumption of red wine (naturally), and a playful reference to exec producer Bill Lawrence’s much-publicized and reluctantly-abandoned desire to change the comedy’s title. Whereas the title card usually reads “Welcome to Cougar Town,” for the season 2 opener, it will say “(STILL) Cougar Town,” as pictured. Lawrence tells EW it’s an idea that he, Courteney Cox, and executive producer Kevin Biegel came up with, and that it’s a one-time gag. Hilarious. But may we suggest that each week they reveal a replacement title that was shot down? So episode 2’s card for instance, using Michael Ausiello’s idea, could read “(NOT FAMILY JULES) Cougar Town.”

As someone who was resistant to the show at first because of the title — if you found yourself repeatedly saying, “It was surprisingly good” after episodes in season 1, you’re like me — I get the cast and crew’s urge to tweak it. The show’s no longer about Jules (Cox) dating younger men after her divorce. It’s an ensemble comedy with characters who are essentially functional alcoholics. But as a returning viewer who understands that, I sort of love the title now. In a way, it’s redefined the term “cougar” in my mind. It’s no longer a hot woman who wants to bed a younger man; it’s a woman hot enough that younger men want to bed her, but she’s happy living her life with a man close to her age — or solo with good friends.

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Emmy Nominations 2010: Vote for the most egregious snub!

Emys-statueThursday morning was a time of great joy for TV fans who had long ago accepted the fact that super-talented folks like Connie Britton, Kyle Chandler, and Matthew Fox would never get an ounce of Emmy love, while the same old same-old would reign supreme. Yes indeed, not only did those three EW favorites pick up nods in the Best Actor/Actress in a Drama Series races, but out of the 48 major acting nominees, fewer than half of those folks (23 to be exact) were Emmy nominees in 2009. So let’s have a “huzzah!” for fresh blood.

That said, there was plenty of reason for lamentation, too. In fact, our post on Emmy snubs yielded almost 1,000 comments — and we perused ‘em all to determine the eight actors and/or series whose snubs you cited most frequently. Now we want to put it to an official vote: What was the worst Emmy snub of 2010? Vote in our poll below! [UPDATE: Our poll is now closed, but please head to the comments section and keep the conversation going.] Because while we can’t turn back the clock at Emmy HQ, we can obtain at least some small measure of justice right here at PopWatch!

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2010 Emmys: Which longshots deserve nominations?

Emmys 2010: Which longshots deserve nominations in the Best Comedy and Best Drama Series races?

Emmys-Cougar-MenImage Credit: TNT; Randy Holmes/ABCToday, my hard-working colleague Michael Ausiello offers his predictions across 10 major categories for the 2010 Emmy Awards nominations (slated to be announced tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. ET/5:30 a.m. PT).  And while it’s encouraging that Scoopy McScooperstar is prognosticating good news for The Good Wife, True Blood, Modern Family, and Glee – all of which would be neophytes for a Best Series nod — I still can’t help but soldier on in my naive belief that Vanessa L. Williams will finally take home her statuette a few out-of-left-field programs will make the final ballot. To that end, let’s all get totally honest and name two series — one Comedy, and one Drama — that, in a perfect world, would beat the odds and wind up alongside perennial nominees like 30 Rock and Mad Men. I’ll get the party started, then you hit the comments section with your own longshot favorites. Be sure to explain your choices, too — we’ll pick your best-argued eventual snubs as nominees for EW.com’s third annual EWwy Awards later this summer. [Related: Michael Ausiello Predicts the 2010 Emmy Nominees; 2010 Emmys: Which longshots deserve nominations in the Supporting Actor/Actress categories?]

Best Drama: Men of a Certain Age. When TNT first aired ads for this dramedy about a group of middle-aged buddies, I couldn’t have been less interested. READ FULL STORY

2010 Emmys: Which longshots deserve nods in the Supporting Actor/Actress categories?

bareikis-hopkins-sykesImage Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Mitch Haddad/ABC; Michael Ansell/Warner Bros.The 2010 Primetime Emmy nominations will be announced Thursday morning in Los Angeles, and while newcomers like Glee, Modern Family, and The Good Wife are all considered front-runners in their respective categories, you know there’ll also be plenty of groan-inducing kudos for series and actors who’ve passed their prime — or maybe never reached it in the first place. After all, it’s the Emmys, and outrage over snubs is as an important part of the process as rooting for Vanessa L. Williams in the Supporting Actress in a Comedy division celebrating what voters got right.

With that in mind, we thought we could take some time this week to discuss our left-field picks for potential nominations across 10 major categories, starting right now with Best Supporting Actor and Actress in the Comedy and Drama divisions. I’ll get the party started, then you hit the comments section with your own longshot favorites. Be sure to explain your choices, too — we’ll pick your best-argued eventual snubs as nominees for EW.com’s third annual EWwy Awards later this summer.

* Wanda Sykes, New Adventures of Old Christine: She suffered not one, but two cancellations this past season (Old Christine as well as her titular Fox comedy show) but her laughs-per-line ratio as Christine’s BFF Barb was perhaps higher than any actor on television this season. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: Weirdest celebrity dreams?

