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'Baby Gaga' mom on 'Early Show': What I'd give to be a layabout on that amazing crescent-moon sofa

On this morning’s Early Show, Heidi Ladrow, mother of the “Baby Gaga” in a recent viral video spoof of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” (which has since been made private on YouTube, but you can see clips over at CBS.com) sat down with the video’s director and a psychotherapist. That seemed like a good start! Logic and proportion fell sloppy dead from there. Here are a few choice quotes from the mother of a Baby in Chains, along with the half-baked retorts I would lay on her if I happened to be lounging in the far corner of that stylish sofa. I’m sure The Early Show would have loved to have me. Next time.

“[My daughter] has known [the director, Jake Wilson] since she was six months old, so she’s very comfortable with him.” Oh, cool. Did she tell you that? Do they have a lot in common? Maybe they could date. Well. Maybe she could turn into one of his favorite shopping partners! You’ve seen ‘Clueless’ right?

“The reason she looked uncomfortable is because she’d just woken up from a two-hour nap. She’s animated, you know? We wanted her to look kind of upset in certain points. I think she’s a very well-adjusted child. At 3, she’s very self-actualized.” Have you considered asking your toddler for advice on achieving a more efficient perception of reality? READ FULL STORY

Happy birthday Bill Hader! Let's celebrate at New York's hottest club, Slash

Because if I can’t hang out with you, a cat from a bodega, and a Teddy Ruxpin wearing mascara, then this would not be a successful birthday, Mr. Bill. Just make sure black George Washington is on the invite list.

Oh, and I know that Saturday Night Live movies are doomed and everything, but I would totally watch 90 minutes of Stefon. It could be called Requiem for Stefon’s Dream, because you know it would be ten times more disturbing than the 2000 drug flick. I mean, DJ Baby Bok Choy = scarier than heroin-addicted Jordan Catalano. Right? READ FULL STORY

This tiger makes horseback riding seem so easy

Heidi-KlumImage Credit: Benassi/Splash NewsI’m not really sure why I love this photo of Heidi Klum celebrating her 37th birthday at Disneyland so much. Is it because the zebra patterns of her top and purse are doing their best to wildly contradict her face’s desire to portray a tiger? Is it because she’s just about the most serene-looking tiger or zebra with orange eyes I’ve ever seen? Is it the thumbs up? I’m sure it’s all of the above. This image is exactly what I would have wanted to see in during the “scary animal section” of a live-action children’s movie when I was younger. Tiger Heidi and her L’Oréal Endless Kissable horse would fit right into the mid-’80s, and yet they’d simultaneously be giving me a glimpse of what to expect from the world in 25 years. All that’s missing is Tim Gunn in the background, done up like a pirate.

Who’s fiercer: Heidi Klum as a tiger or Tyra Banks with zero face paint?

Oh, and I’ll just say “slow news day” here so you don’t have to.

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Pac-Man on Google.com: You can play it!

In honor of Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary this week, Google is hosting the actual game. You think it’s just a cool image, but then it’s an actual game. You don’t even need to “Insert Coin” — the game will just start for you! And then you’ll switch to another one of your 37 open tabs and forget that it’s still going and someone will approach your door and say “HOW DO YOU LIVE LIKE THIS?” because without the visual context, you’re just sitting there willingly listening to ambulance sirens. Then you’ll realize you should start playing Pac-Man again, and there goes your afternoon. Sorry, your boss!

What’s your favorite Pac-Man snack? Mine is the strawberry, though I was always intrigued by the anomaly of root beer. I always appreciated that strawberry came second because I was terrible at Pac-Man. I used to believe the creators of Pac-Man had put my favorite two fruits in the beginning so that I’d be momentarily giddy and then not feel like that big of a loser when I lost. But then I grew up!

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Can you 'Believe' it's Cher's 64th birthday?

cherImage Credit: Jordan Strauss/WireImage.comNo need for this lady to turn back time: Cher is looking mighty fine these days — even at 64 years old. So, congratulations, Cher, for officially becoming a member of the Sexy at 64 club! (Presiding over the club is Helen Mirren; Goldie Hawn serves as vice president; Dolly Parton and Diane Sawyer as co-secretaries; and Lucille 2 as party planner.) In celebration of your birthday, I’m flipping my hair back and adding “Half-Breed” to my line-up for the next time I go karaoke-ing. Which will probably be soon, since whenever more than three EW staffers congregate in a room, it somehow ends in karaoke.

Happy 40th, Tina Fey! We're hooked on you.

I really should have spent the better part of today compiling every hilarious/sad/true quote about women and aging Tina Fey has ever written for 30 Rock into one big hunk of finely aged night cheese, but instead I’m going with a gratuitous shot of hunky Jon Hamm with hooks for hands and this rather devastating barb from Alec Baldwin/Jack Donaghy. “I’m 50. To put it in perspective, that’s like 32 for ladies.” Happy birthday, Tina. If Frank downloads another one of those low-frequency ringtones designed to make people in your peer group wig out, just run away. Bring wine.

