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Happy 23rd Birthday, Zac Efron! Now go shave that beard!

zac-efronImage Credit: Ferdaus Shamim/WireImage.comThere comes a day when all teen idols must grow up, and for Zac Efron, that day is today. For today, on Oct. 18, the High School Musical star turns 23, and leaves us fans wondering if he wishes that he could be 17 Again instead of getting one year closer to (deeper into?) adulthood.

I’ve been a fan of Efron since way back in the day when he appeared on Summerland. And though I tried and tried to resist the peppy musical stylings of the High School Musical franchise, my efforts were futile — I quickly became hooked on the Disney trilogy. (I blame a summer internship and a need to learn the “We’re All in This Together” dance routine for a charity contest.) When Efron started to appear in more mainstream (read: you no longer need to hide the DVD jacket to rent in public without any children) titles like Hairspray and 17 Again, I felt this would be the prime opportunity for the public at large to see that Efron is actually a amiable young actor. I can’t help but root for him — he’s just too darn likable.

But then the beard had to happen. That unfortunate beard. Sigh. How is it that facial hair can look so terrible on someone who could even pull off this look? PopWatchers, what do you think is the perfect 23rd birthday present for Efron? A gift card to The Art of Shaving?

Happy birthday, Google

google-cakeToday’s Google’s 12th birthday. Short of giving Sergey and Larry the traditional “birthday spanks,” I guess we’ll have to come up with another way to celebrate.

Before Google, I found websites by category, through Yahoo! or, gasp, AOL. (Were we ever so young?) It was like a phonebook! Ah, the dark ages. The ability to text Google (4-6645) for listings info has saved me on many pre-smartphone occasions, and before Gmail? Yeesh, I don’t even like to look back on those dark days.

Bring on the cringe-inducing nostalgia, PopWatchers. In the pre-Google days, what did your Internet habits look like?

Sk8er girl Avril Lavigne turns 26!

Avril-LavigneImage Credit: Michael Caulfield/WireImage.comChill out, PopWatchers, whatcha yellin’ for? There’s no reason to make life complicated, unless, of course, you’re playing Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” on repeat in honor of our sk8er girl’s 26th birthday. Yeah, she’s only 26. Who knew? It seems just like yesterday Avril burst onto the scene inspiring girls everywhere to wear men’s ties and heavy eyeliner. (Don’t you remember how many girls in your school dressed up like Avril for Halloween? Let’s bring that back this year! No? Moving on then.)

I’d mostly forgotten about Avril (sad, I know) until the Glee kids sang a version of “Keep Holding Onlast season. After I played that song on repeat for three straight days, I decided to dig deep into my past to see what made Avril so great. And really, her first album Let Go tells the whole story. Avril had a completely different sound than her early 2000 female counterparts (see: Britney or Christina). Along with the aforementioned “Complicated,” “Sk8er Boi“became the anthem for all middle school-aged girls. Rounding out the singles for Let Go were “Losing Grip” and “I’m With You.” (And with that, I think I just found my newest karaoke song.) READ FULL STORY

Happy Birthday, Ben Savage! Let's celebrate your age...and 'Boy Meets World'

Ben-SavageImage Credit: Everett CollectionLast week, I started to feel a little old once I discovered my first love Jonathan Taylor Thomas had turned 29. But apparently I spoke too soon. My ’90s nostalgia alarm went off yet again today when I learned that Cory Matthews — er, I mean Ben Savage — turns 30 today! I wonder how old that makes Mr. Feeny?

Anyway, since Boy Meets World was one of my favorite shows growing up, I have seen each episode more times than I can count (and I’m starting to question my life choice of not yet owning any of the seasons on DVD). I always felt like Cory, Shawn, Eric, Topanga, and later Jack, Angela, and Rachel really were the friends who would always stand by me. So to honor Ben on his 30th birthday, I present you with a few of my favorite episodes from the gone (but far from forgotten) Boy Meets World: READ FULL STORY

Happy Birthday, Jonathan Taylor Thomas!

JTTImage Credit: Everett CollectionWe all remember our first love. Mine was particularly memorable because it was very obviously one-sided. He was cute. He was funny. He was perfect. SIGH. And I got to see him once a week…on ABC. And therein lies the problem. I was crushing on Randy from the hit series Home Improvement. Yeah, I’d never met him (minor details, people!) but he was still the man of my house. To solidify my love, I owned and re-read one of those tween photo books full of classy shots of JTT looking pretty fine. I’m sure I still have it somewhere in my childhood home.

