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'Chicago Fire' season finale react: Burning down the house?

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched the Chicago Fire season 2 finale and intend to, stop reading now. There’s a reason #ChicagoFireFinale was trending on Twitter Tuesday night: the hour ended with everyone but Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) in danger of having just been killed off. “Anyone from House 51 report! Report!”

Perhaps you can tell from the photo I pre-selected for this react, that I fully expected the cliffhanger to revolve around Severide (Taylor Kinney). The promo for the episode showed that he missed a child in the first sweep of what turned out to be a horrendous boarding school fire. The sight of the 10-year-old with such severe burns will likely earn a spot in the Most Disturbing Image category in our upcoming Season Finale Awards. I assumed he’d feel so guilty, he’d be extra cautious in the next fire, not leave when the Chief called it, and be caught inside. But no, that wouldn’t have been dramatic enough.  READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: What show have you unintentionally seen every episode of?

The broadcast Upfronts are coming next week, that time of year when TV fans find out, for certain, which broadcast shows are canceled. A good time to reflect on your own viewing habits.

My confession: I’ll be sad when Rebel Wilson’s Super Fun Night is inevitably no more and the ABC press site removes the pity “None available. Check back soon” message from where photos, videos, and press releases promoting upcoming episodes should be. Not devastated, but mildly disappointed. READ FULL STORY

Attention: You may want to watch 'Chicago Fire' this week

I consider this a PSA to people, like me, who really wanted to like NBC’s Chicago Fire but found the premiere lacking heat. Things definitely get hot in this week’s Christmas episode (Wednesday, 10 p.m. ET) between Severide (Taylor Kinney, pictured) and Renee (Sarah Shahi), the woman he saved last week when a live electrical wire had her trapped in her car. The tease in the promo below is steamy enough that I’m already hoping Shahi sticks around for a while. (Presumably the promo is referring to the fire when it says the hour’s final two minutes will “take your breath away,” and not this.)

Another reason to tune back in if you dropped off: Casey (Jesse Spencer) is now single and almost kissed Dawson (Monica Raymund) last week when he came over to her place to replace a window. (They got interrupted because Casey had to go save another firefighter who’d just gone on longterm disability from committing suicide.) This week, Casey escorts Dawson to her cousin’s fancy holiday party, and they have another opportunity… READ FULL STORY

Chicago news team mistakes 'Chicago Fire' set for real plane crash -- VIDEO

People having a worse day than you: WGN Morning News anchors Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten.

Why, you ask? Well, these poor hosts spent their Friday morning on air giving a play-by-play report of an accident at the corner of Chicago’s 29th Street and Martin Luther King Drive. The problem? The so-called “accident” involving a downed aircraft was actually the set for an episode of Chicago Fire. Whoops! Watch the horror unfold below: READ FULL STORY

'Revolution'? 'Mindy'? 'Nashville'? What's your favorite new TV show this season? POLL


One month ago, Homeland and Modern Family were named Best Drama and Best Comedy at the 64th Annual Emmy Awards. Their crowning ushered in the 2012 fall TV season, an exciting new beginning filled with surprising triumphs and unsurprising failures. (Made in Jersey and Animal Practice, we hardly knew ye!)

It’s too early to tell whether any of the networks’ shiny new shows will dethrone Homeland or ModFam at next year’s Emmys. Still, we’ve seen enough of them to know which ones are live-watch musts, which deserve a spot on the DVR… and which should follow CBS’s legal drama and NBC’s monkey comedy to an early grave.

For now, though, let’s keep things positive. Which of the following new shows is your favorite one of all? Vote in the poll below — and explain yourself in the comments.


'Chicago Fire' premiere: Hot enough for you?

Chicago Fire, the new Dick Wolf drama following the firefighters, rescue squad, and paramedics of the Windy City’s Firehouse 51, premiered tonight, and while I’d hoped to do a post with the Top 5 beefcake shots, it turns out there were only two. Having stared at those tank-top ads for a week, this almost feels like false advertising. Good thing the Rescue Squad’s Lt. Kelly Severide (The Vampire Diaries‘ Taylor Kinney) decided to put his watch on before his shirt, and then let the shirt rest on his shoulder for 56 seconds while Battalion Chief Wallace Boden (Oz‘s Eamonn Walker) explained the tension between Rescue Squad and Truck is as old as the Chicago Fire Department. And whew, thank you, Lt. Matthew Casey (House’s Jesse Spencer), who’s in charge of the Truck, for deciding to take a shower right as paramedic Gabriela Dawson (The Good Wife‘s Monica Raymund) took an important call in the locker room from her union about her having put a needle in a young girl’s heart. Okay, writing that, I realize why there wasn’t more skin in this hour. Still, I’m disappointed. READ FULL STORY

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