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Captain America has been elected President of the United States

My fellow Americans, do you feel dissatisfied with the current state of our government? Did you watch the recent political conventions shaking your head, wishing that you could get excited about a presidential candidate, the way people used to in some distant past that never actually existed? Also, do you like publicity stunts? Then, my countrymen, salvation has arrived. According to the Associated Press, superhero Captain America has been elected President of the United States. Captain America (alias Steve Rogers) is the first World War II veteran to hold the office since George H. W. Bush, and is the first President to carry a large blunt-ranged weapon since Teddy Roosevelt and his infamous “Boomerang of Doom.” READ FULL STORY

Superhero Showdown Championship: And the winner is...(Plus: EXCLUSIVE ART of the winner!)

One month ago, we launched our Superhero Showdown bracket in an attempt to decide once and for all the identity of the greatest superhero of all time. The votes came flooding in and now we can declare unilaterally and scientifically that Batman — Dark Knight, Caped Crusader, World’s Greatest Detective, Walking Advertisement for the Utility-Belt Salesman of America — is officially the greatest costumed crimefighter in all of comic bookdom. READ FULL STORY

21 ways of looking at Joss Whedon's 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' TV show

News broke last night that Joss Whedon’s long-rumored Avengers TV spinoff would focus on S.H.I.E.L.D., the shadowy government organization led by Nick Fury. ABC has already ordered a pilot for the series, which will be penned by Whedon and his family members/Dr. Horrible colleagues Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen. No other information is currently available about the show, and Marvel would not disclose any further details when contacted by EW. Now, this is exciting news for many reasons. But a good comic-book geek is also a skeptical comic-book geek. Follow along with us as we track our 21-step reaction to the news about S.H.I.E.L.D.–The Series.

1. A new Joss Whedon TV show? Fantastic. I’m there. Love Firefly. Love Buffy. Haven’t watched Angel but everyone tells me it’s great. I even love Dollhouse, a flawed-but-wonderful TV show that most closely resembled a mash-up between the French New Wave and The A-Team.

2. But a new Joss Whedon TV show starring a popular brand of licensed characters? Hmmm. Well, I’m a little bit concerned that working within the boardroom-mandated boundaries of big corporate multimedia brands will hamstring Whedon’s creativity.

3. Then again, he did great with The Avengers, which is as big and corporate and multimedia and branded as they come. And the fact that the TV show has a built-in fanbase will make the pilot look even more appealing to ABC, which ended the 2011-2012 season in fourth place and could really use a hail-mary ambitious mass-appeal cray-cray TV show. READ FULL STORY

Superhero Showdown: Batman vs. Superman! Vote now to decide the greatest superhero ever!

And so it has come to this. Starting with an initial pool of 32 costumed crimefighters, our Superhero Showdown bracket game has slowly but surely whittled the playing field down to two final contestants. The greatest and most popular heroes in comic book history have all fallen by the wayside: Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, the unexpectedly popular upstart Hellboy, all of the Marvel superheroes. We are left now with a final face-off that defines the whole history of superherodom. In one corner, wearing very bright colors and an All-American smile: Superman, the Kansas farmboy, the hero of glittering Metropolis, blessed with every superpower you can imagine. In the other corner, wearing very dark colors and a cynical grimace: Batman, the big-city billionaire orphan, dark avenger of bleak Gotham, blessed with no superpowers besides boundless vengeful determination. READ FULL STORY

Entertainment Geekly: Wonder Woman and Superman in love! Plus: More 'Big Brother'


Earlier this week, Entertainment Weekly exclusively revealed that Wonder Woman and Superman — formerly platonic Justice League teammates — would soon be engaging in a genuine superpowered romance. On our new episode, Jeff and I chat about the potentially seismic reverberations that this plotline will have on the DC universe. Other topics include: The possibility of James Gunn directing Guardians of the Galaxy, the curious names of characters in next year’s Mad Max sequel/reboot, and an update on Big Brother, our favoritest reality show ever. We also talk about Jim Starlin. What a badass, that Jim Starlin. READ FULL STORY

Superhero Showdown Semi-Final Round: Batman vs. Iron Man!

Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark. Batman and Iron Man. One man, a morose orphan on an eternal mission of vengeance; the other, a brilliant gadfly turned industrial superhero. The two heroes sit at the upper tier of their respective universes; they have also become, in the modern age, arguably the most popular superheroes in the world, headlining billion-dollar film franchises. (To a certain extent, whenever Robert Downey Jr. appears in public now, he is playing Tony Stark.) Today, Batman and Iron Man face off in a blazing semi-final match. Who will advance to the final round? The decision…is up to you.

Check out our mini-bios of today’s competitors, and scroll down to vote now in the Batman/Iron Man match-up. Be sure to vote in our other Final Four competition: Superman vs. Spider-Man. And to get a look at how our tournament has gone so far, click on the image below for a full-sized printable bracket. READ FULL STORY

Superhero Showdown Semi-Final Round: Superman vs. Spider-Man!

