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'Doctor Who' meets 'The Dude' in amazing fake trailer for 'The Big Whobowski' -- VIDEO

I love Doctor Who like the British time travel show’s fourth Time Lord loves handing out jelly babies and I love The Big Lebowski like the Dude loves drinking “Caucasians.” And if that previous sentence didn’t read like incomprehensible gibberish then I wager you will love this fake trailer for The Big Whobowski, a mash-up of Doctor Who and the Big Lebowski in which “El Duderino” makes way for “the 4th Doctor,” the Brigadier stands in for Walter Sobchak, and the roles of the “nihilists” are portrayed, appropriately, by Cybermen.


'Castle': Why I hope they keep their secret... at least for awhile

Despite my extreme excitement about this season of Castle, I have to admit, a little part of me had been worried. Prior to watching the premiere, I had heard all the right things about the season, but you just never know whether the delivery will live up to the expectations. So far, this season very much has, and I credit that largely to the decision to keep Castle and Beckett’s relationship a secret. (Though, after last night’s episode, we now know that Castle’s mom was the first to know; she claims she knew after their first hook-up!)

As last night’s episode displayed, keeping their relationship a secret has kept the couple’s at-work tension alive, much like when they were still denying their feelings for each other. Every stolen moment seems precious to them and behind every once platonic gesture — like, say, a handshake — there’s a romantic subtext.

In one moment (clip below), Beckett shared a memory about spending the day with her father at Coney Island after her mother’s funeral. These kind of stories have always endeared Beckett to Castle, and this was no exception. After finishing her story, Castle got up to exit — alone, of course, but he stopped in his tracks when Beckett asked, “So, talk tonight?” That’s when he leaned down to shake her hand with a playful, loving stare and a hint of a smile, “I can’t wait.” READ FULL STORY

Nora Ephron: Our favorite film moments -- VIDEO

Everyone has a favorite Nora Ephron moment. The writer, director, and all-around super woman passed away last night at age 71, and EW decided to look back over her collection of beloved movies to savor our favorite Ephron-penned scenes from When Harry Met Sally…, You’ve Got Mail, and more.

You can also check out a gallery of some of our favorite Ephron lines.

Start with Tom Hanks declaring his love for Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail: READ FULL STORY

Jean Dujardin's villainous Funny or Die clip: C'est magnifique!

Jean Dujardin may be in hot water with his native France over the risqué poster for his next film Les Infidèles (The Players), but America is still very much enamored with the charming star of The Artist. In fact, the folks over at Funny or Die have plenty of brilliant ideas of what the Oscar-nominated actor can do next here in the states.

Sure, the 39-year-old already technically has his next project lined up, but wouldn’t you much rather see him play the gun-toting, catchphrase-spouting villain in Bridesmaids 2, Sherlock Holmes 3, or Spy Kids 5D ? (Brilliant.) Not so fast, PopWatchers!  You can check out the entire hilarious clip here:

Gisele Bundchen explains Patriots loss: 'My husband cannot f--ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.' -- VIDEO

Sports fans, namely of the Super Bowl-winning New York Giants variety, have been soaking in every bit of expert analysis and endless SportsCenter replays from last night’s thrilling (fourth quarter) rematch between the Giants and the New England Patriots. But while the sports world is wrapped up in stats, final scores, and non-stop footage of Mario Manningham’s game-changing catch, it turns out there’s one person who really knows the final, concrete conclusion about why Super Bowl XLVI ended with the Giants winning over the Pats 21-17: Gisele Bundchen.

Rachel Bilson raps; talks 'O.C.' in new NSFW video: Watch here!

Summer Roberts is back (up on the track again)!

Rachel Bilson got in on the Funny or Die viral vid fun today, shooting a rap video “Call Me Doctor” with her Hart of Dixie co-stars Scott Porter and Wilson Bethel that gives the Natalie Portman SNL rap a run for its shockingly raunchy money. Princess Sparkles would not approve.

