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Snooki's guidette beauty regimen is even grosser than you'd think...

We may live in a world where people put nightingale dung on their faces and let flesh-eating fish nip at their toes, but it still sounded like the Internet was playing a trick on Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi when she revealed her latest beauty secret on Conan last night. In her new book, Jersey Shore‘s favorite guidette mentioned that she likes to save money on her beauty regimen by Googling DIY treatments.

The latest and greatest, Snooki said, was putting cat litter (“Clean cat litter!” just in case you wondered) on her face. “It’s got exfoliates, they’ve got rocks in there,” she insisted, “It makes your skin really smooth,” and later added, “I haven’t broken out yet!” A ringing endorsement if there ever was one. See her describe the home remedy, plus advise Conan on how to become a guido, below. READ FULL STORY

Louis CK's next comedy special: It's not TV, it's NOT HBO. It's online.


Comedian Louis CK visited Conan O’Brien last night during the talkshow host’s final night in New York, and the two swapped stories about the early days, when the no-name red-head took over for David Letterman and hired the struggling comic as one of his first writers. “You saved my life, and you gave me a career,” said Louis, who’s since done rather well for himself.

Louis CK sits atop the stand-up comedy landscape, and his FX show has introduced his unique comic perspective to millions of viewers. It will be interesting to see, then, if his next venture will be a success. After joking with O’Brien about suicide etiquette, George W. Bush, and Americans’ bigotry towards Mexicans, Louis announced plans for his next big comedy special. READ FULL STORY

Conan O'Brien's last NYC show: Host officiates gay wedding, Triumph occupies Wall Street. Don't go, Coco!

To say that Conan O’Brien made the most of his time back in New York City during his week-long stint would be an understatement. O’Brien, among other things, worked as a Chinese food delivery man, peddled along Central Park as a pedicab driver, and played a round of New York trivia with Mayor Michael Bloomberg. (Even the most seasoned, lifelong New Yorkers can’t brag about having done that!)

So how do you top off a week of fantastic programming in the Big Apple? Why, you officiate a gay wedding, welcome back Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (and send him to Occupy Wall Street), have a hilarious conversation with Louis C.K., and get a surprise visit from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, of course. READ FULL STORY

On the scene for Conan O'Brien's first night back in New York City: Fans, Fallon... and the Mayor!

I wish I could say that the sight of hundreds of eager Conan O’Brien fans waiting to get into the Beacon Theater while dressed as pop culture references (Waldo, I found you!), their beloved Coco, and The Flaming C! would be different on any night other than October 31st. But as any member of Team Coco could attest, that simply wouldn’t be the case. Halloween or not, the Conan elite were slapping on their finest (and sometimes intentionally downright terrible) orange wigs and welcoming home their departed hero, in a line that wrapped around three Manhattan blocks.  READ FULL STORY

Go Coco! Conan will officiate a gay wedding in NYC

Conan O’Brien is about to make New York City a brighter, sunnier place. And no, not just because of his spectacular ginger hair. As Vulture reported earlier, upon his return to the Big Apple, O’Brien will officiate a gay wedding on-air during one of the Conan tapings. (A Conan publicist confirmed to EW that the news is true, but an exact air date for the blessed event has not yet been set.)

Of course, as Vulture pointed out, this isn’t O’Brien going for cheap laughs, nor is it a publicity stunt. (The guy’s got a giant orange blimp that hovers over America’s cities. Can’t get much more publicity than that!) In fact, sources told the site, “O’Brien will be marrying a longtime staffer and his partner.” No matter who the couple, how great is this, PopWatchers?! READ FULL STORY

Poll: Who's the funniest late-night comedian?

From Colbert to Conan, Letterman to Leno, and Fallon to Ferguson, the universe of late-night comedians is a diverse one. Which is exactly why we’ve been a little stumped while putting together our upcoming Comedy Issue. Who’s the funniest of them all? Well, it depends on who you ask.

So what’s why we’re turning to you. Instead of us choosing who we think is the funniest, we thought we’d throw the question over to you, our always-wise PopWatch readers: Who’s the funniest late-night comedian? Vote in our poll below, and we’ll publish your favorite late-night host in our Comedy Issue, which hits stands on Oct. 28. READ FULL STORY

Conan O'Brien visits Jimmy Fallon in his old studio: Watch!

Conan O’Brien, who’ll return to New York City to host his TBS show there the week of Oct. 31, made an advance trip to visit with Jimmy Fallon, who now shoots in O’Brien’s old studio. “That’s right, you were here for 16 years,” Fallon said on last night’s Late Night. “And then… what happened?” Watch the clip below. READ FULL STORY

Ryan Gosling lets Conan O'Brien in on a dirty Disney secret

Wouldn’t it be nice if Ryan Gosling made the talk-show rounds at least once a week? Granted, it’s certainly starting to feel that way considering he’s had three movies to promote (Crazy Stupid Love, Drive, The Ides of March) over the past few months, but the guy is one seriously entertaining talk-show guest. Plus, he’s easy on the eyes, if you catch my drift. (Pssst, it means he’s very, very handsome.)

Gosling proved all this once again Monday night when he visited Conan and chatted about, among other things, his gripe with Disney (which, surprisingly enough, had nothing to do with The Mickey Mouse Club.) READ FULL STORY

Conan O'Brien caught staring at Nicole Scherzinger's breasts

Nicole Scherzinger continued her second-act transformation from bargain-pop-diva to reality-TV-Queen-in-waiting on last night’s episode of Conan. It all started because the X Factor judge was wearing a dress that was, shall we say, a bit skimp-tastic. “It’s like it’s painted on,” said Conan, “You look fantastic. You may suffocate.” Nicole agreed: “I feel like a sausage!” she said, and boy oh boy I bet that bread is happy, amiright? Anyhow, after a couple minutes of casual banter about The X Factor, Conan’s eyes undeniably trended downwards towards the chesticular region. “Focus, Conan,” Nicole commanded. “Awwwwooooga!” said Conan. We have footage of it all right here: READ FULL STORY

Who was the best Emmys host of all time? Conan? Ellen? Carson? NPH?

While we have all the confidence in the world that Jane Lynch will do a stellar job hosting the Emmys this Sunday, there’s no question that the Glee star has some tough acts to follow. Just last year, Jimmy Fallon knocked it out of the park early with his Springsteen-inspired, cameo-heavy (Jon Hamm! Betty White!… Kate Gosselin?) musical number, while Neil Patrick Harris — who had his own musical number — did what he does best in 2009, emceeing the evening with his usual poise and charm. (Just as he did the Tonys!)

But were they the best hosts ever? READ FULL STORY

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