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Ryan Reynolds now officially the Sexiest Man Alive

This morning, People announced that Ryan Reynolds is its 2010 Sexiest Man Alive. The issue hits stands Friday, at which time we’ll be able to see if the magazine resisted the urge to show him shirtless. (Can you imagine the letters?) The Green Lantern star proves why he’s really on the list — his sense of humor. “Now it’s going to be, ‘Sexiest Man, take out the garbage.’ That does sound better,” Reynolds says of how the title might turn into a perk with his wife, Scarlett Johansson. “The most difficult part is going to be organically working this title into a conversation with random strangers.”

People also has a tease of some of the runner-ups on its website, which includes a pretty phenomenal shot of Jon Hamm, Kellan Lutz lying shirtless on a truck, Drake, Glee‘s Matthew Morrison, Jon Bon Jovi, True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello (wet), Robert Downey Jr., Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jesse Williams, Justin Timberlake, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Vin Diesel, winner of People’s first-ever Sexiest Man Alive on Facebook campaign. The cover also shows that Johnny Depp and Conan O’Brien make the cut.

What are your thoughts on People‘s pick, people?

'Conan' blimp haunting Jay Leno, reports local Los Angeles NBC anchor

BREAKING NEWS: According to Los Angeles NBC anchor Robert Kovacik’s Twitter feed, this afternoon a bright orange blimp with the word “CONAN” in big, bold letters written across it could be seen hovering over the NBC studios in Burbank, Calif., right before Jay Leno began taping The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Kovacik even took a photo of the foreboding sight. At press time, it was not entirely clear who or what this “CONAN” is, or why he/she/it would be hounding poor Leno so. Perhaps the strange lowercase “tbs” that appeared to be rising out of a bowl holds the answer. You tell me, PopWatchers. What does this mean?

'Dancing With the Stars': Could Bristol Palin actually win?!? TV Insiders look into disco-crystal ball on podcast

Image Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC

Bristol Palin may look like she doesn’t even want to be there half the time, but apparently lots of other people must want her on Dancing With the Stars, because the “teen activist” keeps on surviving week after week when other, clearly better dancers are shows the door. Which leads to many questions: How is this happening? Are fans of her politician mother voting along party lines for daughter Palin in droves? And could Bristol actually … gulp … win? Annie Barrett and Michael Slezak join me on the always non-partisan TV Insiders podcast to break it all down while also examining the big verbal dust-up between sassy Maks and sometimes lucid Carrie Ann. Plus: Someone admits to actually liking Survivor: Nicaragua‘s NaOnka, we grade the first week of Conan O’Brien’s new TBS talk show, and give our picks for the funniest Modern Family cast member. You can download all the insanity straight to your mp3 player, or click on the video player below to enjoy all the podcast magic on your screen right here, right now. And if you have a question for the TV Insiders, you can tweet it to @EWDaltonRoss. So get your dancing shoes on, click on the video below, and we’re off! READ FULL STORY

Julie Bowen shows leg, and a shot of her twins 'Fatty' and 'Smarty,' on 'Conan'

Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen felt pressure to perform as one of Conan‘s first week guests, and we think it’s safe to say she produced. Watch their chat below. Conan starts by thanking her for not wearing pants. “It’s so great to be on television again,” he said. Then, Bowen insults fellow guest Michael Cera a couple times before admitting that she met him at an event when he was 14, walked up to him and said “I love you” in what she thought was a cool way, and he looked at her like she was old and decrepit. She saved the best story, about her twin 18-month-old boys, for last: She was doing laundry one day, turned her back, and, “The smart one had gotten the fat cute one in the dryer.” Naturally, Conan gives her grief for not having learned her children’s names and for her first instinct being to run to get her camera and take a photo. “You get fatty out!” Hilarious. This is how a talk show appearance is done.

P.S. The way she told that story, there is no one who could play Claire better than her. And it’s a shame Fatty (Gustav) and Smarty (John) aren’t a little older. They could’ve wreaked havoc as Lily’s preschool classmates. READ FULL STORY

TV Insiders podcast: EW experts weigh in on Conan's first week and pick the funniest person on 'Modern Family'

