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50 biggest scandals since '82: What'd we forget?

So this morning we posted EW’s countdown of the top 25 biggest celebrity scandals of the past 25 years. (Online-only bonus: Check out Nos. 50-26 here!) Anyway, the full list of 50 is chock-full of things that make me die inside, including Ted Danson performing blackface while roasting then-girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg (No. 40), Woody Allen marrying Soon-Yi Previn (No. 6), and Michael Jackson dangling baby Blanket (No. 5). Other usual suspects on the list: R. Kelly, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Mel Gibson.

Now we want to hear from you, P-Dubs: What did we forget to include? Maybe it’s too recent to go down in the annals of "xx"-dom, but seems like Denise Richards’ nasty split from Charlie Sheen (who’s already on this list, natch) and her subsequent involvement with friend Heather Locklear’s ex, Richie Sambora, is tawdry enough to deserve a spot here. What say you?

On the Scene: 'Ugly Betty' takes over Outfest

Van_lWell, if it wasn’t already obvious, now it’s official: Vanessa L. Williams is a full-fledged gay icon.

At a panel yesterday at this year’s Outfest (i.e. the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival) titled "Ugly Betty is a Beautiful Thing," Williams charmed the designer socks off of the near-capacity crowd. To be fair, so did the rest of her Ugly Betty compatriots — America Ferrera, Eric Mabius, Ana Ortiz, Michael Urie, Judith Light, and exec. producers Silvio Horta and Marco Pennette — but only Williams took to the stage to demonstrate how she taught costar Becki Newton (i.e. scheming Mode magazine staffer Amanda) the dos and don’ts of walking the red carpet. It was right about when Williams began explaining with a knowing grin that one must always stand at a three-quarter turn with one leg arched out to best give the camera a full womanly line that she was completely drowned out by the raucous approving applause from the audience.

The moment was but one of many highlights from the delightful 90-minute conversation between the Ugly Betty peeps and moderator David M. Halbfinger of The New York Times. After the jump, I’ll single out some of the best, including some inside scoop on the upcoming season, exec. producer Salma Hayek’s unconventional pitch to Betty star Ferrera, and Ms. Williams’ big surprise at costar Rebecca Romijn’s wedding to Jerry O’Connell.


How I spent my summer vacation... with Eva Longoria

Longoria_l¡Hola, PopWatchers! I just got back from a two-week vacation in lovely Barcelona, and while the trip was designed to be a much-needed pop-culture detox (I didn’t even log on to PopWatch during my time abroad — ¡gasp!) there was one celebrity I simply couldn’t avoid: Eva Longoria. No, BBC World News wasn’t relentless in covering the run-up to the Desperate Housewives star’s weekend nuptials to basketball star Tony Parker (I took that as proof of God’s existence), but rather, I couldn’t walk two blocks without seeing one of her ads for Magnum ice-cream bars. Seriously, they were everywhere. And so, to ensure I had something to blog about my first Monday back on the job, I took a picture of one of the inescapable sidewalk banners, and I also broke down and sampled the Magnum (double chocolate flavor) — which struck me as a richer, more sinful version of the Dove bar. I’ll say this for Longoria, she may be a shameless shill, but she’s got good taste when it comes to one of Jay Manuel and Tyra Banks’ favorite treats.

'Felicity' gets married!

Keri_l_1Dear Felicity,

I know I’ve been giving you a lot of grief lately — over your gunplay, keeping your pregnancy a secret, your general piss-poor job of keeping in touch — but this time it’s my turn to apologize. It’s just that, well, when you called on Tuesday to say you were getting married in Manhattan the next day (on Valentine’s Day), I thought you were joking. For starters, the weather was, as they say on Law & Order: SVU, especially heinous. It wasn’t merely snowing — there were tiny chips of ice flying vertically through the air — into my face. Who wants to take the most important photographs of her life under such complexion-testing conditions? Secondly, let’s not try to pretend you didn’t know they were naming the top 24 on American Idol that night. That’s like my most important religious holiday! Would you ask the Pope to a karaoke bar on Baby Jesus’ birthday? Or ask Bruce Vilanch to babysit on Oscar night? I didn’t think so. In other words, I’m not really sorry. Actually, you owe me another apology. I’ll add it to the list. But I loved the code-name you came up with to hide Ben’s identity from the press. Shane Deary, contractor. That’s a way-hot profession. Till we speak again, happy honeymoon!

— Slezak

addCredit(“Keri Russell: Rebecca Sapp/WireImage.com”)

TomKat's vows revealed!

15489__cruise_lOK, so it’s PopWatch confession time. Sometimes, on Friday afternoons, when it’s all down to searching YouTube for Jane’s Addiction videos and dreaming of mojitos, my colleague Annie Barrett and I like to play a game called "Celebrity Roleplay." And with the Most Blessed Wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes slated for this weekend, we decided to take a crack at enacting their ceremony. After Annie and I arm-wrestled for rights to wear Kate’s white Target gown (she won, naturally) we assumed our roles and exchanged vows. And they went a little something like this…

Tom: I vow to go for it!
Katie: You vow to go for it!
Tom: I respect women.
Katie: You respect women.
Tom: I love women.
Katie: You love women.
Tom: I promise to save you and Dakota Fanning from the blood-sucking aliens that have put the Northeastern United States in peril.
Katie: I miss Pacey.
Tom: Kate! (broad grin)
Katie: (in monotone) My name is Kate.
Tom: I vow to take you in my arms and kiss you passionately at public sporting events.
Katie: I vow to fake it, too.

addCredit(“Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise: SGPItalia/FilmMagic.com”)


Celebrity Marriages: A New York Times investigative report

145321__nickjess_lThe New York Times may have messed up on its pre-war WMD stories or fact-checking on Jayson Blair, but the Paper of Record is ready to apply its vast reportorial resources to another thorny topic — celebrity marriages. Op-ed columnist John Tierney, who apparently didn’t have any wars or political scandals to write about today, has enlisted Geek Logik author Garth Sundem to help create a formula that predicts the longevity of celebrity unions.

