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Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie dig up some dad dances on 'Tonight'

Get your khakis pressed and hike your belt up high, because it’s time for some Father’s Day fun.

On Thursday’s edition of Tonight, Jimmy Fallon revived his popular Evolution of Dance franchise once again, bringing in New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to help him work through “The Evolution of Dad Dancing” — from the “Oh, Stop It! I’m Not Embarrassing You” to the “Dance You Do At A Springsteen Concert.”


Fallon and Springsteen mock Bruce superfan Chris Christie -- VIDEO

Picture this: You’re Bruce Springsteen’s biggest fan. You’ve seen him in concert at least 130 times; you know the words to every song he’s ever written; one time, he gave you a hug, and you responded by bursting into tears.

Then you find out that your idol spent last night making fun of you on national television.

That’s the curious situation in which New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie finds himself this morning, days after his administration was first rocked by the scandal I guess we’re officially calling “bridgegate.” (Why? Everyone knows Watergate wasn’t actually about water, right?) Tuesday’s edition of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon featured Fallon breaking out his well-worn Bruce impression for a revamped version of “Born to Run” all about that infamous GWB traffic jam. And partway through the performance, Fallon was joined by none other than Springsteen himself — in a matching cutoff button down, red bandana, and pair of sunglasses. This, too, might make Christie cry… though clearly for different reasons.


Chris Christie's bridge scandal: Hear Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and more joke -- VIDEO

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has always been a late-night favorite. So yesterday, when a scandal broke that showed Christie enmeshed in news over his staff’s role in shutting down lanes onto the busy George Washington Bridge as political payback, it was perfect late night fodder for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

New Jersey-bred Jon Stewart jumped right in on The Daily Show last night, recapping the emails between staff members and instructing Christie that an apology usually includes the words “I’m sorry” at some point. Noting that someone from the administration would likely take the fall for this to protect Christie, Stewart remarked, “Well, someone is getting thrown under the bus here. Fortunately for them, the bus isn’t moving. It’s stuck in terrible traffic.”

Stewart then took on the role of “Senior New Jersey Correspondent” himself, explaining it was sad for him to see his state sink to such a low level of corruption. “This is New Jersey, a state renowned for it’s piss-rich, first-rate quality of corruption.” Watch the whole segment — of course with call outs to Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos — below: READ FULL STORY

Chris Christie eats doughnut before telling fat jokes (about himself) on 'Letterman' -- VIDEO

Watch out, Cory Booker: Another government bigshot is making a play for the title of New Jersey’s most likeable politician.

For months, Governor Chris Christie has been one of David Letterman’s favorite targets. (Insert joke about a target that’s easy to hit here.) And though Christie isn’t always willing to entertain discussion of that weighty topic — see how he shot down Barbara Walters during her “Most Fascinating People” special last year — he was more than a good sport about it yesterday, casually pulling out a doughnut as soon as he sat down with Dave. His explanation? “I didn’t know this was gonna be this long.”

Christie’s geniality continued as he assured Dave that he doesn’t mind fat jokes, as long as they’re funny. He then recited a few of his favorite Letterman digs at his own expense as the host looked on, chuckling in a mixture of amusement and embarrassment. It’s sort of like those “celebrities read mean tweets about themselves” videos on Jimmy Kimmel, except much more intense (and with free doughnuts!). Grab a pastry and watch for yourself below:


Chris Christie isn't 2012's 'Most Fascinating,' but delivers special's most memorable moment

Last night, Barbara Walters revealed 2012’s “Most Fascinating Person” in her annual ABC special. The winner: General David Petraeus, who “was not chosen this year for his war record or his exemplary service to his country.” Instead, said Walters, “This is about military honor, colliding with sex and lies in the digital age.”

Fair enough. Even so, the segment about Petraeus — who earned this same title in 2010 as well, albeit under very different circumstances — didn’t deliver the special’s most memorable moment. Neither did portions about Walters’s other picks, which included E L  James, Ben Affleck, Gabby Douglas, Prince Harry, Hillary Clinton, the boys of One Direction, Seth MacFarlane, and Honey Boo Boo (naturally).

Instead, the “Most Fascinating” scene came when Walters interviewed listmaker Chris Christie, New Jersey’s chief Springsteen lover (and, oh yeah, the state’s governor). At one point, the newswoman brought up a subject that made her feel “very uncomfortable”: his size.


Bromance alert! Chris Christie cried after getting a hug from Bruce Springsteen

It’s true: music really does bring people together. Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is renowned for his forcefulness, but he’s clearly a big softie at heart: the politician burst into tears last week after getting a hug from his icon (and ardent Obama supporter), Bruce Springsteen.

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