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‘The Voice’ morning after: Who did you vote for? -- POLL

This is THE VOICE! (If you didn’t just sing that in your head, you clearly haven’t been watching enough of The Voice.)

Last night we were finally treated to the live shows, which were a welcome departure from our previous eight-week diet of pre-taped blind auditions and battles. Perhaps the most rewarding part about entering the live performances, though, is that for the first time all season, viewers can make their opinions heard, which means that maybe now Blake Shelton will get the brutal (and necessary) reality check that he’s the only one rooting for human sugar packet RaeLynn.

It’s about that time when people start defending their favorites and criticizing the opposition at the watercooler, as demonstrated by the coaches last night. There was some serious ice in the air, as those who participated in our viEWer chat last night can attest! Blake and Christina went at it, with the latter even getting snippy at harmless Adam and Cee Lo (whose Peter Brady-meets-Joyce DeWitt get-up was the most puzzling thing since Erin Martin made it through the battles). But it’s understandable, right? Now that the audience is the deciding factor, the coaches need their performers to win us over before it’s time to dial the U-LOVE voting number (seriously, they couldn’t have gotten a phone line that used the word VOICE?). And so the claws are out, and rightly so!


Carson Daly blogs 'The Voice' live shows, week 1: Taking the plunge into live TV!

And we’re live! The atmosphere last night was electrifying. To me, there’s nothing more exciting than live television, and we unveiled this new set that was big and bright and enormous. It felt like the Starship Enterprise, it was so huge. And the crowd was gigantic, filled with anticipation for these live shows, which are just so much fun to do. It’s just like one big party. Backstage, we have this trailer village, we call it, where all of the coaches and myself and Christina Milian hang out together. It’s just like camp! The whole atmosphere at the beginning of the live shows was just electrifying. You walk backstage and you see Sera Hill’s dancers rubbing oil on their bodies, or you hear Chris Mann’s warm-up (which is so loud, of course, and echoes throughout the whole room), or you find Moses Stone stretching. There’s a lot of last minute prep, and it’s all really fun. It’s such a circus… in a good way! READ FULL STORY

‘The Voice’ Pollapalooza: Predict the winner!

It’s been quite a season, Voice fans, and after almost two months of blind auditions and battle rounds, we’ve finally got a live show! Last night marked the end of the battles (read Carson Daly’s blog on the episode here), and as the dust finally settled and the chairs stopped spinning, each of the four teams ­– led by coaches Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton — are now filled with some truly talented artists, and America is ready to share the love with its votes.

After weeks of being relegated to social media to channel our thoughts on this season’s inspired backstories, astonishing performances, and oft arrogant artists (cough Erin Martin cough Moses Stone cough), it’s time for the coaches to sit back and let America do the talking. Before the commotion kicks up on Monday’s first live show, we thought it’d be best to hit PopWatch with a straw poll — or polls, plural — and see how you think the competition stacks up before we dive into the action. Vote in each poll and let us know your predictions for the final phase of The Voice!


Carson Daly blogs 'The Voice' final battle rounds: Bye-bye battles, hello live shows!

I loved the first battle last night. Those were two great guys paired together, and of course it was sad to see one go. James Massone has that great “How do you like them apples?” personality, and that storyline of true Boston grit and his family supporting his pursuit of music. And then WADE stole my heart, too. When we met him, he was a real student of music, listening to his iPod the whole day, singing Al Green. A little glimpse behind the scenes: when James and WADE went to rehearse, neither of them could sing “True Colors” at first. Confidence was such an issue with James and WADE at the beginning, and Cee Lo even had to sing the song for them during rehearsal! WADE idolizes Cee Lo, so when he was in that mentorship process with Cee Lo and Babyface, he couldn’t sing in front of them. They had him get his confidence up by turning him around and having him sing “Love and Happiness” by Al Green towards the wall. That’s how they started working it out with him.