Alas, the results are behind the Times Select curtain, but for you non-subscribers, we’ll summarize: Tierney and Sundem’s extensive research has determined that the chief celebrity marriage-dooming factors include the couple’s youth (sorry, Britney and Kevin, but the Times says you have only a 1 percent chance of reaching your fifth anniversary), the woman being more famous than the man (see Jessica and Nick, pictured), and the woman’s sex-symbol status (again, see Jessica). Somewhat older couples (Affleck and Garner, for example) and couples where the man is more famous (Matt Damon and whatsername) have better chances. PopWatch’s thanks go out to Tierney and Sundam for their jaw-droppingly astonishing findings in this matter of grave national import. We smell Pulitzer!

addCredit(“Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage.com”)

Kanye Walks... down the aisle


At last, Kanye West has found a woman whose opinion of him is as high as his own. People reports the rapper’s engagement to a woman named Alexis, who apparently couldn’t afford a last name before she met Kanye. No golddigger jokes, please; apparently, she’s been with him since before he was famous. No word on when they’ll tie the knot, or on whether he’s given her a ring fitted with diamonds from Sierra Leone. In all seriousness, congratulations to Kanye, especially for handling his engagement with such discretion (unlike his new BFF). I mean, who even knew that he had a longtime girlfriend?

addCredit(“Kanye West: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.com”)

Kidman talks to her wedding planner

10147__nicole_lSure, People got the scoop from Nicole Kidman’s own lips that she’s engaged to longtime beau Keith Urban (the happy couple, pictured), but PopWatch has managed to intercept a phone conversation (that never happened) between Kidman and her wedding planner. We’ve translated it from the Australian, so we may not have it exactly right, but we think it went something like this:

Nicole Kidman: So I want to invite all the Australian stars.

Wedding Planner: Russell Crowe?

NK: Yes.

WP: Naomi Watts?

NK: Of course.

WP: Paul Hogan?

NK: Okay, maybe not every star.

WP: Let’s talk about your entrance. You say you want to descend on a trapeze, singing ”Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”?

NK: Yeah, that worked before. Keith will be waiting below, sitting in a chair with an acoustic guitar.

WP: And you want him to play something?

NK: Oh, heavens no. Have you ever heard his songs? ”Tonight I Wanna Cry”? ”Nobody Drinks Alone”? Way too depressing.

WP: So, will you be wearing the prosthetic nose then?

NK: The Academy liked it…

WP: And what about the altar?

NK: Well, at least this time, we won’t need a platform for the groom.

WP: And the vows?

NK: Oh, I was going to say something about promising to love, honor, and obey him. He’s going to promise to love and cherish me and forsake Renée Zellweger.

WP: Okay, and at the end, instead of doves, we’ll release 200 live kangaroos…

After that, we lost reception, but you get the gist.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing... Gyllenhaard!

165948__maggie_lPeter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal are getting married and having a baby, which inspired four punch lines in search of an actual story. To wit:

1. Luckily for them, the first anniversary is consonants.

2. Many haaapy returns!

3. Gyllenhaard! Yick — sounds like a Soviet sensual lubricant…

4. That kid is going to have a lot of As in its name.

addCredit(“Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage.com”)

Write your own Brangelina vows

101411__brad_lWith rumors swirling that Brangelina will wed this weekend at George Clooney’s Italian villa (and with Clooney issuing a non-denial denial: ”Rumors are rumors”), we wonder if the happy couple have had time, amidst the flurry of secret preparations, to write their vows. You can help them out via the boilerplate vows we’ve written below; just fill in the unfinished parts by selecting among the phrases we’ve offered, or fill in your own word choices.

ANGELINA: I promise to love, honor, and obey you until (death do us part/I am cast in Ocean’s Thirteen/the next adorable orphan comes along). I promise never to (make you watch Life or Something Like It/sell our photos to Us Weekly/make another Lara Croft sequel). As a mark of our love, I will (wear your blood in a vial around my neck/tattoo your name on whatever space remains available/put my knife collection in storage). Side by side always, we shall (outshine everyone else on the red carpet/share our personal grooming products/raise a race of genetically perfect superbeings who will one day replace homo sapiens as the dominant species on this planet).

BRAD: I promise to love, honor, and obey you until (death do us part/I win an Oscar too/Mr. and Mrs. Smith 2 hits DVD). I promise never to (be untrue/wear my ”Team Aniston” T-shirt around the house/invite your father over for dinner). I will love you always, even if (you never win the Nobel Peace Prize/you don’t lose the baby weight right away/Maddox and Zahara write tell-all books). I will be as good as my word because (I am a man of honor/the first rule of Fight Club is: never talk about Fight Club/I can’t afford another messy, public divorce).


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