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NBC's 'Hollywood Game Night' makes you feel like a genius

Why go out and make friends when you can watch Hollywood Game Night? I checked in on host Jane Lynch and her stable of celebs — this week: Anthony Anderson, Rose Byrne and Stacy Keibler (pictured), Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Patricia Heaton, and Tom Arnold — and must admit I had an altogether good time. The people in my TV kept me company! It was not that sad!

The show’s as simple as it sounds: Two teams (three celebs plus one commoner) play various word-association games about Hollywood happenings. If you tend to feel like a brainless turd during Trivial Pursuit Entertainment, you will LOVE this show. I’ve never felt smarter in my life. So I guess the show was a LITTLE sad.

I still can’t believe anyone would attempt a game night sober. Hopefully they were toasted. Potent Notables below! READ FULL STORY

Justin Timberlake stakes out his space on Instagram

Oh, hey Instagram and Grammy backstage camera crew..headed to stage for soundcheck.

A photo posted by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on

While Madonna was taking selfies of her sweaty cleavage and posting them to her new-ish Instagram page this weekend, another music star was dipping his own toes into the photo-sharing site’s waters.

Yes, Justin Timberlake is now on Instagram — even though the site is owned by Facebook, archrival of Timberlake’s revamped Myspace. So far, Timberlake’s page features only classy black-and-white snapshots taken backstage at the Grammys, as well as a few photos of the artist’s retro-inspired performance itself:


Yesterday's most important event: Beyonce joined Instagram


Election, schmelection! History was really made on Nov. 6 when Beyoncé revealed that she had joined Instagram. The countdown to the moment Bey decisively conquers the Internet draws ever closer to zero, people. Of course, in order to achieve true virtual domination, Sasha Fierce’s alter ego might have to send more than four tweets… but hey, one thing at a time.

Ann Romney’s favorite musician launched her brand-new Instagram account with a self portrait that proudly displays her preferred presidential candidate, her Texan pride, and her blunt bangs. (The lady can also seriously pull off a pair of Hipster Disney Princess glasses.) READ FULL STORY

Bill Murray, New York ninja, crashes kickball game: Here's how it went down

Bill Murray is everywhere. He’s sliding into home plate during a minor league baseball game in Charleston, South Carolina. He’s bartending at Austin’s Shangri-La during the South by Southwest Festival. He’s accompanying a 22-year-old Norwegian girl to a party in Scotland. He’s popping up in so many random places that there’s even a website devoted to tracking the actor’s whereabouts and activities, although most of the stories it publishes are fictional.

So a group of adult kickball players shouldn’t have been surprised when their game was suddenly interrupted by the enigmatic Ghostbusters star himself this past Sunday. Marina Cockenberg of CollegeHumor posted a photo of Murray posing with the kickball team on her personal Tumblr, and the picture quickly went viral. When we contacted her for details, she directed us toward her friend Chris DiLella — an actual member of the team in question. (He’s the fourth guy from the left, wearing a gray shirt and sunglasses.) DiLella gave us the scoop on what actually happened that fateful afternoon:


A precioussss video: Andy Serkis reads 'The Hobbit' as Gollum

Gollum is alive and well and freaking out children in London! At least, his disembodied voice is. Which might be even creepier.

This Saturday, motion capture magician Andy Serkis appeared at an event celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Lord of the Rings books. And though the actor admitted that he had difficulty getting into character for Peter Jackson’s upcoming Hobbit movies — “Twelve years later … I’ve heard that many impersonations [and] people ask me to do that many telephone messages for them. So the first days of getting back into the character are really hard” — Serkis had no trouble busting out his Gollum voice for an audience of rapt kids. Here’s him reading a selection from The Hobbit in that signature nasal rasp:


Obama opens up about Clooney friendship: 'George is a wonderful guy'

Don’t get Barack Obama wrong: While he regularly rubs elbows with the likes of Catwoman and Sarah Jessica Parker at fundraisers, he’s not constantly palling around with Hollywood’s elite. No, sir. Not one bit. Well, except for George Clooney, who is legitimately one of the president’s close buddies. “George is a wonderful guy,” Obama tells Entertainment Tonight during a segment that will air this evening.

