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'Avengers: Endless Wartime': Marvel's new graphic novel era begins -- EXCLUSIVE


Marvel will start a new shelf of original graphic novels this October with the release of Avengers: Endless Wartime, a 110-page epic by writer Warren Ellis and artist Mark McKone that will represent a number of milestone firsts.

Endless Wartime will be the first Marvel title released simultaneously in North America, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Brazil, Finland and Turkey. The book includes a code for accessing a digital edition via the Marvel Comics app and online in the Marvel Digital Comics Shop. The book’s biggest distinction, however, is the somewhat odd fact that Marvel rarely publishes major original graphic novels — more on that in a moment. But first a quick observation on Ellis: The man who dreamed up Spider Jerusalem and Planetary is putting together a pretty special year.

The Brit’s second prose detective novel, Gun Machine, hit the New York Times Bestseller list in January and his comics work will echo in two major studio releases this summer. There’s Iron Man 3 (which draws core concepts and themes from Iron Man: Extremis, the landmark 2005 story arc that pruned and primed the character’s mythology for Hollywood) and then RED 2 (the sequel to 2010’s RED, which gets its spy-versus-spy-retiree concept and its title from the old Wildstorm limited series by Ellis and Cully Hamner).


TNA wrestler Christopher Daniels pins down the comics and wrestling connection


Fans of wrestling nationwide will have the pay-per-view pleasure tonight of watching Lockdown 2013, the latest crafted conflict from TNA Wrestling (and no, we looked it up, it actually stands for Total Non-stop Action). One of the big moments will be the tag-team title match, which will feature the preening Christopher Daniels and his partner, Kazarian, as they take on two other brawny, bellowing tandems.

At some point Daniels, a 43-year-old native of Kalamazoo, Mich., will likely strike a pose that he picked up in the Marvel Universe or in baneful Gotham City — that’s because the Lex Luthor look-a-like is a devoted fan of comics who has even entered the ring dressed as Magneto, the Marvel’s mutant master of magnetism. What are the ties that bind comics to wrestling? We asked the black-hat ringmaster to pin it all down for us.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Wrestlers seem to have a lot in common with comic book characters — they fly through the air, they make a lot of fans and enemies, the whole thing with tights. Do you think comics were a compass that pointed you toward your destiny? READ FULL STORY

ComiXology launches new portal for indie artists: EW's exclusive talk with artist Becky Cloonan -- IMAGE


Long ago, making it in the comic book industry used to be a relatively straightforward proposition: You work for Marvel, you work for DC, or you don’t work at all. But the rise of the indie comics movement has given more opportunities to comic book creators. Now, digital-comics platform comiXology is announcing a new portal called comiXology Submit, which aims to indie artists’ stories available on a wide variety of devices: iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows 8 apps. Submit, which was announced at SXSW, allows anyone to submit their work for approval at the comiXology website. (Creators split the profits equally with comiXology and retain full ownership of their work.)

For the launch, comiXology got 34 indie comic creators to contribute material. Entertainment Weekly spoke to one of the artists, Becky Cloonan, an Eisner Award nominee who last year became the first female artist to illustrate the main Batman title. (You can also scroll down for a first look at Cloonan’s contribution to comiXology Submit, Demeter.) READ FULL STORY

'Guardians of the Galaxy': To Infinite and beyond -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

In the search for universal insight, we bring you two cosmic questions from the Marvel Universe: Will moviegoers embrace the unknown next summer when Marvel Studios delivers the eccentric Guardians of the Galaxy film? And, in the uncharted frontier of digital comics, how far can Marvel’s Infinite Comics go with its ongoing mission to find new readers?

Time will answer those shrouded mysteries, but there may be hints to both in a new release that arrives today in the Marvel digital space: Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comics, the first in a special four-issue series (written by Brian Michael Bendis and posted bi-weekly — you’ll find exclusive looks at the art above and below) in the Infinite format.


DC is killing off a major character this week (SPOILER ALERT)

The death of a major comic book character is one of those pop culture events that gives you a moment to sit back and really consider the big questions. Questions like: “So, is this a shameless marketing ploy, or is it an actual good story that will nevertheless be pitched as a shameless marketing ploy?” And: “How long until they bring him/her/it back to life?” Well, even cynical grouches — who remember the good old days when it seemed like Barry Allen might actually stay dead — might be a bit surprised by the news that DC is preparing to off one of their main characters. Which character you ask? Take a look — SPOILERS FROM HERE: READ FULL STORY

DC is making a new 'Batman/Superman' comic book -- Check out art by Jae Lee!

In June, DC will launch a new title focused on the Caped Crusader and the Last Son of Krypton. Batman/Superman chronicles the duo’s early days, when they meet and presumably don’t like each other until they like each other. USA Today announced that the comic will be written by Greg Pak and will feature art by Jae Lee.

