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Contrarian Corner takes on 'New Girl' wedding episode: Something borrowed, something blew

So far, the first season of New Girl has ruined Dirty Dancing, “Bust a Move,” bangs, and my faith in human beings. And last night, the hit Fox sitcom added something else I love on that list: Weddings. You can read about last night’s episode in Lanford Beard’s regular recap of New Girl here, but based on EW’s comments sections, there’s a large portion of readers not being served every Wednesday morning by  a traditional recap. I’m talking about those of you who have declared a loud “I Don’t (Get It)” to Zooey Deschanel’s quirky new series. Well, dear friends who find yourselves watching the series despite your absolute hatred for it, welcome to the Contrarian Corner. Like a disgusting and dangerous Long Island Ice Tea made more attractive with a perky pink umbrella, New Girl is a show we cannot help but return to from week to week, despite the fact that it only leaves us with a headache and immediate regret. So let’s convene, air our grievances, and slap our foreheads while groaning under our breath, “It’s (sigh) Jess.” READ FULL STORY

Contrarian Corner takes on 'Glee': 'I Am Unicorn' and I am vomiting rainbows

Have you ever felt like you’re different, a misfit, a loner, like you just don’t belong? Come Tuesday nights, when everyone tunes into a certain high-school musical, do you find yourself wondering how we’ve reached a point where Kidz Bop: The Series has become a major cultural touchstone? Is there a passion burning deep inside you that you just need to get out, and is that passion the desire to complain about how much you dislike Glee? If so, please take a seat, you’re in the right place. (For those of you hoping to read EW’s regular Glee recap, you can find that here.) READ FULL STORY

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