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Poll: How did Conan O'Brien fare on opening night?

conan-obrienImage Credit: Meghan SinclairLadies and gentleman, our long national nightmare is over. After more than nine months in the wilderness — and by wilderness, I mean everywhere but late-night TV — Conan O’Brien is back on the air. Last night’s premiere on TBS was classic Conan, though Ken Tucker points out it was as underwhelming as it was pleasant. It remains to be seen how O’Brien will distinguish himself from his rivals, old and new, but for one night, at least, Team Coco and TBS were the center of the entertainment universe.

What did you make of O’Brien’s debut? Vote and sound off below. READ FULL STORY

Breaking: Conan's clown hair same as real hair

An alter-ego red pompadour and cameos from handsome man Jon Hamm and little person Larry King within the first five minutes of TBS’ Conan?! Doesn’t Conan O’Brien know I have a very important Dancing With the Stars recap to write?

SPOILER ALERT: The beard lives!

Update: Oh, s—! He just moved the moon!

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Conan O'Brien prepares for tonight's premiere in new American Express commercial: Every detail counts

In case you haven’t been keeping track, it has been nine and a half long months since we last watched Conan O’Brien from the comfort of our own sofa and footie pajamas. After his fallout with NBC — and the endless promotion of his new show Conan from TBS — it’s understandable that O’Brien wants everything about tonight’s premiere to be just perfect. Ever the true team player, Coco is not above carrying out the most minute details himself, even if that means getting his pretty white pants a little dirty. (White after Labor Day? For shame, Coco.) After the jump, watch Sir Conan, man of the people, travel to India to haggle with fabric sellers and trade gossip with local women in a new ad for American Express. Considering tonight’s first guest might be the curator of a nutcracker museum, this doesn’t seem too far off from what we can expect from the new Conan, right? READ FULL STORY

Conan O'Brien gives you five reasons to watch his new show: 'Reuniting Led Zeppelin is a goal of mine'

conan-obrienImage Credit: TBSIn just a few short hours, Conan O’Brien ends his hiatus from the tube with the debut of Conan, a late-night talk show on TBS. Looking for a reason to watch his fresh start? Well, you’re in luck: O’Brien gave EW.com five good ones.

1.  “There may be a cash giveaway. And I repeat may.”

2. “Late in the first show, I’m choosing a second wife — someone who’s independently very wealthy, so if I go through this kind of bulls— again, I’m really well taken care of. I mean, I’m talking about someone with hundreds of millions of dollars, because then I’ll really walk the walk.”

3. “You’ll get to see whether I kept the beard or not. And I don’t think I’m self-centered, but I think it’s more important to America than this election.” READ FULL STORY

Conan's first guest the curator of a nutcracker museum? We'd believe it.

conan-obrienImage Credit: Conan O'Brien: TBS, Nutcracker: Getty ImagesToday, rumors are swirling that Arlene Wagner, who opened  the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum in the state of Washington 15 years ago with her husband, George, will be Conan O’Brien’s first guest when his late-night show Conan debuts on TBS Monday. A rep for the show has yet to confirm the booking to EW, but here’s what we do know: On Friday, O’Brien announced via the video below that voting in the poll to name his first guest was now closed, and he had decided to eliminate all but three of fans’ picks, including Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, for various reasons. It’s down to Jack Nicholson, the Sultan of Brunei, and Wagner, Conan said — adding that he would be tallying and manipulating the results. After sidekick Andy Richter gave an interview contemplating having the elusive Nicholson sitting between him and Conan, a rep for Conan called the writer back to say Richter was just “joking.” So yes, we’d believe it if Wagner earned the coveted spot. Both Conan and Andy have said all they want to do on their new show is have fun, and what’s more fun than talking to a woman who’s traveled the world to collect more than 6,000 nutcrackers and will bring props? According to the museum’s website, Wagner is a former ballet teacher who produced the Nutcracker Ballet for many years, and “just as Clara in the ballet became entranced with the wooden figure with the big teeth, so did Arlene.” Who better to talk to about having their balls busted during the Tonight Show debacle? (And again, props!)

Are you now hoping Arlene is Conan’s first guest, or are you still holding out hope for Nicholson? Wouldn’t it be great if Conan had all three of them walk out so he could announce the winner, and then sent Nicholson and the Sultan packing without them saying a word? Maybe that’s a little too much to ask for on basic cable… we’ll see.  READ FULL STORY

Conan O'Brien surprises George Lopez with Spanish skills, a mariachi band

Revving up for the debut of his new TBS show on Monday, Conan O’Brien made a surprise visit to George Lopez — the guy whose time slot he’ll be taking next week. “It’s thrilling, basic cable,” said O’Brien, before requesting to switch the conversation to a different language. “I don’t know if people are aware of this, but Spanish is my native tongue,” O’Brien declared. Next thing you know, he’s launching into an translator’s nightmare of bungled phrases. “Yes. I have many shoes,” he trilled in lovely sounding Spanish. “And we hope that the boat has more dog eyes in the future.”