Image Credit: Meghan Sinclair/Team Coco; Mitch Haddad/ABC

New network, new start time, same old Conan. Or is it? The TV Insiders are here to break down the first week of Conan and tell you (and him) what is and isn’t working so far on O’Brien’s new TBS talk show. Michael Slezak and Annie Barrett join yours truly to hand out our grades for week number one. Listen on, and see if you agree. But that’s not all we’re debating this week: We also give our picks for the funniest Modern Family cast member. (How will Mike and Annie take it when they learn how clearly right I am and clearly wrong they are?) There are also plenty of reality shenanigans to be discussed and dissected. You will sit in stunned silence as someone on our panel admits to actually rooting for Survivor‘s most hateful contestant ever NaOnka. And we will sit in stunned silence as we try to figure out how Bristol Palin has made it all the way through to the Dancing With The Stars final four. Is she the worst final four contestant ever? We’ll let you know! You can download all the insanity straight to your mp3 player, or click on the video player below to enjoy all the podcast magic on your screen right here, right now. Plus, if you have a question for the TV Insiders, you can tweet it to @EWDaltonRoss. And now, herrrrrrrrrrrrrrre’s Conan!

'Conan' night three: Jon Hamm, Charlyne Yi, and few more TBS jokes

Conan-Jon-HammImage Credit: Meghan Sinclair/Team CocoConan O’Brien’s third night on TBS was … fine? While his new show is nearly a carbon copy of his old gig, there were still a couple growing pains on display last night. The most notable, and self-referential: more of the “I’m on TBS” gags that he’s been working this week. “I am of course Conan O’Brien,” he told the audience by way of introduction. “Or, as I’m now contractually obligated to call myself since joining TBS, Tyler Perry’s Conan O’Brien.” Har har. He also shared some clever working titles for his show, including Plan B with Conan O’Brien, One Hour to Lopez, S— a Tall Irish Attention Whore Says, and Taller and Gayer Ellen. (Check out this bit in the clip below.) Then he jumped into standard talk show fare — Bush jokes, Obama jokes, lions, tigers and ligers, oh my! — before bringing out guests, which we’ll tackle one by one: READ FULL STORY

Google 'Watch Conan' ... to get to Jay Leno's website

conan-jayImage Credit: Art Streiber/TBS; Mitchell Haaseth/NBCAlthough Conan O’Brien and his new TBS show Conan is winning the ratings war so far, he’s getting killed in the search engine optimization war.

If you search “Watch Conan” on Google, the website for Jay Leno’s Tonight Show is the first result. See for yourself.

This could be a simple mistake, right? Maybe the web team just changed the name on the header of the website when the two hosts swapped places. But we here at PopWatch like conspiracy theories. After all, the search term “Conan Obrien” returns Leno’s site as the third result, and the search term “Conan O’Brien” returns it as the sixth. Is NBC holding onto O’Brien’s web traffic and characters?

PopWatchers, what do you think is going on here? Does Google’s search algorithm have a sense of irony?

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Second night of 'Conan': Enough with the TBS jokes already

conan-tom-hanksImage Credit: Meghan Sinclair/Conaco LLCIt was nice, Tuesday night, to see Conan O’Brien — and his beard — back on the air for a second night in a row, the signal that he’s returned to late-night for the long haul. What I’m looking forward to even more, though, is a time when he dispenses with the self-referential humor about losing his NBC gig and coming to basic cable. I get that he needs to address it at the beginning — it was a huge news story, and there is certainly humor to be found in it — and I know that late-night hosts honor a long tradition of sticking it to their home networks, no matter which one they’re on. But the lengthy, dead-weight bit wherein he visited the Standards and Practices guy — which seemed like it was going to be so much fun when he introduced it by saying he wanted to find out what he can get away with on the air — made me wish he’d just move on. READ FULL STORY

Poll: How did Conan O'Brien fare on opening night?

conan-obrienImage Credit: Meghan SinclairLadies and gentleman, our long national nightmare is over. After more than nine months in the wilderness — and by wilderness, I mean everywhere but late-night TV — Conan O’Brien is back on the air. Last night’s premiere on TBS was classic Conan, though Ken Tucker points out it was as underwhelming as it was pleasant. It remains to be seen how O’Brien will distinguish himself from his rivals, old and new, but for one night, at least, Team Coco and TBS were the center of the entertainment universe.

What did you make of O’Brien’s debut? Vote and sound off below. READ FULL STORY

Breaking: Conan's clown hair same as real hair

An alter-ego red pompadour and cameos from handsome man Jon Hamm and little person Larry King within the first five minutes of TBS’ Conan?! Doesn’t Conan O’Brien know I have a very important Dancing With the Stars recap to write?

SPOILER ALERT: The beard lives!

Update: Oh, s—! He just moved the moon!

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