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Lunchtime Poll: Michelle Kwan spirals into year 30

Any other day I’d be like “so what,” but today is Heat Wave Watch Day, and Michelle Kwan’s 30th birthday provides yet another cheap and easy way to cool off via the power of thought because in my simpleton’s mind, Michelle Kwan only exists on ice. I was shocked to read that she was 30 as I am apparently not willing to believe that darling figure skating heroes go through the regular steps of life. Steps are for plebes! Darling figure skaters just glide around and around in circles and end up where they started and nothing ever changes until they are kindly asked to participate in Dancing With the Stars. Kate Ward provides some useful perspective: “I actually thought she was older, honestly…since she’s been in, like, 60 Olympics.”

So it’s settled. A much more reasonable PopWatcher than me thinks that Michelle Kwan should be at least 240 years old. Vote below, while cursing us under your breath because you know this was only a cheap ploy to wedge the beloved PopWatch on Ice logo onto the main page for a few hours, using a toe pick.

Happy Birthday, Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester-StalloneImage Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty ImagesToday, Sylvester Stallone turns 64. My present: Admitting something that I didn’t when I wrote about the trailer for The Expendables. I cried watching it. Twice. I’m assuming I’m the only, but maybe I’m not…

A love of Stallone is one of the things I share with my father. If there was a Rocky film on TV when I was young, we were watching it. I remember being amazed that my dad could recite lines from Rambo: First Blood Part II seconds before Stallone said them. In late 2005, my father got sick. When he went in for his first round of chemo shortly before Christmas, First Blood Part II is the VHS tape I grabbed to take with us. My sister and I watched it with him on the VCR in his hospital room, the only sound on an otherwise dark, quiet floor — which made me feel oddly proud. Honestly, I used to tear up thinking that he wouldn’t be able to watch the new Rocky and Rambo films Stallone was making. But he did. He listened to the tape of the interview I did with Stallone about 2006’s Rocky Balboa (around the time my dad started whole brain radiation, Stallone signed a photo to him, “Just keep punchin’, Roger,”), and the day we went to see 2008’s Rocky Balboa will always be one of my favorites.

Today, my father is still fighting, but due to various ailments, won’t be able to see or comprehend The Expendables. That’s why I cried. For the rest of my life, I’ll think of my dad every time I see a Stallone film on TV or in theaters (yes, I’ll be the one sobbing over The Expendables credits). For that, Sly, I say thanks.

Happy birthday, Lindsay Lohan. Let's remember the better days.

You know, back when you were the fastest-rising teenage star in Hollywood. When you made us coo over your amazingly mature on-screen comedic skills in The Parent Trap. Impressed us with your leading-lady prowess in Mean Girls. Managed to hold your own alongside Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on Saturday Night Live — three times. When the press only focused on your acting skills and refreshingly natural beauty. Oh, to go back to that innocent time when we didn’t care about your headline-making Tweets, like the one you wrote today about being punched by a waitress. Sigh. So as you turn the ripe age of 24 today, let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? READ FULL STORY

Late-Breaking News: Happy Birthday, Joss Whedon. Vote on his best work

joss-whedonImage Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosAs a kid, did you ever have that dream where you woke up and found out you missed Christmas? My nightmare came true today when I looked at my self-made pop culture calendar in Google at 5 p.m. and realized Joss Whedon turned 46 today.

I know, at this point, the party is over. The birthday song has been sung, and all that remains of the celebration is the icing ring on a piece of cardboard where a cake once was. But below, you make take part in pretty much the greatest and most important poll ever to grace the pixels of EW.com.

You might notice that in my poll asking “What is Joss Whedon’s best work?” I have not included a cop out answer (like ”Everything he does is amazing”). I’m forcing you to choose. Yes, forcing you. And don’t count Buffy the winner too soon. I actually know someone who loves Joss Whedon and has never seen the series. I’ll bring her over here one day so we can pelt her with fruit. Meanwhile, vote away, Whedonites. And celebrate tonight with a marathon of your choosing.

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Happy 13th Birthday, Buffy!

Happy birthday Jason Mraz! The cool of 'I'm Yours' still hasn't done run out.

It’s officially summer, which can only mean two things: 1) We can expect to hear Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” on a constant loop on the radio, as we have since 2008, and 2) We can celebrate Mraz’s 33rd birthday — today! So in honor of this warm day — and Mraz’s feel-good song, which happens to be the third best-selling digital single of all time (and also holds the record for most weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart) — let’s re-evaluate our love for the ditty with a poll!