And the battle, of course, brought Cee Lo to tears. That was a great moment in the show that I think shows how much our coaches really care about each person on their team, and how difficult it is to make these tough decisions about cutting people. Cee Lo’s not a guy who’s going to show that much emotion unless it’s 100 percent pure and organic, but he did last night. It was a great way to start the show, and a real testament to how difficult it is for the coaches to cut their teams. Our coaches are so into this show for all the right reasons, and sometimes it shows up like it did last night, in the form of Cee Lo crying. You just can’t make that stuff up. READ FULL STORY

Carson Daly blogs 'The Voice' battle rounds, part 3: A few good mentors

There was a lot of ’80s love in the air last night! I had noticed that three out of the six songs were ’80s staples: we had a little Billy Ocean, a little Tina, and a little Pat Benatar. So the songs of the ’80s definitely helped narrow the fields down in the third battle round.

Pip and Nathan Parrett are really close friends, and Adam, of all of our coaches, specifically tells the producers of the show that he doesn’t want to know any personal information about his artists before he pairs them up. He likes to decide his battle pairings based only on the vocals of the blind auditions, so that’s definitely an interesting tactic for him. But even though he didn’t know any of the personal details about the artists, he ended up picking Nathan and Pip to go up against each other. I remember Pip killing it in the blind auditions, coming out with his bow tie and suspenders, yet wanting to be taken really seriously, so he can be something of a silent threat. But he surprised a lot of us, and now look how far he’s gone. He’s going to the live shows, which is great for him. READ FULL STORY

Carson Daly blogs 'The Voice' battle rounds, part 2: Powerful singers say goodbye

We’re in the heat of the battle rounds, which was on full display last night. There’s some fierce competition! It’s interesting to see how different battle pairings approach the battle round. Some people get super competitive, some people get inspired by each other and end up being really collaborative, and some people (like Sarah and Juliet) just seemed to have a great time. For the blog this week, I really wanted to try and focus on giving you guys more behind-the-scenes nuggets and a little more insight into what you don’t get to see on the show.


Carson Daly blogs 'The Voice' battle rounds, part 1: Who brought it, who blew it

The blind auditions were a way for these aspiring artists to try and get their foot in the door, literally, by making one of the chairs turn, but that was a cupcake fest: This is where it really starts to heat up. Now that they’ve got their foot in the door, are they going to walk through the door, are they going to run through the door, or are they going to just tear the door down? You saw people who were terrified, and you saw them lose, and you saw people with real confidence completely flourish. The battle rounds really show how these artists perform under pressure, and you could feel it last night – it was palpable.

I thought the bookends of the night were the real highlights. Kudos to Adam for picking the first song between Tony Lucca and Chris Cauley. If you ever want to embarrass yourself, go to a karaoke bar and try to sing “Beautiful Day” by U2. READ FULL STORY

'The Voice' battle: Adam Levine's ridiculous sweater vs. Christina Aguilera's redonkulous hat -- POLL

If you thought last night’s epic vocal contest between Anthony Evans and Jesse Campbell on Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” was the most memorable battle of the episode, you may not have been looking closely enough at Adam Levine’s frilly quasi-animal print grandpa sweater and Christina Aguilera’s absurd gem-studded fascinator. Both statement pieces were true winners and showed a lot of promise, but you know the rules: Only one can move on!

Vote for who won the REAL Voice battle here: READ FULL STORY

'The Voice': Which coach do YOU think has the strongest team? -- POLL

Is this guy on the right your favorite Voice coach? Or do your tastes skew more toward Xtina? Perhaps you prefer Adam Levine’s snake hips or Blake Shelton’s honeyed baritone? The final round of blind auditions for season 2 concluded last night and the battle lines have been drawn. Now that the competition is taking shape, which coach do you think will lead his or her team to victory? Click through to vote in our poll. READ FULL STORY

Carson Daly blogs 'The Voice' final blind auditions: Prepare for battle!

I really enjoyed last night’s episode. The theme now is prepare for battle! If the blind auditions are about falling in love with artists, the battle rounds are about earning your respect and earning your keep. It’s one of the things we really liked about this format, and it’s one of the things that’s really risky, too. America’s in love with the blind auditions, but all of a sudden there’s an evolution here, and we’re switching gears next week. But last night was about filling up the team, and although the coaches were still very picky, there was some really great talent.

I loved how the show opened with Whitney Myer. I love her story. She tours with her family, and it’s like the 1970s in her world, like the Brady Bunch. But more importantly, I really liked her voice a lot. I thought she was really a strong artist, and got the show off to a great start. READ FULL STORY

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