Spoiler alert: We didn’t work out. But I’ve grown up since then, and so has he! Today, Jonathan Taylor Thomas turns 29. So happy birthday, JTT! (Makes you feel old, right?)

To celebrate his day of birth, I bring to your attention of my favorite JTT roles: READ FULL STORY

Happy Birthday Selena Gomez! You’re Finally 18!

Selena-GomezImage Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosSome of us have been watching Selena Gomez ever since she appeared on Barney & Friends, but not many people knew who this up-and-coming pop princess was until just recently. Gomez turns a young 18 today, but still has achieved more than I have in my life so far! (Seems to be a trend in Hollywood today…Sad trombone for me!) So, in celebration, let’s take a look at the stand-out moments of her career that make me feel bad about my own accomplishments: READ FULL STORY

Happy birthday to my BFF Judy Greer!

Judy-GreerImage Credit: Koi Sojer/PR PhotosI realize this headline might be a little misleading. I have never met or spoken to Judy Greer. Subsequently, she is not my real BFF. (That would be my friend Whitney. Hi, Whit!) But I feel like Judy’s at least in my close circle of friends. You know, close enough to be on a first name basis. I attribute most of this to her role as Penny in The Wedding Planner — I wanted her to be my awkward best friend helping me through my non-existent romantic comedy shenanigans. Then, she played best pal yet again in the Katherine Heigl rom-com 27 Dresses, but this time, she was a littler darker…and I liked her ever more: “I know my moral compass doesn’t exactly point due north, but if I say something’s wrong, something’s wrong.” And in 13 Going on 30, Greer played the bad-mouthing Lucy, a not-so-great friend to Jennifer Garner, but I still liked her. And let’s not forget crazy Kitty Sanchez from Arrested Development. Need I say more? (Most recently, I got my Greer fix when she tried to woo Phil Dunphy in Modern Family. Wonderfully funny.)

So, today, on her birthday, I want to celebrate the fact that Greer, for once, will be given the opportunity to shine on her own, in the upcoming Mad Love. READ FULL STORY

Happy Birthday, Jared Padalecki. Your gift? A free haircut.

Jared-PadaleckiImage Credit: Brian Bowen Smith/The CWI never pass up the chance to do the following:  1) Type “Supernatural” into a post. 2) Talk about a good-looking man (this usually accompanies No. 1), or 3) Link to photos of a hot guy in a post. In sum: You knew this post was coming.

Today, Jared Padalecki turns 28, and my gift to him is a haircut free of charge. (Disclaimer: I never have and don’t plan on ever attending beauty school. But I will take him somewhere nice.) Why this sudden concern with his follicles, you ask? Well, while I personally love his grizzy look (manly, no?), I’m not digging the ‘do in the recent YouTube video of him that was posted from the set of Supernatural season 6. It’s too styled. I prefer wild-haired Sam or the boyishly-handsome look. Yea. Those are more like it. Anything is better than what was going on at the end of season 5. Seriously.

So, Jared, come claim your prize. Meanwhile, I’m going to go back to over analyzing male TV star hairdos. And you, PopWatchers, can tell me which season you think Jared/Sam had the best hair so I don’t feel like such a freak — or just wish him a happy birthday. Or do both.

Happy Birthday Will Ferrell! Keep the laughs coming our way.

Will-FerrellImage Credit: Chris Hatcher/PR PhotosWho doesn’t love Will Ferrell? Who can forget his infamous role as Mugatu in Zoolander or as “Frank the Tank” in Old School? Let’s face it, the actor never disappoints his audience.

So, in celebration of Ferrell’s birthday, why not remember some of the actor’s best moments? At least, that is, my favorite moments. READ FULL STORY

Happy Birthday, Mr. Tom Hanks, the love of my movie life.

Happy birthday to you, Tom Hanks! You’re turning a very young 54 today, and I, for one, am grateful.

For “it was like magic” when I first discovered your work. Okay, maybe “magic” is a bit of stretch. But you had me at hello and all those other cheesy things you say about the stars you love. Not in a McDreamy sort of way, but in a you’d-be-the-best-person-to-fall-in-love-with-in-a-movie sort of way. I still want wanted to be Annie Reed in Sleepless in Seattle. And then it was Kathleen Kelly in You’ve Got Mail. I wanted to be your best friend in Big, and go on tour with Mr. White and The Wonders in That Thing You Do! I could keep doing this for days (and trust me, you’ve got enough material that it really would take days), but I’ll spare you. My birthday is next week, so, Tom when you get the chance, I hope you’ll return the birthday wishes.

Do this and I promise you, Tom. I will never cry during a game of baseball. READ FULL STORY

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