Bilson goes full attitude in the clip with ryhmes like “critics talking shit about my acting/ nice chick shtick ain’t happenin'” and  an intro that directly confronts some of the criticism against the show: “A real doctor wouldn’t dress like me? Act like me? Look like me?…Aw, hell no!”

She even gets in on the behind-the-scenes O.C. dish, saying “Peaced out of ‘The O.C.’, Ben and Brody, deuces!/ Did a couple movies, drank a couple juices!/ Still they comin’ at me, like ‘Where ya been?’/ You should be askin’ Mischa Barton.”

My favorite part may be when she takes on the “haters” (of course!) who have mentioned that Bilson as a believable doctor may be a bit of a stretch. She has got two words for you: “Doogie Howser.”

Be sure to check out 1:49, when Bilson takes the intensity to a whole new level. Watch your back throne, Jay-Z.

Listen to Bilson’s beats below:  READ FULL STORY

Jimmy Fallon to bring 'Late Night' antics on second comedy album

Somewhere, Al Yankovic is sweating.

Talk show host and parody extraordinaire Jimmy Fallon has reportedly signed a deal with Warner Bros. Records to release a comedy album in 2012. The album will include music and parodies featured on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

You probably don’t need reminding, but the former SNL skit-ster has consistently shown the world — via his Late Night stage how to put a good spoof together. Recently, he wasted no time re-interpreting Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and looking back we have Fallon to thank for the Neil Young-inspired “Pants on the Ground” and the greatest rendition of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” the world has ever known. Not to mention this his pitch-perfect opening number as host of the 2010 Emmy Awards. READ FULL STORY

Patrick Warburton: How an 8-year-old got the 'Rules of Engagement' star to be in her malaria PSA

The last thing Rules of Engagement star Patrick Warburton thought he’d be doing this Monday night is co-hosting a charity event for the non-profit End Malaria Now. But then a young actress and activist named Madison Moellers did a guest spot on his sitcom. “Madison and her mother presented me with this,” the big-hearted Warburton told me last week. “I’m going to be getting back Sunday night from San Francisco — my son and I are going on a great white shark trip where you go in a cage and you meet the sharks. Then I have to work on Monday. So doing an event on Monday would have been first on my list. But it’s impossible to say no to Madison.” Hence, Warburton will be appearing at Cafe Entourage in Hollywood this Monday night to raise money for EndMalariaNow.org. “It’s primarily a problem that’s happening on the other side of the planet, so it’s not in our immediate perspective,” Warburton says. “Malaria kills almost a million people every single year, and most of them are children under the age of five.”

Inspired by the Kenya-set movie The First Grader, Madison and two of her friends also filmed a PSA for End Malaria Now and even got Warburton to participate. It’s not slick but it gets the job done. Take a look after the jump. READ FULL STORY

'The Matrix' set to 'Mambo No. 5': A little bit of Trinity all night long!


Remember 1999? When we were afraid of the lights going out on Y2K? When President Bill Clinton was acquitted? When Sega still made game consoles? Those were good times. Boy bands were still “hot” and Saving Private Ryan won best picture (wait… what?).

Sadly, those days are gone, but thanks to some web genius we now have a perfect union of two of 1999’s most notable contributions to the pop culture lexicon: The Matrix and Mambo No. 5. (Fun fact, my friend Trevor and I went to our 8th grade Halloween party as Lou Bega and Neo, respectively.) Check out the pitch-perfect and amazingly awesome video below (wait until 1:00 for things to really look good). READ FULL STORY

Gimme an 'F'! 100 Best F-bombs in film

If this video doesn’t get you out of your mid-afternoon slump, nothing will. Courtesy of a rather industrious and puerile blogger, behold a stream-of-consciousness-style supercut of everyone’s favorite expletive that rhymes with “cluck.” The entries in this mash-up — a second installment in what I’m sure will become a celebrated series — range from the maternal to the pointed. See the full NSFW clip, featuring recent hits like The Hangover, The King‘s Speech, and Friends With Benefits after the jump. READ FULL STORY

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