Happy Birthday, Donald Faison!

Donald-FaisonHappy Birthday, Donald Faison! You first caught my eye in Clueless — a movie that still ranks as one of my favorite movies of all times — playing the ultimately lovable wannabe-thug boyfriend of Stacey Dash’s Dionne. Even though you went on to star in the totally sub-par TV version of the film, you quickly made up for it with the role of goofy surgeon Turk on Scrubs, which by the way, I started liking before everyone else did.

Never a fan of the serious medical dramas, I loved Scrubs for its half-zany, half-heartfelt approach to those intern years. J.D. and Turk’s bromance had more gravitas than the bond between the boys of Entourage — and more romance than what J.D. and Elliot enjoyed at times. The show may have ended its run, but you will forever be remembered in my heart for the genius that was Clueless, and particularly, this hilarious — and NSFW— scene (after the jump): READ FULL STORY

Isabella Rossellini is 58 today. To do list: Steal her age-reversing potion

Isabella-RosselliniImage Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/WireImage.comWhen I saw Isabella Rossellini earlier this week at the Webby Awards, where she was accepting her second Webby for her Sundance Channel (trippy, yet, randomly interesting) online series Green Porno, my first thought was a corny one: “The magical potion from Death Becomes Her is real after all!” I didn’t get a chance to ask her about it. We were busy chatting about her pregnant dog that was about to give birth — yes, it was one of those 60-second red carpet interviews that just goes in a direction you never see coming but is too short to repair. Tragic.

I can forgive myself for the blunder, but I don’t think it will be so easy to forgive myself for associating the biggest piece of packaged cheese movie (that I secretly love) with this classy lady. She’s aged with such grace, PopWatchers. Definitely tops my list of favorite celebs time has been kind to. Agree?

Happy Birthday, Barry Manilow!

barry-rolledHappy Birthday, Barry Manilow! You turned 67 today, but you haven’t changed a bit — you’re still that guy we can’t smile without, the one who came and gave without taking, the one who wrote the songs (except for “I Write the Songs”), and the only person we’d want to spend a weekend with, both in New England and at the Copacabana. Thank you for everything. Ordinarily we’d spend a little time roasting you in tribute, but it seems you’ve already rick-rolled yourself (video evidence after the jump), so… sing on, friend. Many happy returns!


Lunchtime Poll: Hey, it's Laurie Metcalf's birthday!

aunt-jackieImage Credit: Everett CollectionHappy birthday, Aunt Jackie! You were totally insane, made some questionable romantic and fashion choices, and your hair almost turned me off from bangs forever, but I will always love you. I really think you were one of the most brilliant characters ever. And now I have bangs!

Vote below, P-dubs, and remember — it’s her birthday. Oh, and speaking of things that happened 20 years ago, the photo of Mariah Carey in 1990 accompanying Simon’s post about the release of her first album is killing me in a great way. I can’t decide what’s best about it — the hair, the brows, or her expression. Maybe that should have been the poll. No, this is the poll.

In honor of his birthday, your favorite Aaron Sorkin-created moment?

Sorkin-moment_320.jpg We’ll take any excuse to talk about Aaron Sorkin’s oeuvre around PopWatch HQ, but since his birthday is a semi-legit one… let’s celebrate by naming our favorite moment from any of his works. Sports Night still holds a special place in my heart. I was working at a magazine called The Cable Guide when it premiered, but I really wanted to interview Josh Charles (co-anchor Dan Rydell), so I made an argument (it’s based on a cable show, SportsCenter) convincing enough that it became the only broadcast series that the magazine ever covered. Okay, it also helped that we’d just been bought by a new company, so my boss assumed it was my going-away present.

Anyway, the moment that comes to my mind — probably because I stumbled across it a few months ago while doing some Good Wife-fueled YouTube-ing of Josh Charles — was Dan’s elevator-side chat with Rebecca (Teri Polo) following his hideous on-air “cheese” mistake, when he finally convinces her to go out with him. That scene (which begins at 5:15 in this clip) totally reminded me why Dan was one of the options I went through when writing a post a couple of years ago on which TV character I would date in real life. (Switching my answer to him, by the way. Sorry, Seeley Booth. It’s been over between us for a while.) READ FULL STORY

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