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DC announces week four of 'Convergence': Pre-Crisis fans, rejoice

For the past month, DC Entertainment has been slowly rolling out details about Convergence, the publisher’s massive 2015 crossover event. Beginning in April, all of DC’s ongoing comic books will go on hiatus for two months; they’ll be replaced by 40 two-part miniseries that will debut 10 at a time for four weeks. Each of these miniseries will run alongside a main Convergence miniseries, which will carry the bulk of the crossover’s narrative weight.

Thus far, it’s broken down like this: Week One focuses on the DC Universe before the New 52 reboot. Week Two is more of a ’90s kick. Week Three focuses squarely on the 80s. And for Week Four, announced today, we’ll be seeing characters from across the multiverse as it existed before DC’s very first reboot: Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Read on for more details and some exclusive preview art.

Marvel announces 'Howard the Duck' by Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones

Guardians of the Galaxy was great and all, but how about that post-credits scene? You know, the one with the anthropomorphic duck? What’s his deal?

Glad you asked. Created by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerick, Howard the Duck is one of the strangest and most subversive characters in the Marvel canon—that unfortunately is mostly known from a terrible film in the 1980s. But, as the old saying goes, the road to redemption starts after the credits of a blockbuster movie—and Marvel is bringing Howard back in a big way. This Spring, the publisher will launch Howard the Duck, a new ongoing comic-book series by Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones in which the talking duck from another planet sets up shop in the Marvel Universe as a private investigator.

Fans of Sex Criminals already know that Chip Zdarsky is one of the funniest people in comics, and Joe Quinones’ fun, clean artwork is a great fit for the off-beat comedy of Howard. To get a feel of what to expect when the book launches, EW interviewed Zdarsky and Quinones about the series.


Christopher Nolan wrote an 'Interstellar' comic about a certain spoiler's backstory

Want more Interstellar? You’re in luck—today, you can experience an entire lost chapter of the film, thanks to a new short comic written by Christopher Nolan himself. Illustrated by the award-winning team of Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth (The Wake, Chrononauts), the short takes place in some spoiler-heavy territory, so click through (and read below) at your own risk.


Watch the creators of 'Sex Criminals' give their best dating advice


What comes to mind when someone tells you to read a comic called Sex Criminals? Do you expect a very sincere and heartfelt story about relationships and connection, that also happens to be hysterically funny? Because that’s what you’d get. One of the joys of reading Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky’s highly recommended and critically successful comic is the way it toys with your expectations—it’s humane, relatable, and earnest instead of titillating, and as a result, Fraction and Zdarsky have quickly built a large fanbase who proudly call themselves “Brimpers.” (Read the book. You’ll get it.)


Adopting hope: Rick Remender on 'All-New Captain America'

On sale this Wednesday, All-New Captain America #1 marks the beginning of Sam Wilson’s tenure as Captain America. Following last month’s Captain America #25, former Captain America Steve Rogers has named the hero formerly known as The Falcon as his successor after an encounter with a villain known as The Iron Nail removed the Super Soldier serum from his blood, rendering him an old man. With a new Cap comes a new comic book series and creative team. While Captain America writer Rick Remender is staying on board, he’s joined by Stuart Immonen on pencils, Wade Von Grawbadger on inks, and Marte Garcia and Eduardo Navarro on colors.

To get a feel for what to expect, EW spoke with writer Rick Remender about Sam Wilson’s upcoming tenure as Captain America, and the reaction he’s gotten following the announcement that Wilson, and African-American character, would be taking on the role. Read on for the interview and an exclusive first look at the cover art to All-New Captain America #4.


'Big Hero 6' strays far from its source material -- and that's great

Big Hero 6 is the first Disney film based on a Marvel comic, but the marketing campaign isn’t making a big deal out of it. That’s by design—the studio intentionally sought out an obscure property so they could make it their own, free of any sort of expectation from audiences. This strategy shows in the final product: While the film’s characters do have comic book counterparts, they are very, very different from their predecessors. And the film is so much better for it.


Marvel reveals the 'Secret' behind all of those mysterious teasers

If you’ve been following comic book news recently, you’re probably aware of the dozen or so teaser posters Marvel has been releasing one at a time over the past few weeks, with little to no contest. Today, the publisher released a video that reveals what they’ve been building to this whole time.


DC's 'Convergence': a multiversal mashup, and maybe some answers

You can never get too comfortable in the DC Multiverse. Reality is as spotty as cell phone reception, and there’s no telling when a huge cataclysmic event—a Crisis, if you will— is going to breeze through like a hurricane, making a mess of things and entirely changing the history of all your favorite characters. DC’s much-ballyhooed New 52 reboot was the result of an event like this, which scrapped everything that came before to start again from square one. However, this left readers with lots of questions about which classic or pivotal stories had happened in this new landscape. They also had a number of problems regarding the fates of several beloved characters.

In classic DC fashion, the publisher is going to answer these concerns with another grand, sweeping, Multiverse-changing event.


This new 'Nightcrawler' film gets the comics all wrong


It’s kind of fun to compare the X-Men film franchise to its original source material. Remarkably enough, in just 14 years, the movie universe has managed to become as convoluted and confusing as 50 years of comic books—even if the two are quite different, story-wise. The big, important stuff is in place—kind of like the way a stick figure looks like a person as long as you don’t forget where limbs are supposed to go. Everything else is played pretty fast and loose. And that’s fine! Adaptations shouldn’t be slavish recreations.

But boy, did they mess up this Nightcrawler movie. READ FULL STORY

Jack Kirby now receiving credit in Marvel Comics

While the terms of last month’s settlement between Marvel and the estate of Jack Kirby—the legendary artist who created much of the Marvel Universe with writer Stan Lee—were never made public, it seems that its effects are starting to kick in. A number of Marvel comics available this week now credit the King of Comics in their masthead.


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