“And he’s cute, too!” his wife Michelle chimes in.

That’s right: Obama and Clooney are tight, and apparently have been since the commander-in-chief’s pre-White House days. As Obama explains, “The truth is we got to know each other because of a substantive issue. He is a terrific advocate on behalf of the people of Darfur and to the people of Sudan who’ve been brutalized for a long time. And so when I was a senator — this was well before I was president — that was an issue that I was working together on a bipartisan basis, and George, who had traveled there, done documentaries there, and was very well-informed, came to testify in Congress. And so we got to know each other, and he is a good man and a good friend.”


Scent of a man: Brad Pitt is Chanel No. 5's new face

Admit it: We’ve all wondered at some point what Brad Pitt smells like. A rugged, masculine melange of sandalwood, cinnamon, and freshly trimmed beard? An intoxicating cocktail of True Romance and 12 Monkeys? A faint whisper of whatever Angelina Jolie happens to be wearing? A weird old man baby?

Thankfully, this burning question has just been answered. E! revealed today that the Oscar nominee has signed on as the new face of Chanel No. 5 — a classic scent beloved by the world’s glitterati since the 1920s. (Marilyn Monroe allegedly claimed once that she wore only a few drops of Chanel No. 5 to bed.) Though reps for Pitt and Chanel aren’t commenting yet, E! says the star will film an ad for the fragrance in London this week and net a seven-figure paycheck for his trouble. That’ll buy a man a lot of perfume.


Paul McCartney directs Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp in new music videos -- WATCH

Want Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp to star in your music video? Here’s a handy step-by-step guide to making it happen:

1. Be Paul McCartney. (Note: This one’s pretty important.)

2. Call Natalie Portman.

3. Open with some small talk — possible topics include Brad and Angie’s engagement, the last issue of GOOP, and Game of Thrones. (Even celebrities love Game of Thrones, right?)

4. Ask her to be in your video.

5. Wait for her to say yes.

6. Call Depp; repeat steps three to five.

McCartney himself has mastered this formula. Last Friday, the Beatle premiered three new clips for “My Valentine,” a single off his grade-A album Kisses on the Bottom. One shows the Black Swan actress signing the song’s lyrics. The second features the man behind Jack Sparrow doing the same. And in the third video, both stars appear. READ FULL STORY

Beverly Hills' Lisa Vanderpump joins singing 'Housewives' pantheon with 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow' (Answer: No.)

Amy Winehouse is rolling in her grave, Shirelles’ singer Shirley Owens is ripping her hair out one strand at a time, and Carole King is gnashing her teeth. At least that’s what I imagine is happening since Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump unleashed a new cover of  “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” on the world. Vanderpump unveiled a portion of the song — produced by Lionel Richie — to Ryan Seacrest this morning, and ohhhhhh it is awful. Let’s just say Danielle Staub‘s golden pipes remain firmly ensconced at the top of the Real Housewives musical heap, and Vanderpump is likely getting some serious side eye from the likes of Melissa Gorga, Countess LuAnn, and Kim Zolciak right about now. Hear Vanderpump’s stab at singing (starting around 5:20) after the jump — if you dare! READ FULL STORY

What is Melissa Leo asking us to 'Consider...'?

We may never know. Some guesses:

…how much makeup I am wearing
…the power of faux-fur
…me for a leading role in the Dynasty movie, or as a doll model. “If you want a rematch, just whistle! If you can!”
….gilded swimming pools and indoor columns: hot for 2011
…mah humps mah humps mah humps
…the benefits of a healthy diet. (Why else would she be doubled over in gastrointestinal pain like that?)
…my Oscar chances now a liiiiiiittle shaky

Melissa Leo, who’s already won the Critics Choice, Golden Globe, and SAG awards for her role as the decidedly un-glam Alice Ward in The Fighter, offered herself up for consideration in a bizarre, personally funded Oscar campaign that was surprisingly not a joke! [Deadline]

Any better guesses, PopWatchers? (Larger images after the break.) READ FULL STORY

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