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Mike Tyson's advice to Chris Brown: 'Get it together' -- AUDIO

Mike Tyson is worried Chris Brown is about to knock himself out of a decent music career and into the slammer. The former heavyweight boxing champion has a few pointers for the embattled R&B singer, but these aren’t fighting words; they’re words of advice.

“I like and admire that little guy, but really what he needs to understand is that eventually, if you keep doing that stuff, man, people [will] turn on you,” Tyson said on 95.5 WPLJ’s radio show Scott and Todd in the Morning on Tuesday.

Chris Brown takes apology tour to 'Today': 'What I did was totally wrong' -- VIDEO

April 1 probably wasn’t the best choice of date for Chris Brown’s big Today mea culpa. Even so, the troubled singer opened up to Matt Lauer on this morning’s show, easily fielding questions about his volatile relationship with on-again, off-again girlfriend Rihanna and earnestly expressing how much he’s changed since his 2009 felony assault charge. (The windows in Today‘s dressing rooms must be breathing a sigh of relief.)

After a few cursory inquiries about Brown’s new album, X, Lauer got down to brass tacks. The anchor asked Brown to describe how he’s matured since entering the music industry as a teenager, and then made his own assessment: “The biggest difference I would note and tell our viewers about is right now, you are agreeing to sit down and talk about things that you hadn’t talked about over the last three years.”

Brown responded with a nod, a smile, and a monologue: “I’ve been humbled by the whole experience, from me losing everything to me having to regain public opinion, or whatever it is. But most importantly, you know, knowing that what I did was totally wrong, and having to kind of deal with myself and forgive myself in the same breath, and being able to apologize to Rihanna, and being able to be that man that can be a man, you know?” Later, Brown noted that he wants his music to “inspire the world” — and, more specifically, “people that have been in my situation.” I’m not even going to touch that one.


'Law & Order: SVU': Chris Brown/Rihanna episode is one of the show's biggest bummers

There are two kinds of people who watch Law & Order: SVU — those who are legitimately captivated by its lurid storylines and hyper-competent characters, and those who enjoy the show as an example of ridiculata at its finest.

Unfortunately, members of the second camp may find themselves disappointed by last night’s episode, “Funny Valentine” — a tale of love and hip-hop that’s all too familiar to anybody who’s ever gaped at an upsetting Instagram photo. Sure, moments of absurdity crept in here and there; for example, here’s the exchange that led to the show’s version of Brown’s infamous pre-Grammys assault:

Fake Rihanna [after catching Fake Chris Brown flirting with a backup singer]: “I can’t leave you alone for five minutes without you getting trashy?”
Fake Chris Brown [menacingly]: “Who you steppin’ to?”
Fake Rihanna: “You! With this… beef cookie.” [She gestures toward the backup singer] READ FULL STORY

Oscars 2013: Chris Brown's new tune? 'I only love people'

Amid the fame and finery of a Hollywood party, you’re invited to hand your real-world anxieties off to the valet along with your car keys. But that doesn’t work for Chris Brown, who was once hyped as the new Michael Jackson, but now appears to be settling in as the fitful heir of Ike Turner. As a guest at Elton John’s tony Oscar-watching party, the 23-year-old Brown was reminded of his sins before the soup was even served. That reminder came from the overhead flat-screens, where Oscar host Seth McFarlane sucker punched the R&B singer with a Django Unchained joke: “This is a story about man fighting to get back his woman who has been subjected to unthinkable violence. Or, as Chris Brown and Rihanna call it: a date movie.”

It wasn’t the only awkward moment for Brown, who picked up the nickname Breezy back in Virginia, but is now often treated as an ill wind in Hollywood. Some of the guests glowered, others turned away or folded their arms as he passed. Brown, who seems younger in person than on the page or screen, was contrite when asked about the infamous 2009 beating he gave Rihanna on the eve of the Grammys. READ FULL STORY

Oscars 2013: Elton John, Bono, Jim Carrey, Heidi Klum with table-talk, sour notes, giant steps

A fresh rhythm, more big-stage flair and a classic songbook were among the promises that accompanied the 85th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday night and it’s hard to imagine a better hook to catch the attention of the Federation – no, not the Star Trek thing, this one is the new celebrity super-group that gathered Sunday near Table No. 18 at Elton John’s annual Oscar viewing party. READ FULL STORY

Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Frank Ocean dominate Twitter conversation on Grammys night

The 2013 Grammy Awards didn’t inspire a record number of tweets — but events like the award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, Rihanna’s scorching solo performance, and fun.’s Best New Artist prize did move plenty of Twitter users to turn to their keyboards.

Twitter reports that Jay-Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and The-Dream’s Best Rap/Sung Collaboration win drove more micro-blogging conversation than any other moment at the Grammys. More than 116,000 tweets per minute were sent as the “No Church in the Wild” team accepted their golden gramophone (and a natty Jay-Z poked fun at Dream for wearing a Boyz N the Hood hat on top of a “Parental Advisory” cap).


Best of 2012: The real-world feuds

Here’s a list of 2012’s most memorable ongoing conflicts from the real world. READ FULL STORY

The Ballad of Chris Brown and Rihanna continues


How long before these two release an updated version of “’03 Bonnie and Clyde”?

So yeah, it sure looks like Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together. Exhibit C: This photo, which Brown posted to his Instagram feed yesterday. (For reference, here are exhibits A and B.) The caption: “What would music today sound like if these kids didn’t exist?” Never let it be said that Breezy isn’t humble.

The filtered snapshot — featuring Rihanna clad only in underwear and an oversized camo blanket, the most she’s worn on camera in awhile — is notable for being the first recent Instagrammed picture of the pair in which both of their faces are clearly visible. Sorry, anyone who thought the photos Rihanna posted previously weren’t actually of Chris Brown; your hopes have just been shattered.


Real life 'Disturbia': Rihanna Instagrams photo with Chris Brown


Let the hand-wringing and disapproval commence! Last night, Rihanna posted this photo to Instagram, along with the following caption: “@f—yopictures i don’t wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!”

@f—yopictures is Chris Brown, who performed in Frankfurt yesterday — and who is still posting filter-distorted shots to Instagram despite having deleted his Twitter page last weekend. Brown’s Instagram profile’s tagline: “The capacity to over think also emmobilizes us with fear… Therefore, being fearless can assure ur sanity!”

Okay — but where does “making up words” fall on the sanity spectrum?


This weekend in Chris Brown news: A vulgar Twitter fight, an apparent Rihanna reconciliation

Please do not adjust your computer screen. You are, in fact, seeing a photo that looks an awful lot like a shirtless Chris Brown lying facedown on Rihanna’s bed. How do we know it’s Rihanna’s bed? Because the star posted the photo to Instagram on Saturday, accompanying it with this caption: “Dis n–……. #BartObsessed.” (Note the image of Bart Simpson under the dude’s head.)

Rihanna couldn’t have been paying attention to Brown’s Twitter page this weekend, considering Brown spent a good chunk of time Sunday getting into a vulgar tweetspat with writer/comedian Jenny Johnson. (Johnson, by her own admission, has made a hobby out of poking fun at Brown via Twitter.)

Brown’s side of the exchange isn’t online anymore, since he apparently deleted his Twitter page after the brawl. Still, Johnson’s retweets show the progression of their argument, from instigation to culmination. Warning: This language isn’t really safe for anywhere.


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