What would you gift Tina Fey for the big 4-0?

Come on! Let's celebrate Will Arnett's birthday!

Will-Arnett-Gob-ArrestedI’ve got a lot to celebrate today, PopWatchers. Star Wars Day. A new must-see episode of Lost. And, finally, Will Arnett’s birthday. (What, you think we’d miss it? Only if we took some Forget-Me-Nows.) Yep, Gob Bluth is turning 40, which I think is completely worthy of a “caw-caw-caw!” chicken clap.

Usually, whenever given an occasion to bring up Arrested Development, I’ll find ways to quote the late great show as often as possible. But, hermanos, I want to save that that pleasure for you. So, COME ON! and celebrate Arnett’s 40th by listing your favorite Gob Bluth lines in the comments. Because unlike Lucille, we care for Gob. I’ll start you all off with my personal favorite: “My God, what is this feeling?…it’s not like envy, or even hungry.” It never gets old! Your turn!

P.S. I hope Franklin is invited to his birthday party. And that it involves plenty of corn syrup and red dye. READ FULL STORY

Allison Iraheta turns 18: Let's make her debut CD turn platinum!

Allison-IrahetaImage Credit: Joe Scarnici/FilmMagicHappy 18th birthday to Allison Iraheta, fourth-place finisher on season 8 of American Idol and all-around bad-ass chica. Anyone who’s read anything I’ve written about Idol in the history of ever knows I’m a huge fan of The Rocker, and that I am deeply dismayed by the fact that her most excellent debut album, Just Like You, hasn’t already become a monster, multi-platinum smash. (According to Nielsen SoundScan, it’s moved 97,000 copies through last week.) Problem is, I’m not sure the folks at Allison’s label (Jive/19) have done her any favors in the choice of tracks they’ve served to radio. Lead single “Friday I’ll Be Over U” stood out like a bubblegum-covered thumb among the mature, harder-edged ditties on the album — and I’m not really sure Miley Cyrus/Demi Lovato fans were ever going to be Allison’s core audience anyway. Followup “Scars” is certainly a gorgeous cut — but perhaps a little too subtle to be smashed in between, say, “TiK ToK” and “Imma Be.”

But the good news is, it looks like Allison’s label is keeping the faith, thanks to the heartwarming news that she’ll be opening for Adam Lambert on his Glam Nation Tour this summer. [We interrupt this blog post for a momentary Adison duet break: Slow riiiide! Take it Eeee-zaaay! And now we return to our regularly scheduled topic.] Still, while it’s awesome that a Glambertini-buzzing crowd will get a chance to enjoy Allison’s awesome live set, it’s also crucial for the Jive team to serve the correct third single to radio. I’m rooting for one of the following: the monsterously rockin’ “Holiday”; the ’80s-tinged hipsterpiece “D Is for Dangerous”; or the sublimely hook-y “Don’t Waste the Pretty.” (I’ve embedded all three below, plus a bonus Idolatry live version of “DWTP,” just in case you aren’t familiar with these tracks.)

Vote for your favorite song in the poll below, then I will proceed to make it my mission in life to hound Allison’s label with our very scientific results and get her headed directly to the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100. Let’s be honest: The world needs more of The Rocker, and I’m gonna need a project once Idol‘s ninth season wraps in a month’s time. (Follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.)


Gosh, oh gee, but I hope Shirley Temple has fun on her birthday!

Put a few extra animal crackers in your soup, PopWatchers: The Curly Top-ped Shirley Temple turns 82 today! I’m tapping my toes in celebration. If only I could ever compete with this.

Who else spent the first eight years of their life wanting to be Shirley Temple? READ FULL STORY

It's James Franco's birthday! How should he celebrate?

James-FrancoImage Credit: George Pimentel/Getty ImagesToday is James Franco’s 32nd birthday! And based on his face, I bet the celebration will be even better than God’s Vagina. So how should he ring in his 32nd year on this Earth?

1) By skipping class to make out with Kim Kelly under the bleachers while throwing scraps of cafeteria food at the McKinley High Viking mascot. (I bet he’s a multitasker.)

2) By figuring out how to suction out Peter Parker’s goo, so he can use Spider-Man’s web-making powers to unleash a Silly String attack on the residents of Port Charles when he inevitably returns to General Hospital as killer artist Franco.

3) By duct-taping two 40s of Old Style to his hands in order to play Edward Fortyhands, because that’s what college kids did in my day. Allegedly.

4) By eating a box of Frango Mint Chocolates, but not before placing a magazine cut-out “C” over the “G,” so people know they belong to him.

5) “Kate, you’re so stupid! I have a better idea, which I’ll write in the comments below!” READ FULL STORY

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