The freaky dream-capturing plot in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Inception suddenly has the EW staff (perhaps over-)sharing our weirdest dreams involving celebrities. It’s scary in here. Won’t you join us? READ FULL STORY

Who's your favorite new TV couple of the season?

We’ve been introduced to a whole lotta love over the past year — if not in our real lives then in our “real” lives as TV fanatics. That sentence is so sad. I’m leaving it. Anyway, we want to know which TV couples you love, including new couples on preexisting series (Avery and Jack from 30 Rock) and couples on new series (Jules and Grayson from Cougar Town).

My favorite new couple: Mitchell and Cameron from Modern Family. I love how they’re almost complete opposites, but just when its seems like each finds the other so ridiculous that maybe they won’t find common ground, one will throw a tiny “this is why I love him” glance to the camera. The interview format of the show makes their whole dynamic even more adorable — most of the time, only viewers get to see those hidden gems.

Which couples introduced to you over the 2009-2010 TV season have been your favorites? And which couples are the worst? As we know, Mandi doesn’t like Steve with Haddie on Parenthood, and I perhaps irrationally hate the idea of “Schue” and Emma from Glee. And even though I enjoy Ed Helms and Ellie Kemper in The Office, I can’t get behind Andy and Erin as a couple. They’re both so oblivious, and Erin in particular is so dim it’s hard to tell if she realizes that the cute new developments between them are even happening.

Give us a passionate plea, and it might end up among our featured Reader Picks in an upcoming EW.com photo gallery.

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Courteney Cox and Tina Fey receiving awards: A good day for funny ladies

Is Courteney Cox the best comedienne on television these days? Is she the heir to Lucille Ball’s comedy throne? Apparently, she is this year, at least according to Women in Film, which is giving the Cougar Town star the 2010 Lucy Award. The honor is named after the great Lucille Ball and is given to an entertainer (man or woman) whose “creative works…exemplify the extraordinary accomplishments [Ball] embodied; whose excellence and innovation have enhanced the perception of women through the medium of television.” That’s pretty high praise for the erstwhile Monica Geller, who’s now in the company of past recipients like Carol Burnett, Lily Tomlin, Phyllis Diller, and…the cast of Sex and the City. You know who hasn’t been anointed? Shockingly, Tina Fey. READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town' finale recap: Beach party!

Throughout its freshman season, Cougar Town has become quite the great escape. They’ve created this tiny, inside-jokey world, presumably somewhere in Florida but seemingly on another planet, that has nothing to do with reality. Last night’s season finale was the best. The characters drank more, danced more, and were responsible for way way way less than the usual “very little.” No one went to work, except Grayson because he works in a bar. They played Ultimate Penny Can all day, group-boozed in bed all night, and set up complicated voice recordings and balloon traps in order to more emphatically make their points. Hello, dreamworld. And it wasn’t just the characters who were having a blast. That tiny scene with Jules chasing a sprinting Bobby down a gorgeous shoreline in an ATV? Totally random. Totally worth it. That part reminded me a lot of Scrubs — I’d love some more quick-hit flashbacks like that in season 2. READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town' recap: Dancing in the light!

Travis Cobb, the giant inflatable gorilla who has never had much feeling in his butt, has graduated! (“We know.” “He’s blue.”) In the walk-up to the “everyman student” speech-giver’s ceremony, Grayson and Jules made the transition from secret lovers to public affection-displayers rather seamlessly. Grayson has ceased to be overly concerned with Jules’ “relationship-y” tendencies and has moved on to being a little annoyed that she (and her new wardrobe) can get pretty wrapped up in her son and suddenly shun the idea of sex. “Quit your bitching and get me some coffee. Welcome to the second week of dating!” said Jules the “asexual man-goblin.” After the jump, one of the best actor-inserts-real-life-into-new-series moments ever. Bruuuuuuuuuce! READ FULL STORY

What should 'Cougar Town' be called instead?

In an interview with HitFix, Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence expressed distaste for the comedy’s title. “I’d like to (change it), and the studio has been talking about it…partly as a result of common sense and partly from their research,” he said. “They find too many instances of testing of people saying they would never watch a show called Cougar Town — ‘I don’t want to see some show about a 40-year-old woman nailing younger guys’ — and then they screen an episode, and people go, ‘Oh, I would watch this show.” Unfortunately for Lawrence, an ABC rep tells EW there are “no immediate plans to change the name.”

Regardless, the title Cougar Town has always made me die inside a little, so I’ve come up with some alternate options: Top It Off (pictured), Wining and Whining, Busy Philipps is the Greatest, It’s Really All About Sex, Oh S— I Have a Baby?, and Situations. EW’s Tanner Stransky and I both believe there needs to be a show — or at least a bar — simply called Situations. Because it’s always a situation, you know? Everything.

I also like People‘s suggestion of The Family Jules. Nominate your potential Cougar Town re-titles in the comments!

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

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