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'Cougar Town': Life's tough! Get a helmet

Life is tough. But you probably don’t actually need a helmet unless you, like Travis, fractured your skull while dogboarding (patent pending). Don’t worry, he’s totally fine. He just has to wear a dorky helmet for a while.** We didn’t get to see the accident, but Travis recounted it for us while recovering in the hospital: “I’m sure panties will drop when girls find out I was being pulled by my dog on a skateboard, saw a monarch butterfly, and said, ‘Hey you’re not native to Florida!’ CRASH.”


'Cougar Town' cast plays Guess the Celebrity Wine! -- VIDEO


If there’s anything the cast of Cougar Town knows a thing or two about, it’s playing games (all together now: Penny Can!) and drinking wine (sorry, pounding grape). So it only made sense that when part of the cul-de-sac crew –  Busy Philipps, Brian Van Holt, Josh Hopkins, Ian Gomez, and Dan Byrd –  stopped by for a visit to EW, that we merge their two areas of expertise together. (Sources tell us college kids refer to this as a “drinking game.” Youths!)

But, this isn’t your regular wine tasting-drinking game, PopWatchers. This one has a bit of an EW twist: After being given multiple choice options, the cast members guess which celebrity wine (or celebrity-inspired wine) they’re tasting. Only we raised the stakes a little bit more by throwing fake celebrity wine into the mix. (Fun fact: Lil Jon wine is not a fake. It is very much real.) Watch the video below to see which Cougar Town star emerged the winner of EW’s Guess the Celebrity Wine game. All we’ll say is, Big Joe would have been so proud.

'Cougar Town' react: The zip line metaphor

Jules and Grayson have only been engaged for a week (of TV time), but the couple is already planning their upcoming nuptials. Being the people-pleaser she is, Jules’ plans thus far include: a Tuesday wedding so Bobby doesn’t have to work, a spring wedding so Laurie will be sans ankle monitor, and some kind of private bang room for Ellie and Andy. (Prince Charles!) The groom-to-be does not get a say. Duh!

But perhaps the most important task was for Jules to select a maid of honor. Naturally, she asked Ellie. But our dear Jelly Bean wanted the job, too. Laurie asked Jules if she could have two maids of honor, or co-MOHs. (And you’re right, Laurie. It’s a total T saver. But in this recap we have time for all the words!) Jules gave in, and then had to make up a story about losing a toe to keep both Ellie and Laurie happy. Man, people-pleasing is hard. Ellie and Laurie divvied up the MOH duties, and by divvied I mean Laurie was assigned all the work. But let’s not forget that Ellie is a mean person. She threatened to tell Laurie that Jules only agreed to have two maids of honor out of pity. Jules sustained an injury (more on that later), and the MOH conversation was essentially dropped. For now. We all know that great battle is not over.

Meanwhile, Mr. Pees With No Hands Grayson accompanied Travis to visit Chick (Ken Jenkins) at his ranch. And after Travis and city mouse Grayson had to ride a horse double dude, things got serious. Chick told Grayson to shoot his horse to put her out of her misery, but she was never really sick. Thankfully, Grayson — quite literally — couldn’t pull the trigger. At least Chick’s heart was in the right place. He was only torturing Grayson because he felt like he didn’t protect her from her good man/crap husband Bobby. Chick was only making sure Grayson was worthy of his daughter.

Speaking of Bobby, he decided to gift Jules with a metaphor for her engagement present. And nothing screams “I’m okay that my ex-wife is marrying my good friend” like a zip line connecting their two houses! Bobby totally gets metaphors. Unfortunately, he can’t gift them. Jules suffered internal bleeding (not really) following a zip line injury, and Bobby agreed to take it down. But not before Jules thanked him for sweet gesture.

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'Cougar Town': Discuss the long-awaited season 3 premiere!

! After an extremely long hiatus, Cougar Town finally returned last night with its season 3 premiere, “Ain’t Love Strange.” And “yeah, it’s still called Cougar Town. We’re not happy about it either,” so said the title card. But I can assure you that after months of promoting the show with a unique grassroots campaign, the cul-de-sac crew couldn’t be happier that their show is back on the air. And since you’re reading this, I’m guessing you are too. So let’s get right to it.


Countdown to 'Cougar Town'! 26 grape-pounding reasons to be excited for tonight's premiere

Because there’s 26 ounces in a bottle of wine, duh.

26. Group singalongs with the Cul de Sac Crew READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town' is finally returning! What do you hope to see on season 3?


Grab your Big Carls, or heck, just drink straight from the wine bottle! I won’t judge, because I’m way too excited that Cougar Town—which has been living in TV-scheduling limbo—is finally returning to the primetime lineup. That’s right, ABC officially confirmed that our favorite cul-de-sac crew will be back on Tuesday, Feb. 14, at 8:30 p.m. It’s as if the powers that be knew my Valentine’s Day would be totally lame otherwise!


Best of 2011: What were the year's most awesome TV props?

park-recs-pyramidMaybe it’s because it’s the holiday season and we’re thinking what a great gift Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness (see the full-size image) would make, but as 2011 comes to a close, we find ourselves reminiscing about the best props seen on TV. We’ll start the list. Please, add your picks. Remember: The objects don’t have to have been introduced in 2011, but they must have been used in episodes that aired this year.  READ FULL STORY

Laurie? Abed? Jules and Ellie? Who's had the best crossover so far? Vote!

Cougar Town may not be on the air right now (let’s just say we’ve been spending ample time with Big Carl to ease the pain), but the cul-de-sac crew is, thankfully, still part of the prime time television line-up. In fact, just last night Cougar Town fans could find Laurie sipping coffee at the very same outdoor stand that Happy Endings‘ Dave, Max, and Brad were visiting! (Is it just us, or would Max and Laurie make spectacular friends? Sorry, Penny! Pennnny Caaaaannnn!) Check it out: READ FULL STORY

Find the 'Cougar Town' cast... on all your other favorite shows!


No amount of time spent with Big Carl will help me get over the fact that ABC’s Cougar Town won’t premiere until next year. I curse whoever made the decision to keep the Cul-de-sac Crew off the air until that mid-season premiere date (which has yet to be determined).

But it seems that the powers that be read my mind and made the decision to at least get Jules & Co. back on my TV, even though they can’t deliver any new Cougar Town episodes. Earlier this week, the show’s creator Bill Lawrence tweeted that his cast “will be on more shows this fall (this week even) than any cast on tv.” What quickly followed was Lawrence’s announcement of the “Find the Cougar Town Cast” project. READ FULL STORY

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