Today, we enter the Final Four round of our Superhero Showdown — our ultra-mega-championship to decide which costumed crimefighter is the greatest superhero in comic book history. Today, we need you to vote in a match-up that, in many ways, defined the mainstream comic book industry for decades. In one corner: Superman, the original DC hero, a handsome image of All-American(-by-way-of-Krypton) invulnerability. In the other corner: Spider-Man, the defining Marvel hero-with-personal-problems, a creepy-cool image of urban adolescence run amok. They make ideal counterpoints. Superman flies over Metropolis, observing crime from on high like a candy-colored demi-god; Spider-Man swings through the tall shadows of Manhattan. Superman was born on a distant planet and raised on the rolling plains of Kansas; Spider-Man comes from Queens.

Check out our mini-bios of today’s competitors, and scroll down to vote now in the Spider-Man/Superman match-up. Be sure to check back tomorrow for another DC vs. Marvel showdown between Batman and Iron Man — a pair of superheroes who, in the last decade, have arguably usurped Spidey and Supes as the industry’s standard-bearers. And to get a look at how our tournament has gone so far, click on the image below for a full-sized printable bracket. READ FULL STORY

Case of the Ex: Lois Lane on Superman and Wonder Woman's hookup

Earlier today, EW revealed that the Man of Steel and a certain Amazon princess are the Justice League’s new power couple. Though Lois Lane isn’t romantically involved with Superman in DC’s “New 52″ continuity, the news has still left Metropolis’s most famous reporter feeling curiously sad. Want proof? After distracting Lane with a fresh pint of ice cream — thanks for the idea, Jon Stewart — we managed to swipe a page from her very secret diary. The following entry has been reprinted without her permission. We think Lois would understand, though; sometimes, a writer’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.

Dear diary,

As a rule, I don’t wallow. After all, I’m Lois Freakin’ Lane — Pulitzer Prize winner, Daily Planet Executive Vice President of New Media, possessor of perfect hair. I can cover superheroes fighting alien monsters in my sleep. I eat annoying interns for dinner. I am, generally, so awesome that I couldn’t find anything to wallow about even if I wanted to. But something happened today that’s given me a serious case of melancholy — even though there’s no reason it should.

While preparing myself for another late night at the office, I looked out my window and saw a strange sight: Superman, Metropolis’s golden boy, engaging in a mid-flight makeout session with some chick in a star-spangled bathing suit.


Superhero Showdown, Round 3: Batman vs. Wolverine! Captain America vs. Iron Man!

And so it has come to this: The final two matchups in the quarter-final round of our Superhero Showdown bracket game. In the first face-off, two of the most popular heroes in the whole history of fiction will fight for domination: It’s Batman vs. Wolverine, two superheroes who arguably define their respective comic book universe, two characters who have headlined some of the most important stories in comic book history (not to mention a few movies you might have heard about.) Then, witness a showdown between two old friends and teammates: Iron Man vs. Captain America. There can only be one!

Click on the image above for a printable bracket. Check out our pocket biographies of each superhero, and scroll to the bottom of each page to register your vote. Voting will conclude in on Monday, at 2:00 PM EST. And there’s still time to vote in yesterday’s quarter-final battles: Superman vs. Hellboy, and Spider-Man vs. Green Lantern. READ FULL STORY

Superhero Showdown, Round 3: Superman vs. Hellboy! Spider-Man vs. Green Lantern!

We’ve reached Round 3 of our Superhero Showdown bracket game. Some of the most famous comic book heroes in history have fallen by the wayside in the bloody battle to decide which costumed crimefighter is the Greatest Superhero Ever. (So long, Hulk! Farewell, Punisher! Sayonara, Wonder Woman!) The eight remaining contestants are a diverse bunch. Four come from Marvel; three come from DC; and the dark horse contender hails from, well, Dark Horse. You can vote today in a pair of quarter-final matches guaranteed to split your geek brain asunder. First, a top-seeded global icon will face off against a relative newcomer: It’s Superman vs. Hellboy, with the latter fresh from a pair of bruising upset victories over Ghost Rider and Captain Marvel. Then, one of Marvel’s most beloved characters will face off against a misunderstood DC comeback kid: It’s Spider-Man vs. Green Lantern. (Green Lantern’s only weakness: Yellow. Spider-Man’s only weakness: Existential angst.)

Click on the image above for a printable bracket. Check out our pocket biographies of each superhero, and scroll to the bottom of each page to register your vote. Voting will conclude in exactly 48 hours, at 1:00 PM EST on August 18. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a pair of truly thrilling superhero showdowns: Batman vs. Wolverine, and Captain America vs. Iron Man. READ FULL STORY

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