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Choose your own 'Community' Halloween adventure

Ever since Community‘s Oct. 19 premiere date was indefinitely postponed, the ratings-plagued cult favorite appears to be languishing in oblivion. But in another attempt to assuage restless fans, the show released the “Community Horror Picture Show,” a choose-your-own-adventure video that lets viewers select different timelines from the series’ first three Halloween episodes. Even though we’ve seen all of this material before, it does prove that the Community team are committed to satisfying their small but rabid following. Take a gander at the video below, run through the numerous storylines, and remember just how zany, intelligent, and strange Community really is.


'Community': Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs' 'pin up special' exists in the sexiest timeline -- VIDEO

Hungry for some breakfast dessert? Good — because there’s a giant slice of cheesecake waiting after the jump.

Last summer, Community stars Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs got kinky for a photo spread in GQ, a fashion magazine that tends to advocate nakedness (for women, at least). But somehow, the following video of the gals performing a trio of goofy burlesque bits during said photoshoot didn’t hit YouTube until Oct. 19… which, uncoincidentally, is the date that Community‘s fourth season was originally supposed to premiere on NBC.

It’s semi-NSFW, unless your boss doesn’t mind you gaping at half-naked ladies. Even so, you should hurry up and watch it before this video breaks the Internet.


'Community' actors accept their EWwy Awards -- VIDEO


Community dominated the comedy categories in EW’s 5th annual EWwy Awards, winning Best Comedy with 49 percent of the vote. We recently dropped by the set to hand-deliver the cast’s tiny golden Ewe statuettes so they could 1.) poke fun at the them, and 2.) sincerely praise/thank the show’s fans, who they know are the reason they’ve got a fourth season premiering Oct. 19 on NBC.

Watch Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Alison Brie, and Danny Pudi accept the Best Comedy EWwy in the first video below. In the second, McHale, Brie, and Pudi celebrate their individual EWwy wins by teasing the new season. READ FULL STORY

Chevy Chase talks more smack about 'Community,' quasi-insults Louis CK

these kids, the cast.” So he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

The blunt pronouncements Chase made in an interview with Huffington Post UK this weekend aren’t exactly surprising — he’s long had a reputation for being curmudgeonly and difficult to work with despite the numerous regular and online reputation management agents he’s tried to work with. Still, it’s a little disheartening that he’s still denigrating the show that brought him back into the public consciousness — especially now that a Dan Harmon-less Community will be fighting for its life in a Friday night death slot.


Joel McHale rocks the vote -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

What’s harder: Crossing the Delaware or keeping Community on air?

Funnyman (and recent EWwy winner!) Joel McHale is about to find out, channeling his inner George Washington as part of a new Rock the Vote commercial, directed by Adam Shankman.

The commercial will also feature celebs such as Neil Patrick Harris, Kathy Griffin, Jane Lynch, Miley Cyrus and Darren Criss, among many others.

“I felt compelled in this volatile and crucially important time to help guide ALL American people to the voting booth,” Adam Shankman said in a statement. “Like the majority of Americans, my voice only reaches so far; by coming together with my close friends and colleagues in making this video, we’re simply trying to convey one message: Every one of us matters. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain about the state of our country. Voting is a glorious right that we need to celebrate, embrace, and more importantly than ever, do. I can’t thank everyone enough who gave their time for this most important of causes.”

Check out an exclusive photo of McHale from the upcoming commercial below: READ FULL STORY

Attention 'Community' fans: 'Inspector Spacetime' is real

You know that kooky British TV show that Abed and Troy are always drooling over – Inspector Spacetime? The one that’s supposedly been running since 1962 and is a dead ringer for Doctor Who?  Well, fans, now it’s more than just an in-joke; it’s the real deal, baby.

Community first made reference to Inspector Spacetime in the season 3 episode, “Biology 101.” Travis Richey, who played the titular inspector, ran with the idea and has developed his own web series called Untitled Web Series about a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time. The title’s a bit dubious, but that’s because his first attempt to pitch the show as Inspector Spacetime earned him a cease-and-desist order from the suits at NBC. So he took a note from Prince’s playbook and adopted a comically precise, tongue-in-cheek moniker while leaving the substance in tact.

The first episode clocks in at just four and a half minutes and has the low-budget, self-aware production quality that fans of Community are sure to appreciate. I’m skeptical of its potential — it works as a running gag but may not have the depth for much more than that — but it’ll at least placate viewers until Community starts up again on Oct. 19. Check out the first episode below. READ FULL STORY

Last Call! Turn the Emmy-snubbed into EWwy winners by voting in all 10 categories here!


Voting for EW’s 5th Annual EWwy Awards — honoring the shows, actors, and actresses readers believe deserved an Emmy nomination but didn’t receive one — ends Thursday at 3 p.m. ET. (Winners will be announced Friday.) For a deep dive into the nominees, click through the Comedy categories and the Drama categories. Or, cast your ballot now by voting in the 10 polls below.

And the Drama nominees are…


EWwy Awards reminder: Voting ends Thursday!


With tonight’s return of Sons of Anarchy, recipient of four nominations in EW’s 5th annual EWwys — a celebration of the Emmy-snubbed — it’s a good time to remind you that voting for the 2012 EWwys ends this Thursday at 3 p.m. ET. Winners will be announced on Friday. View the drama nominees and vote here (there’s a poll after each category). Click here for the comedy nominees.

Read more:
Emmys: Snubs in Comedy? Vote to Make ‘em EWwy 2012 Winners!
Emmys: Snubs in Drama? Vote to Make ‘em EWwy 2012 Winners!
EWwy Awards: ‘An election we all can agree on,’ says Rob Lowe
EWwy Awards 2012: Which Supporting Actor is the tougher race?

EWwy Awards: 'An election we all can agree on,' says Rob Lowe


It’s Day 3 of voting for EW’s 5th Annual EWwy Awards for the Emmy-snubbed, and today’s reminder comes courtesy of Rob Lowe, a nominee for Best Actor, Comedy, alongside his Parks and Recreation castmate Adam Scott, Community‘s Joel McHale, The Big Bang Theory‘s Johnny Galecki, and Up All Night‘s Will Arnett. Campaigning is not only welcome, it’s encouraged! Use the hashtag #EWwy.

EWwy Awards 2012: Which Supporting Actor is the tougher race?


It’s Day 2 of voting for EW’s 5th Annual EWwy Awards, honoring the shows and actors snubbed by the Emmys, and already, a themed has emerged in the comments: That Supporting Actor race is brutal — whether you’re talking drama or comedy.

The comedy nominees are Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, and Aziz Ansari, along with Community‘s Danny Pudi and Donald Glover. (Vote here.) The drama nominees are Fringe‘s John Noble, Boardwalk Empire‘s Michael Pitt, Mad Men‘s John Slattery, The Killing‘s Joel Kinnaman, and Justified‘s Walton Goggins. (Vote here.) Which category is tougher? We’re resisting the urge to type a new poll. Here’s what readers are saying: READ FULL STORY

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