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Charlie, The Sheen Is Gone: No amount of rehab -- drug, image, or otherwise -- can repair his reputation

charlie-sheenImage Credit: RS/X17online.comI got a very big kick out of Charlie Sheen for a very long time. I don’t mean I thought he was a good guy or an upstanding citizen, or that I was a huge fan of Two and a Half Men. But Sheen himself was fascinating: a celebrity unhinged and uninterested in making himself warm and fuzzy to the public. He has never seemed admirable or even decent, but he was authentic and never boring. We imagined we might live the way he did, if we were powerful and beloved and exceedingly wealthy and free of conscience or any moral code whatsoever — sex, drugs, world-class hotels. And except for the occasional arrest or stint in rehab, he always ended up back on our TVs, hitting his marks on his top-rated series, playing a PG-13-rated version of himself.

But the Good Time Charlie we believed in was laid to rest by his mind-boggling radio and morning-television media tour. READ FULL STORY

Lunchtime Poll: Charlie Sheen's greatest win?

Charlie-Sheen-moviesImage Credit: Everett Collection

Charlie Sheen is currently “winning.” Ask anyone! But no, you could really only ask him. The new Twitter user has been using the hashtag #winning to announce his most recent victories. So in addition to winning in the areas of thirsty goddesses, Pong (Still!), and Oscar cakes that look like paintings, Charlie Sheen is also winning in hashtags. The wins just keep coming! But does anyone remember the ’80s? It’s easy to get excited about Charlie Sheen’s latest feats, but let’s put this whole thing in perspective. Vote below. READ FULL STORY

Piers Morgan on Charlie Sheen: 'I believe fundamentally in a man's right to party if he wants to'

Piers Morgan appeared on Conan last night to recount how he landed his live interview with Charlie Sheen and to show his support for the actor. Morgan, who also interviewed Sheen in the ’90s, said one of his bookers got the actor’s number and Morgan phoned it himself. Sheen’s daughter answered and said, “Dad, there’s this guy called Piers from CNN who wants to talk to you,” Morgan said.

For a half hour, he convinced Sheen, who he considers to be a smart guy going through a tough period, that the erratic interviews he’d been giving made him look “slightly crazy” — and that he could better express himself in a live hour conversation. Sheen promised he’d be there that afternoon at 4:30 p.m. PT for the 6 p.m. PT show, but he didn’t roll in until after 5:55 p.m. PT, which Morgan said gave him a “squeaky bum.” READ FULL STORY

Rob Pattinson tackles alligator, talks Charlie Sheen in 'Vanity Fair' cover story: 'I like crazy people'

Wow. Based on Rob Pattinson’s April Annie Leibovitz-shot Vanity Fair cover (on stands March 3), I’d say Lacoste is getting really aggressive with brand recognition in their latest collection. No, I keed. The alligator draped around Pattinson’s neck appears to be there to represent how hard it is to break away from teen-targeted entertainment’s choke-hold, a Hollywood trap that is only made more difficult to escape by the unflinching reptilian claws of 15-year-old fan girls in need of more — I say more! — Twilight. (Or something like that?)

But we learn much more from the cover story than just how jaunty and handsome alligator-wrangling can be: Most notably, that the actor watches the kind of TV that you only watch when your remote runs out of batteries and you can’t change the channel, or after a misguided, drunken night when you feel like finding a reason to despise yourself even more. READ FULL STORY

Charlie Sheen's Twitter account just got 30,000 followers in the time it took me to write this post

Prepare yourself: When that little Twitter egg hatches, the odyssey that refuses to quit calling itself Charlie Sheen will be reborn, and holy hell will rain throughout the Twittersphere.

UPDATE: Sheen has sent out his first tweet. READ FULL STORY

Tonight on '20/20': The Tao of Charlie Sheen

By now, you’ve probably seen and heard enough from Charlie Sheen on the Today Show, Piers Morgan Tonight, and Howard Stern Show to last a lifetime, but ABC is showcasing more of his craziness/truth in the hopes that you’ll tune in to another interview on 20/20 tonight. At this point, I’m no longer curious about his unusual homelife — which he shares with two “goddesses” — or his “war” to keep Two and a Half Men on the air. I’m only interested in the pithy slogans he coins and the outrageous quotes that have have never, ever been uttered before by human tongues. Here are my top-nine from tonight’s 20/20 interview with Andrea Canning: READ FULL STORY

Sheen pal Alex Jones lashes out on 'The View'

Alex Jones, the radio host largely responsible for this week’s Charlie Sheen Warlock Tour media circus, went on The View today to thoroughly piss off four women and prompt the saddest face Barbara Walters has ever made. Jones vehemently corroborated his pal Sheen’s unique worldview and insisted that all of Sheen’s recent gloppy word salads were filled with the truth. “He’s tired of being judged and held up as the ultimate demon of this world,” explained Jones. “He didn’t kill people in Iraq. He’s not responsible for the takedown of [World Trade Center] Building 7…. We’ve got banks bankrupting the United States. He didn’t steal $23.7 trillion.” READ FULL STORY

Has Charlie Sheen ruined Charlie Harper?

Sheen-SplitImage Credit: Greg Gayne/CBS; PacificCoastNews.comCharlie Sheen is well aware of how much Two and a Half Men fans have always loved his performance as playboy Charlie Harper, which has earned him four Emmy nominations. Personally, I haven’t watched first-run episodes in a couple of seasons, but as recently as a few weeks ago, I found myself watching a repeat in syndication and laughing out loud. Yes, Sheen’s problems were in the news, but to me, he was still Charlie Harper — the lovable cad. It wasn’t until his most recent rants that I started hearing Charlie Sheen‘s voice instead of Charlie Harper’s; the actor and the character have finally become separate.  READ FULL STORY

Charlie Sheen's worldview brought to visual life

charlie-sheen-fistsImage Credit: Jef Castro

All day, I’d been having trouble visualizing Charlie Sheen’s unique interpretation of reality, in which he is a “Vatican assassin warlock” with fire-breathing fists, standing in an octagon and preparing to fight against some kind of maggot/earthworm/clown hybrid that would not be able to handle his power and truth. I need pictures, people, else I cannot see! Luckily, EW.com’s very own imaging wizard assassin was on hand to help me out.

You guys. Look at the Google image search results for “vatican assassin.” Look at them!

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Charlie Sheen talks about hitting up another 'Major League'

major-leagueImage Credit: Everett CollectionCharlie Sheen hasn’t headlined a major Hollywood hit since Scary Movie 3 in 2003, but even with his personal life under the microscope and his TV career on hold, he’s talking about resurrecting one of his most memorable characters: The Wild Thing. Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn was the ex-con who became a flame-throwing right-hander for the fictional version of Cleveland Indians in the 1989 movie, Major League, and production company Morgan Creek tells EW that they currently have a script for another sequel from David Ward, who wrote the screenplay for the original. This time around, the Indians convince Vaughn, Willie Hayes (Wesley Snipes), and Pedro Cerrano (Dennis Haysbert) to re-join the team as bench players to help salvage their season, but complications ensue when Vaughn’s long-estranged son, born out of wedlock, joins the team from the minors. Corbin Bernsen, who played arrogant third baseman Roger Dorn, is reportedly not in the mix this time. READ FULL STORY

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