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'Chicago P.D.': The highs and lows of season 1

What started as the Chicago Fire spin-off quickly turned into a show all its own. And I can say that confidently as someone who actually watched Chicago P.D. before I went back and started Fire.

The world of Voight, the sometimes-dirty cop, and his Intelligence Unit was one of doing whatever it took to catch a criminal, and even more so, doing whatever it took to get revenge. And after a season finale cliffhanger that made viewers question everything they knew about Voight, it’s time to look back at the season as a whole — what got us hooked and what we could’ve done without. READ FULL STORY

'Chicago P.D.' finale: Who shot [spoiler]?

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the Chicago P.D. season finale, stop reading now!

In the world of Chicago P.D. nothing is black and white. After all, the man at the head of the Intelligence Unit was in prison not all that long ago. But could he be going back?

That’s the question that fans are pondering after the final 30 seconds of that finale, in which Voight walked onto a crime scene that housed Jin’s dead body. Jin. As in a member of Voight’s Intelligence Unit. As in a member of this family we’ve come to love. And as in the (lovable) rat who’d been reporting to Internal Affairs all season, a fact that Voight had earned just half an hour earlier. So had Voight pulled the trigger and killed his own man? My gut tells me no. Voight has a thing with killing cops, and at the end of the day, he did love Jin. Then again, wouldn’t that make for an interesting season 2? R.I.P. Jin. I’ll miss your weekly bursts of brilliance. READ FULL STORY

'Chicago P.D.' premiere: Cartels, decapitation, and one very angry octopus

Ever since Southland was canceled, I’ve had a police drama-sized hole in my heart, which is why I was excited to give Chicago P.D. a chance. But instead, Chicago P.D. reminded me of another cop show I’d previewed several months ago — Low Winter Sun.

For me, Chicago P.D., Dick Wolf’s latest project, was partly just another police procedural, not unlike an episode of Law & Order, and partly Low Winter Sun-esque in that the Chicago Fire spinoff was clearly attempting to have a darker tone. (Read: Cartels, big crime, dirty cops, etc.) Perfect example: The show’s opening scene featuredĀ Sgt. Henry Voight (Jason Beghe), the unconventional raspy-voiced leader, taking a drug dealer out on a gravel road and putting a gun to his face before telling him to stay out of his city. Oh, and he took a couple grand off the dealer that he didn’t exactly seem to turn in to evidence. Just like that, we had a complicated character and a procedural that was doing its best to feel gritty.

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