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Chris-Mas in November: Which Chris is your 'Sexiest Man Alive'?

People named Chris Hemsworth this year’s Sexiest Man Alive—but is he the right Chris for the job?

Hemsworth is one of many alluring actors who share the same name. There’s also Into the Woods‘ Chris Pine, Captain America‘s Chris Evans, and Guardians of the Galaxy’s Chris Pratt (who’s currently on the cover of GQ‘s Men of the Year issue).

Of course, there are also many other famous (and attractive) men named Chris—Chris Messina, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker—but Hemsworth, Pine, Evans, and Pratt are the ones you’re most likely to confuse for one another. For one, they all look great in scruffy facial hair. And they’re all white. And they’ve all starred in big-budget geek-bait franchises.

But they do have some differences from one another. Here’s what makes each Chris the right—and wrong—choice for Sexiest Man Alive.


'Mindy Project': Should Mindy and Danny become a couple again? -- POLL

Should Mindy and Danny get back together on The Mindy Project, or are they a Taylor Swift song waiting to happen?

Chris Messina broke hearts a few weeks back on The Mindy Project when his character, sexy doctor Danny Castellano, ended his just-beginning relationship with Mindy because he “didn’t want to ruin the friendship” or whatever, a.k.a.: He’s a big baby and fans were/are not amused.

But! The darkness may be coming to an end soon. Messina told Vulture on Sunday, “There is a payoff that I think is worth sticking around for. We just shot the finale and I think it’s our best episode. It’s very romantic.” That lines up with what Ike Barinholtz told EW earlier this month: “I think the dynamic between them is special and different and they are unlike any other couple on TV because they are such distinct characters and they fight so much. To put them back together just makes so much sense…eventually.” The finale episode is called “Danny and Mindy,” so it sounds like that “eventually” may come pretty soon. READ FULL STORY

Want to date Dr. Danny? Fake 'Mindy Project' dating profiles pop up on Tinder

Sorry, Tinder users, you don’t actually have a shot with Mindy Lahiri or Danny Castellano. Fox appears to have teamed up with the popular dating app to promote The Mindy Project by matching up the show’s fictional characters with real people.

Fake profiles for Dr. Danny Castellano (Chris Messina) and Mindy herself (show creator Mindy Kaling) contain quirky profiles with descriptions like “tiny doctor in big city looking for love, friendship, or a donut so good it’s spiritual.”

Chris Messina dancing to Aaliyah on 'The Mindy Project' is the ultimate Secret Santa gift -- VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.12.33 AM

If at first you don’t succeed at Secret Santa-ing, do like Danny: Dust yourself off and try again!*

Warning: May cause heart-melt.   READ FULL STORY

'Mindy Project': Should Mindy and Danny get together? -- POLL

The Mindy Project is slowly becoming all about the boys. A random episode or two excluded, the show has been less a workplace comedy and more about finding Mindy a boyfriend. Which is fine — many viewers prefer the witty banter between Dr. Lahiri and her paramour of the week (farewell, Pastor Casey!) over watching Morgan doing something dumb and/or silly at the office. But fellow doctor Danny is an enigma. I can’t work out my own feelings about whether the paramour waiting in the wings to sweep Mindy off her feet should be recently divorced Danny Castellano.

The show doesn’t seem like it knows what it’s pushing either. For most of the first season, Mindy and Danny were set up like a classic sitcom will they/won’t they couple. They bantered during work hours, kind of hated each other (Oh, Mindy! As someone who watches as many romantic comedies as you do should know, that’s a clear sign of attraction!), became friends/kind-of confidants of sorts and then — right when it looked like a smoldering Danny was going to make a move — Mindy decided to up and move to Haiti with Pastor Casey.

'The Mindy Project' season 2: New and improved?


I wanted to like the first season of The Mindy Project. I really did.

But even though I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Mindy Kaling fan from way back when — I ate up every Subtle Sexuality video, read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? as soon as I could get my hands on a copy, and still remember yearning to see Matt & Ben when I was in high school — there was just something about the ex-Office star’s sitcom that didn’t connect with me.

Fall TV Wish List: Where should 'The Mindy Project' go next?

Here at EW, Fall TV Wish List is a new weekly series in which our TV critics Melissa Maerz and Jeff Jensen weigh in on what they hope the coming season will bring for some of their favorite shows. This week: Fox’s The Mindy Project, which premieres its second season on Sept. 17 at 9:30 p.m.

Mindy (Mindy Kaling) is moving to Haiti with her boyfriend Casey (Anders Holm)! Wait, no she isn’t. Wait, yes she is! At first, she was just having trouble convincing herself that “it’s a fun adventure for me as a mature adult to go to an AIDS-ravaged country.” But by the end of the finale, she got her big Meg Ryan-movie moment, shouting up to Casey’s window from the sidewalk, declaring that she’ll take that flight because she’s that devoted to him. Besides, she just cut off all of her hair, and no one else will date her now — except maybe Danny (Chris Messina), who got a very tense are-they-going-to-make-out? moment with Mindy late in the episode while he leaned in to clean her glasses. Sadly, they didn’t kiss. But fans of Dr. Castellano still walked away with a consolation prize: a giant, shirtless photo of him sexily brandishing his armpits.

Danny and Mindy on 'The Mindy Project': Will they or won't they?

After that crazy hot moment in the season 1 finale, Mindy Project fans were probably wondering if Mindy and Danny [Chris Messina] were going to go all Jim and Pam/Jess and Nick on us. Starting off season 2, Kaling’s Mindy Lahiri is still in Haiti with Pastor Casey (Anders Holm) and Danny is back together with his ex-wife Christina (Chloe Sevigny). We all know those unions won’t last long, but that doesn’t mean the doctors will shack up…at least not immediately. “I don’t know what’s going to happen with the two of them,” admits Mindy Kaling, who graces the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly. “I know people think I love romantic comedies and I’d want them to end up together. Truthfully, they’re such different types of characters. As they are now, I can’t see them having a very functional relationship.”

Head writer Jack Burditt, who spent years not letting Liz and Jack get romantic as a writer on 30 Rock, may have another plan. “I can see them ending up together, but hopefully down the road. On the very first day we gathered in season 1 of 30 Rock, Tina [Fey] said ‘Jack and Liz will never be together.’ It was a great way to just know through the course of the series that we were never going to go there. But, I think Mindy and Danny, as different as they are, are also very much alike and it seems like somewhere in season who-knows-what it sort of makes sense that they would give it a try.”

'The Mindy Project' finale react: Definitely, Mindy!

Wow! What a finale! Mindy Kaling has had a place in my heart ever since this moment and Mindy Lahiri ever since she gave up going to a party with a bunch of basketball players to stay with her friends (and footed the bill). Over the season, we’ve grown to understand Mindy and admire her love of all things rom com. Tonight, she got to do her very own big gesture. READ FULL STORY

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