The two then switched to German for more lines of goofy nonsense, wrapping up just in time for a band of mariachi guitarists and alpine-looking tuba players. What all this has to do with Conan’s new show, we’ve got no idea. But it was pretty funny. Check it out below, and then sound off in the comments: Are you excited for Conan’s new gig on TBS? (Feel free to post your thoughts in as many languages as necessary.) READ FULL STORY

Conan O'Brien on his new show: 'You'll see me sink to a new low. In a good way'

conan-obrien_320.jpg Image Credit: NBCThe countdown to Coco is almost over: One week from today, Conan O’Brien unveils his new late-night talk show on TBS, mysteriously titled… Conan. To get a taste of what’s to come, you can check out “Show Zero” on teamcoco.com at 11 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT, or you can keep reading to see what the former host of Late Night and The Tonight Show has to say about launching his new show.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you feeling as you prepare for your return to TV? Nervous? Nauseated? Tingling sensation?
Highly medicated. I’m on something that they use to euthanize racehorses when they break a leg. I walk around with an IV bag full of this stuff, so it’s going to be a different Conan that people see. It’s going to be a Conan that really has trouble moving, and shows very few facial expressions.

What can fans expect from the TBS version of a Conan talk show?
This is the show that someone does after they’ve survived a serious car accident. There’s a little bit of — and I think in a good way — a “let’s just go for it” kind of feel. I’ve been doing one show or another for about 17 years, and then you have this razor’s edge nine months that I’ve had recently and you think about things a little differently. So, there’s more of a feeling of “Screw it, I’m not going to second-guess anything” and “If it makes me laugh, I’m just going to go for it.” And that, I think, is going to serve me well for about 3 months.


Conan O'Brien ponders 'the still-kind-of-unthinkable' in 'Rolling Stone' interview

ConanImage Credit: Art Streiber/TBSThe Tonight Show kick-in-the-teeth was “traumatic” for Conan O’Brien, according to a long cover story in Rolling Stone. (Really? Because the beard didn’t give that away at all.) The rejuvenated late-night talk show host takes the high road in the piece, slipping only one minor dig at his predecessor/successor, Jay Leno, though he still refers to the events that led to his dismissal as “the still-kind-of-unthinkable.” But his longtime producer, Jeff Ross, continues to insist that O’Brien’s lackluster performance on The Tonight Show was not the root of NBC’s problem. “The Leno disaster [at 10 p.m.] was the problem,” he claims. “And then it became, ‘Who’s cheaper to get rid of?’”

Okay, can’t we just agree now that Conan’s Tonight Show was compromised from the start, and that he was much funnier before he hosted that dusty late-night relic and after he was axed? O’Brien seems to get it, though at one point, he compares replacing Leno to subbing for Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady. First off, that it the first indirect, if inadvertent, compliment that Leno has received in more than two years. Secondly, if you thought NBC was disappointed with your performance on the Tonight Show, Coco, wait until you face Gisele Bündchen!

Are you ready for Conan 3.0, PopWatchers? Have you read the RS cover story? Did it bother you when Mr. Harvard made fun of The Goonies (cuz I was peeved)?

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Conan O'Brien will webcast 'Show Zero' on Monday

Rejoice, Team Coco! Conan O’Brien will webcast “Show Zero” this Monday at 11 p.m. to whip fans into a frenzy (or at least a polite chatter) before Conan premieres for real on Nov. 8. “Show Zero” will stream on Conan‘s website, Facebook, and YouTube. READ FULL STORY

Conan won't be denied his Masturbating Bear -- even if it means a lawsuit

ConanImage Credit: Art Streiber/TBSConan O’Brien had some fightin’ words in his recent interview with Rolling Stone: “I won’t be denied my Masturbating Bear!” he says in the article, daring NBC to sue him, since the network still owns all his Late Night characters and bits. “What I really wanna do is be sued over the bear and then appear in court with the Masturbating Bear. ‘Your Honor, this bear can’t help himself!’”

A rep for NBC declined to comment on whether the network would pursue legal action against O’Brien should ursine onanism make an appearance on Conan’s upcoming TBS series. READ FULL STORY

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