The comic is mostly being kept under wraps at this point, but the timing of the launch is auspicious. The new Superman reboot, Man of Steel, hits theaters in June, so it makes sense that they would launch a new Supes comic book which happens to co-star DC’s most popular character. The fact that Batman gets top billing is intriguing — there was another duo comic, started in 2003, which ran for a decade under the title Superman/Batman. Both comics were preceded by World’s Finest, which is unfortunately not SEO-friendly.

DC released a couple of cool illustrations by Jae Lee. Check them out below: READ FULL STORY

Geoff Johns is leaving 'Green Lantern'

Geoff Johns has been steering Green Lantern for close to a decade now. His contribution to the character can’t be overstated. He brought back the iconic Silver Age alter ego Hal Jordan, and made the hero such an important fixture in the universe that a whole cosmic crossover, Blackest Night, emanated from Lantern‘s glow. (Johns is a big reason why everyone thought a Green Lantern movie was a good idea. Which, in principle if not reality, it was.) READ FULL STORY

Iron Man Mr. Potato Head? Must be Tony Starch! -- FIRST LOOK

Sure, the other spuds settle for tin foil but, as you can see yourself, there’s nothing typical about this tuber. Allow us to introduce a sleek new Iron Man Mr. Potato Head, a rocketing russet of red-and-gold who is making his world debut today both here on EW.com and at the 110th American International Toy Fair, which got underway Friday in New York despite some weather challenges.

The armored hero (we can call him Tony Starch!) joins two other heroic veggies — Wolverine Mr. Potato Head and Thor Mr. Potato Head — as the vanguard of a new Marvel line that will try to stir attention as a collector’s item. The product description from Hasbro: “The attention to detail, scale and consistent design elements … with a variety of fun components to mix and match, or collectors can proudly display them thanks to their compact size and design intricacy.”

Iron Man has been a Mr. Potato Head before but the other tough guys are newbies. All three of characters are returning to the big screen in 2013 and collectively (if you count cameos) they will finish the year with appearances in 14 feature films.

As Hollywood brands go, actually, Mr. Potato Head hasn’t exactly been sitting at home on the couch. Toy Story 3, his third movie, now stands as the highest-grossing animated film in international box office history with a take of more than $1 billion.The Pixar success is merely one chapter in the long, strange saga of a toy brand that was (appropriately) ground-breaking when it first came into view in 1952. To help you peel back the history, here are five fully baked facts about Mr. Potato Head.

1. He was alive once. Seriously, the first Mr. Potato Head’s were genuine potatoes that had been fashioned into “unique” playthings with a kit that came with 28 items (16 body parts, eight pieces of felt hair, three hats and a pipe). Check out a vintage commercial…



Watch every Stan Lee cameo from the Marvel superhero movies -- VIDEO

In the 1960s, Stan Lee had one of the greatest sustained creative runs in American pop culture, co-creating some of the most famous characters in the comic book medium. His post-’60s life has been fraught with retroactive controversy and lawsuits. But Lee lived long enough to see superheroes stage a complete takeover of Hollywood, and was rewarded with a curious kind of cinematic immortality. He has made a cameo in pretty much every single movie based on Marvel Comics characters, except for Ghost Rider, probably because he didn’t create Ghost Rider and probably because he had the good sense not to appear in a movie called Ghost Rider.

Now, YouTuber rogerio16juni1998 has brought together all of Stan the Man’s appearances into one handy video package. Look in awe as Stan Lee dodges various pieces of flying detritus, stares up in awe at various special effects, and says lots of pokey-poke lines like “Superheroes in New York? Gimme a break.” At various points, Stan Lee plays Willie Lumpkin, Larry King, a decorated WWII general, and Stan Lee. But I prefer to think that — Fan Theory! – all of these characters are actually the same person, a time-traveling con man who can impersonate anyone and do absolutely any job. Basically, The Pretender meets Doctor Who. Or, I dunno, maybe he’s The Watcher. Watch the video below: READ FULL STORY

Peter Parker left for dead in new 'Spider-Man' comic

After 50 years of spinning webs and catching a who’s who of criminals, Peter Parker is out of the hero game.

But Spider-Man is still slinging from building to building — reborn, refreshed and revived with a new sense of the old maxim that Ben Parker taught his then-fledgling nephew that “with great power, comes great responsibility.”

Writer Dan Slott, who’s been penning Spidey adventures for the better part of the last 100 issues for Marvel Entertainment, said the culmination of the story is a new, dramatically different direction for the Steve Ditko and Stan Lee-created hero.

“This is an epic turn,” Slott said. “I’ve been writing Spider-Man for 70-plus issues. Every now and then, you have to shake it up. … The reason Spider-Man is one of the longest running characters is they always find a way to keep it fresh. Something to shake up the mix.”

And in the pages of issue 700, out Wednesday, it’s not just shaken up, it’s turned head over heels, spun in circles, kicked sky high and cracked wide open. READ FULL STORY

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